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Pregnant Belly


A Shamanic Birthing


Water & Birth

Gogo Sophia is a Water Priestess in the Ancient African Lineage of the Nzuza. The Water Priestess works with the Goddess of the Earth Waters to support women in all areas of the feminine cycle; This includes menarche, fertility, birth, the well being of the womb and connection to spirit.

Gogo Sophia has always been connected to the great oceans, rivers and waterfalls of the Earth & through the wisdom of water she has been able to hold sacred space for souls in the womb, pregnant and birthing women through 9 months of gestation. The Mandawe spirit heals our lost connection to water by purifying our inner waters and singing us back to love. Her speciality also includes issues around fertility, womb healing and giving birth to yourself.

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Fertility Goddess

As an initiate through the lineage of Isis, Nefertiti & the lineage of the Rose she has traveled to many sacred sites to receive key codes from fertility Goddess' in the temples of Dendera, Philae & Karnak to name a few. When you work with Gogo Sophia you are energetically being held in these sacred temples of light to be attuned and initiated to by the Ancient Egyptian Goddess so that you can receive direct transmissions & activations that support you to awaken as a mystical Priestess in your Birthing journey. You are able to awaken the locked technology of your womb space that opens you up to a multiverse where you draw wisdom, soul memories and higher timeframes to download your highest birthing journey as a Mystical woman.


The Magic of Birthing

We have in past lives birthed ourselves and our children ecstatically, where our birthing experience was joyful, sacred and full of love. Gogo Sophia is a sacred activist who's mission is to remind all women that birthing is a joyful, sacred magical, and ecstatic experience. We recognise that our bodies are a sacred temple for the inner Goddess to take residency and express herself  in physical form.


Working with Gogo Sophia supports you to break the outdated codes of pain, suffering and enslavement so that your birthing experience becomes orgasmic, organic, soul empowering and victorious. She works with your Ancestors, Spirit Guides & Mother-line  to support you to access the Magdalene Codes so that you can claim full birthing authority.

​Birthing Authority

Claiming Your Divine 

"I’m a a mystical Goddess who’s birth—rite is to birth from joy, ecstasy and bliss. My pregnancy is not an illness, but a magical, empowering and joyful experience. Each time I fall pregnant, I become a bridge between heaven and earth; A Goddess, The Magdalene.

This cycle is 
when I am closest to the divine and in my 9 moon process, I weave this magical child into being through love, deep presensing, support and inner courage.

As a Goddess in the physical form I have the potential during my birthing experience to access my multidimensional memory and work with the Fertility Goddesses to understand my identity as the creator.  Through my Birthing journey I get to access the wisdom of my body, it's ability to safely expand and support the growth of my beautiful child while my inner courage and power is awakened at a deeper level.

This is the understanding of the strength of my body, and knowing that my pregnancy will empower & expand my body, boost my immune system and actually upgrade my body for the rest of my life.  I will forever be woven back to my true identity as a Divine Mother. When I’m pregnant, my pregnancy feeds and nourishes me, I become wiser, my heart chakra opens, my intuition deepens and the wise woman awakens.  

Shamanic pregnancy is a powerful opportunity for me to understand my creation energy to align with the Universe and God
; To be initiated as a conscious birther of myself , as a divine being as well as to birth children, sacred partnerships, conscious business and my creative projects.

I am a Goddess that is here to birth new paradigms and the new divine human to walk this Earth.​"

Gogo Sophia

Giving Birth is a Sacred Rites of Passage. 

Giving birth is a sacred Rites of passage.  How do we prepare for this? How can we show up for our birthing story and make it a truly transformative and empowering experience for both the mother and child? How do we learn from the old outdated patterns of our Ancestors? Are you ready to embrace a new birthing story? 


The birth of a child is the most defining moment of their lives and it is vital that a safe and sacred space is held for them to form a sacred foundation for their journey here on earth. Giving birth is an important and powerful initiation for both the mother and the baby. It is a time where we as women become a bridge for our children to cross over to fulfil they’re divine destiny. To hold that space is both a magical gift and a sacred teaching that also holds the gifts for our own personal rebirth.


Conscious Birthing

Conscious Birthing is a 12 part cycle that explores the healing journey of pregnancy and how we can consciously unearth the personal & collective fears, belief systems and misconceptions about birth that can create trauma around the birthing process so that we can confront and heal them.

This is the first step in preparing us for this sacred rites of passage, equipped, empowered and confident. This sacred container is not in any way to put pressure on the mother as the “perfect birther” but to actually put the birthers at a place of ease where she is empowered with wisdom to support her birthing experience and the best ways to seek support through her journey.


What to Expect

Giving birth; A Shamanic Initiation

The foundation: Beginning your inner journey

Consciously navigating your pregnancy

Guidance around daily Meditation, Prayer & ritual

Making birth a sacred, joyful & profound experience

Overcoming personal Fears around giving birth

Unplugging from collective fears & belief systems

Healing from past Traumatic Birthing Experiences

Understanding Ancestral Birthing Narrative- & working with the Motherline

Shamanic Journey to meet your baby

Self care, support & nutrition

Redefining Labour and Delivery

Preparing for a Natural Birth

Calling in your circle of Support

Sacred Despacho ceremony for the baby

Shamanic Fire & Release Ceremony

13th Rite of the Munay Ki


Conscious Birthing as a Man 


Gogo Sophia believes that it’s not just the woman that falls pregnant, but her counter-part too. Gogo Sophia facilitates sessions, ceremonies and workshops for men that want to get more in touch with their personal journey in pregnancy to also heal male birth wounds and traumas. Through transmitting the 13th Rite of the womb, she weaves this grail knight to the divine mother, supports them to heal their relationship with their feminine identity ( which we all have) and awaken their womb power through the lineage of Isis. While men do not have a physical womb, all men have an energetic womb.


Gogo Sophia support you to heal this broken connection, which has taken place through eons of time, who's impact disconnected men from their energetic womb and to dismiss their feminine identity.


"This is the lifetime that both the masculine and the feminine must become inshrined in the same body." Sadghuru


Awakening the Grail Knight


Gogo Sophia supports grail knights to awaken the opportunity to activate their womb power and also heal & birth their feminine identity. She will support you through your own 9 month gestation through the lineage of Isis to heal the connection of the masculine and feminine within you and begin to heal the wounding of the father-line, so that this masculine identity can return home to his mother and his inner beloved as the divine couple.

This is such a beautiful way in which men can start showing up for their collective birthing experience and not feel excluded or isolated from the process. You are able to bond with your partner in the most intimate, magical and sacredly sensual way, where there's a deeper level of transparency, support, sacred co-creation and deep connection with baby is growing inside.


 In Kemet it is said that it was Auset-Isis that wove Asar's limbs back together. Gogo Sophia holds the space for one to connect with Isis to rescue and reclaim the disparate parts with yourself. This is an immensely empowering process and activation that can awaken dormant spiritual gifts, higher levels of creativity, intuition and ascended soul memory activations.


It is a body that holds more of a balanced masculine and feminine that can hold more light and higher levels of divinity.


What Your Receive:

9 1 on 1 mentorship zoom calls, channeled healing & activations

Working with the Divine Mother Temple Wisdom
Sacred Rituals, Audio Meditations & Prayers

Accessing the Wisdom of Water

Healing The Mother-line 

Alchemising Ancestral birth stories and traumas

Dietary Support & Herbal Wisdom

Pre-pregnancy work to support you in preparing your womb, mind and heart for pregnancy is also available upon request
Energy Exchange
 $ 2222 for 9 sessions

Please contact me for local SA Rates

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About Gogo Sophia

Through her work as a traditional healer, Gogo Sophia incorporates animistic frameworks & indigenous knowledge systems as a way to diagnose & heal, incorporating partnership with the Ancestors, Avatars of light, elements of nature and ancient powers, as a way to restore harmony and balance with oneself and the world.


She also works very strongly with the Divine mother Sophia to support humanity in the reclamation and healing of the feminine body through facilitating women’s rites of passage, priestess apprenticeships & holding women’s sweat lodges & sacred pipe circles. 

Sarah, Cape Town

Gogo Sophia has carried me through two profound journeys with my womb – first a womb healing journey prior to pregnancy, and then as an expectant mother, as well as the ancestral healing course. Her focus, clarity, presence and deep spiritual connection have allowed me to feel held on this most sacred of transformational paths. Her approach is a mixture of light and fierce, with a flow between intensity and breath, as she guides one through the many layers of what it means to be embodied in this human form, and yet connected to other realms. The diversity of lineages from which she draws come together in a unique channel. 


In terms of the journey with my womb, Gogo’s facilitation meant I met sacred places inside myself that had felt out of reach, with tender and wise guidance. The additional practices, emails and materials that accompanied the sessions deepened this work, and I feel more capable, connected, and empowered as a consequence. A goddess guide! 

Kutlwano, Johannesburg

I worked with Gogo Sophia with the desire to connect with my femininity, creative fire and conceive a child. 

Each month I healed my womb space and connected with deities that helped me process deep challenges in my heart and body.


I knew deep down that before planning to start a family I needed to shed the shame, sadness and separation I had felt all my life.


Each month Gogo Sophia helped me travel into parts of myself that had deep trauma and I was fully supported to unravel my pain and walk into my power. Through deep ritual practice and  one on one support, I conceived and had an amazing wonderful opportunity to ride my nine month journey with Gogo Sophia that led to a beautiful birthing experience.

For any womb-man that is seeking a clearing of their heart and body in order to receive the gift of life,  I would recommend this path to your healing.


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