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Scan, clear & energize

Clear, align and heal.

  • 1 hour
  • 100 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

When we feel tired, fatigued and worn out, we may have picked up negative energy from work, the collective and even our relationships. In order to be centred and grounded we need to remain clear of negativity. Since the dawn of the Aquarian Age we have begun a bio-spiritual awakening process of soul initiation, embodiment into the higher frequency, awakening our light body and anchoring our Divine purpose into our physical body. We are starting to remember again. During this process of remembrance it is important to support your physical body in anchoring new information and to support the changes that are happening in our DNA. Massive fear consciousness can often paralyse our body and place in in a state of collapse where it begins to shut down and resists the initiation of returning to its organic state. The body needs to release fear and trauma in order to return to its organic state and house this higher aspect of ourselves. During this interesting time we are also exposed to so much stress, intense visceral fear, mass panic, chaos, confusion, quarantine, isolation, loneliness, and social distancing, which can increase our risk of illness.Regular sessions support you to release any fear, anxiety, stress, fatigue and release old contracts and ancestral karmic chord that draw certain experience and patterns towards you. Benefits of Treatments: Releasing Fear from the body Releasing physical and mental toxins and miasma, Experience Upgrades in your energetic system Releasing emotional stagnation and frozenness, Nourishing and strengthening the meridian pathways Clearing deeper unconscious channels in the energy pathways Energising the energy systems May Support you to unplug from mass consciousness Upgrades in the nadi system that open up the pathways to the various organs Supporting you to feel more connected, aligned and grounded. Ongoing treatments supports you to clear separation consciousness within the cell memory where the sacred inner union has split and created ultimate dis-ease and suffering. Each session ranges from 45-60 minutes.

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