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Throughout my teenage and adult life, I struggled with substance abuse mainly alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana. Which I believe are fine in moderation - but deadly when used as a band-aid for pain and trauma. I suffered the latter. Since our healing session, I've quit smoking and drinking as well with no uncontrollable cravings. I attribute this to our work because they were coping mechanisms and once Gogo Sophia helped me with the healing a shift from my toxic habits was facilitated. I believe this integral in healing the lineage of women of my family because they've suffered from similar problems. 


Gogo Sophia's approach feels like years of therapy combined with a sense of spirituality grounded in African roots and a deep love for human beings

Vuyolwethu Reoagile/ Johannesburg/ Creative Writer

WombManifesto Pioneer

My intention in wanting to do the sacred womb rebirth was tied to my need in wanting to release the sexual trauma debris that I had experienced at 16; which I felt had taken left me feeling powerlessness over my sensual energy. Gogo Sophia has the ability to channel you to your truth whilst allowing you to question some of the values you hold that may serve in lowering your vibration. Throughout this journey I’ve been learning to let go of what I can’t control and in turn coming closer to home - to self and realising that I am my own home base. The mantra I’ve been echoing within myself and onto the world is that: I move forward with ease. I welcome new beginnings as a way to create what I want in my life. 


This experience has taught me to let go of how I think my journey should pan out and allow it to trust the way it’ll unfold; knowing that I’m firmly held in divine guidance, protection and support. 

Alwande Mahlawe / Johanneburg 

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