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Holding Sacred Space for your teenage daughter

Embracing The Power of Menarche

Once upon a time, when we transitioned as maidens into women; the wise women supported us to understand that what appeared to be an overwhelming and often confusing process was actually a sacred initiation into the mysteries of our feminine power, creativity and the awakening to our deeper self.


This is the time where we are reminded that the pain we are experiencing is not a sentence or a punishment, but a very powerful & sacred awakening.


As maidens, we are blossoming  like a flower in springtime and our bodies are transforming to support us as young women to hold more of our true essence.

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The Maiden Phase 

This phase is a time we watch our daughters beauty & potential opening and expanding. Traditionally elders of the community would observe this transition to "support who she is on a soul level to be midwifed by the body".  

She is awakening her Goddess Identity & super powers as a woman, he power to create through her womb space and to begin to attune to the wisdom of her soul and whispers of nature.  

Through the wisdom  & support of her grandmothers, older sisters, nature and the moon she is being attuned to the dreams & soul codes that  have been dormant since she was conceived.

Transitioning into a woman

Scientifically, trauma can permanently impact on brain development, self confidence and how women navigate their own personal identity & relationships. Unfortunately due to the changes that have taken place in humanity, many have lost touch with these ancient and yet extremely relevant teachings and systems.


When we over look  this phase and we don't educate ourselves as mothers and guardians of our teenage daughters; her life can often feel messy, shameful, confusing and misleading. When we don't appropriately hold sacred space for our daughters, it can impact them for the rest of their lives.​

Magic, Soul Connection

& Feminine Wisdom

The puberty & menarche phase can become the most liberating, magical & sacred time for a young girl transitioning into a woman.


This process can support her to get in touch with her soul, be initiated to the mysteries the feminine and embrace the wisdom of her body. She awakens to a deeper level of self worth & activates the codes that will support her eternally as a woman for the rest of her life.  

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Navigating those Challenges

For mothers,  our daughters transitioning into a young woman is both terrifying and beautiful because our little girl is no longer swimming into a small pond, but taking her deep dive into the ocean.


The changes happening in her body, womb space and psyche all facilitate a soul initiation and transition into a young woman. The moon is her primary initiator and guide and she will be supported to make friends with her.


What we have never been taught as women is that during the maiden phase our bodies adjust to accommodate who we are at a soul level.  Teenage mom’s become anxious & feel helpless when their teenage daughters pull away from them.


Being confronted by her mood swings, she not coming down for dinner and would rather spend the entire weekend locked up in her room than engage. For most mom’s this creates a lot anxiety, conflict, misunderstandings or feeling like a failure & having the fear of losing control as a mom.

Mother and Daughter

The journey of

While this may feel like a lonely & scary road, the greatest gift you can gift to yourself and you daughter is to understand their journey.


Once we equip ourselves with the wisdom to understand their unique journey and break down our own personal taboos, we are able to hold the space for the shifts and the changes that are happening in their bodies, we can develop a higher perspective that enables us as a mother to have a lot more empathy for our daughters.


As mothers, we are often triggered by our daughters behaviour, which will often lead to disagreement, arguments, slamming of doors and days of non communication. As a mom you feel like your efforts are undermined which pulls the focus from your daughter to yourself.


When you develop a deeper sense of empathy, you can instead channel your focus toward supporting them to navigate the shifts and the changes that are happening in their bodies.

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Mother and Daughter Portrait

Navigating our Mommy Triggers


As mothers, we are often triggered by our daughters behaviour, which will often lead to disagreements, arguments, slamming of doors and days of non communication. As a mom you feel like your efforts are undermined which pulls the focus from your daughter to yourself.


When you develop a deeper sense of empathy, you can instead channel your focus toward supporting them to navigate the shifts and the changes that are happening in their bodies.

Embracing Her Feminine Identity

I have seen soo many young girls growing into women that suppress their true identity because their rites of passage was not met as a sacred experience;  An experience that illuminates their feminine dharma and supports them to fully understand who they are.


This may instead become the event that makes them mistrust themselves as women; to mistrust their own intuition, hate their own bodies and develop a deep sense of shame towards their own womb blood. 


When our menstrual cycle is met with shame and unpreparedness, it distorts our feminine cycle. Moon blood is a symbol for our creation energy and feminine power. When that aspect is not met with knowledge, our feminine expression contracts.

Mother and Daughter Portrait
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The Journey of Discovery

The alchemy of maidenhood is a journey of discovery, it is the beginning of your daughters heroine journey and the most sacred time in their blossoming and awakening. There are beautiful and sacred ways in which we can mark this journey of becoming.


This is the point in their lives where they start to recognise what dreams and desires are being awakened. They learn how to honour themselves, their bodies and manifest their dreams & soul calling through their own cyclic feminine nature, rather than trying to follow a heroes journey that disregards, undermines and overlooks who they truly are.


What if you could access the wisdom that supports you arrive on time for the crucial moments of your daughters life?


Holding Sacred Space for you teenage Daughter is a live online course that I have developed to support you hold sacred space for your teenage daughters transformational experience. To know when to enrol the most appropriate systems for each phase and cycle in their life so that they can feel safer in their metamorphosis and to feel more supported in the most complex changes in their lives.


This 3 part online journey will support you to hold sacred space in a way that gives them the gift to run towards their bodies, align with their soul gifts, feel more confident and comfortable in the truth of who they really are.


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Who is This Course for?

Mothers & Gaurdians of Teenage


School Teachers

Facilitators of Women's Circles

Health Care Providers

Child Psychologists​

Child Therapists


This course is a powerful way for mothers, guardians, coaches & holders of sacred space to expose themselves to the mystical sciences of mental health & understand ancient knowledge that deeply explores the psychology and internal alchemy of maidens transitioning into women through the ages of time.​ This course incorporates wisdom from Africa, India and many of the indigenous communities of the world.


Our general approach to healing can be too clinical and separated from the sacredness of life and not just supporting the mind to heal  but also to hold sacred space for the soul and support young women to receive well rounded holistic support that acknowledges their spiritual identity as women.

When we lose sight of our spiritual identity through the menarche process, we unconsciously fill that void through seeking acceptance from social media, popular false literature & spiralling into toxic cycles and addictions

Online Course Curriculum

Holding Sacred Space

Your daughter is initiating you & Learning how to navigate this

Personal challenges of the maiden

The Mother: Rebirth Cycle

Lunar Influences on Emotions & Psyche

Biology & Psychological Influences

Astrological & Planetary influences During the Maiden Phase

Chakra & Kundalini Shifts

The Blood Rite of Menarche

The Heroine Journey : Psychological profile of Teenage Women

Understanding Moon phases & influences

Creating a Moon journal 

Supportive dietary wisdom for each phase

Introduction to Educational Traditional Folklore

Venus & the Feminine Dharma

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Red Rose

What to Expect

10 + hours of Pre-recorded Online Live teachings

Robust Manuals, mp3 & teachings videos

Energy Exchange​ 

Local R 3444

( Payment plans available on request)

International $288

To book or make an inquiry, please fill the form bellow.


High Priestess Sophia is a transformational Spiritual Life coach, Womb priestess & Sacred feminine Leadership facilitator. She has spoken on many media platforms & global conferences about the role of the matriarch in the wellbeing of community, businesses and relationships.

Through her work she supports women, communities & leaders to awaken and embody the Divine Feminine principle to birth a new reality around their life, work, relationships and birthing a new paradigm in humanity that support "all"to thrive. She continues to further her studies in mental health science, social anthropology and child development psychology to merge mystical sciences, indigenous knowledge systems and western sciences to a space of cohesion and co-creation.

Work One on One With Gogo Sophia

As maidens spiral into their new cycle & transition into women, they often look for role models & life perspectives from other women beyond the mother/ daughter relationship. This is often the time when they learn to individuate from their moms, leaning into trusting their own intuition, cutting the chord and seek mentorship from wise women.

As a personal mentor and guide, I support moms by stepping in and become a safe and sacred space for their daughters to ask for advice, understand their feminine gifts, reflect, journal and have a safe space to express their feelings, emotions and fears.​ Whilst it may be a terrifying experience to let go, it can give comfort to know that your daughter is held in a sacred space to understand the four stages of their feminine journey safely exploring the moon mysteries.

It is important that they are held in a space where they can safely acknowledge their feelings, share their secrets and what their  ashamed of so that  they can safely express themselves without feeling judgment and are open up the doorway to deeper levels of healing, growth and self acceptance.​

This 10 part journey includes:​

Welcome to womanhood ceremony
Receive the 13th Rite of the Womb

10 part 1 on 1 Couching Sessions includeS:

Initiation into Women’s Mysteries
The Blood rite of Menarche
Learning to honour Your Moon Time
Individuation from the Mother
Crossing the Threshold
Counselling, Reflection & Healing
Exploring your Feminine Magical Gifts​

Please kindly email me to make inquiries. While online session are available , please note that Welcome to womanhood ceremony is only available in SA.



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