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Hyms of Santa Maria

Ingiting the Lost Language of Prayer


Femiogenics: The Lost Rose Codes of Creation

The feminine archetype is not a single entity. It manifests in multitude of aspects occupying the spectrum that ranges from darkness to light, co-creative with its masculine counter part and is ever present in every dimension in order for birth, creative expression and love to be possible.


Through patriarchal domination we have disconnected from the feminine and have lost the ability to integrate her energies and offerings.


Through working with femtheogens; just like the priestess' used to do in the Ancient shamanic & Christian Orthodox churches; integrating  high tantra, chanting and shamanic breath work, were able to activate the dormant codes within their DNA to access and awaken the potential to fully embody the divine feminine essence.

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The Month of Love

2024 is a powerful year to unite Two Dragons, your inner Dragon Queen & King, both united, in love and dancing beautifully together.

In the month of Love we have a beautiful opportunity to work with Cosmic Solar Dragon, Yeshua
& the feminine energies of mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

Through a plant medicine journey we work with the womb of the mother to rebirth our inner patriarch and return our inner couple to love. This Holy shiva Lingam supports us to merge with the source on an infinite journey into deep love that is beyond words, to override the negative imprints of the false patriarch and to build a new relationship with the true King.

Both Mary Magdalen & Lord Yeshua will hold the space for the
 energetic yoni to be reunited with the lingam in order to heal our wombs from past heartaches and separation from the divine masculine.  

Uniting with the mother of Creation

Only the divine mother can unite her two children that have fought over eons of time. She takes them back into her womb waters, were they were first separated and unites them through love.


On this Day we unite with the Water Dragons to celebrate the birthday of the Goddess of the Sea Yemanya.


Locally she is know as the spirit of the Mandawe, who is the Queen of all living waters, including the Ocean. She is the universal mother of creation. The mother that birthed us all.


February the 2nd is the day that we all remember that we were birthed from her womb through her love.

When we return to her womb to be united with our inner lover, Her waters bathe us with Love.


We sing her beautiful hymns to be united with her, to be cleansed and baptised by her waters, and to be born a new.

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Plastic Polluted Ocean

Mother of the Ocean

We will connect with Yemaya in the form of the Black Madonna, who is know to protector of the feminine doctrine & the cycle of life. She holds sacred space for women by guiding them through love, pregnancy, parenting and harnessing the power of creation. It is said that when her waters broke, it caused a great flood creating rivers and streams and the first mortal humans were created from her womb.


When we unite as women in sacred circle, we are creating a collective womb through which her living waters become alive again to be invoked for magic, miracles and healing.


As we go into sacred space, we will resuscitate the  lost language of Prayer. Ave Maria is the mother of miracles. Those that have devoted their life to her have witnessed the most incredible miracles, whether its women who were considered barren, suddenly conceiving or those been plagued by illness or ill luck become cured. She is the Goddess that walks on water and transcends the limitation of all 4 elements.

Life Is A Prayer


When we work with the Divine Mother, we learn that our voice is powerful tool that when aligned with a sacred intention delivers our greatest desires. The capacity to speak and evoke our reality into being teaches us mindfulness and intentional living.


A life where we take responsibility for every action and choice because it is a means to our creation.


We create with each moment and we learn to only focus and align with only what we desire. This is our BIRTH-RITE; To use our life force to draw towards what we need. To understand that our life force and shakti is available to fuel the life that we desire.


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Pink Flower

Embodied Wisdom


As we spiral into the womb of the Divine Mother, we no longer make room for the things that no longer serve us, we reclaim the power over our own lives and intentionally create through the power of mindfulness, prayer, meditation and ritual.


This is the life of a master. As elemental beings, we need to learn how to have Mastery over our own inner elements in order to create.

We learn to walk on water, trancending our own false stories, personal limitations through the power of prayer, divine magic, clemency, forgiveness and holy high magic.


Igniting the Flow of Creation

Mastering our creation energy to draw towards us what we need as individuals & as community Is what the divine mother is calling us to foster in our lives. This is what is going to bring in the real transformation and changes that we are seeking. The power of prayer & ritual in community nourishes our collective vision and capacity to manifest a better world for ourselves.  

What kind of energy are we inviting into our lives, relationships, communities and businesses? We have to take responsibility for how we use Shakti and reverse the false paradigms that have previously usurped the creative energies of the Mother.

The Mother is waiting for us to consciously join up with her because she no longer wants to support those that are not in integrity. She want to co-create with those that support humanity to thrive. She is withdrawing her energy from destruction and channeling her energy to give life.

Hyms of Santa Maria

​On this special day, we will chant the rosary and sing ancient hymns that mathematically connect us to the frequency and vibration of the divine mother herself.  Through the process of white tantra, the day will begin a Cacao ceremony, dragon Shakti breath work, movement, yin yoga, dance and lead up to the opening of the rosary as well as the concentration of very Sacred Hymns. 


Each participant will receive a hymns book for the evening in order to connect with the hymns and feel the frequency and alchemy of these sacred hymns and how they move through your body to enact profound healing and sacred empowerment. We Will begin our day with a Sunset Water Despacho to honour the mermaid spirits.

Memorial White Rose

Doorway to the Enchanted Universe

When sung in ceremony,  These hymns create the enchanted universe of  “The Doctrine.” The soundscapes of the ceremonies are capable of bringing immense healing, clarity, inspiration, guidance and divine support, carrying away and bringing back people from their visionary journeys through the union of the masculine, feminine, spirituality, and the body. 

We return to the space where we where united as lovers and we recommit to our inner union

What to Expect

Unite the masculine and Feminine
Work with the Avatars Yeshua, M
other Mary & Mary Magdelena
ommune with the Black Madonna:
Embracing your  Dragon Consciousness
Delve into the deep and forgotten Mysteries of the Rosary
Connect with your body, womb and heart
Heal Somatically through dance, movement and song
Understand the power of prayer
Learn Ancient hymns, mantras and songs
Learn the Gifts of intentional meditation
Become the master of your own creation
Learn to manifest from stillness & way of the feminine
Experience a Plant Medicine Journey
Womb Rebirth & Soul Resurrection

Glass rosette

Ceremony Details


Duration: 1 night

Dates: Fri 2nd Feb -Sat 3rd Feb 2022

Time 6pm-12am Midnight

Place: Muldersdrift, Gauteng

Fee for Retreat: R 2 222 per sister

Accomodation: Budget R990/ p/p 

Soup & refreshment will be served after ceremony

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Is shamanic Healing for You?

Experiencing plant medicine can be a profound and often challenging experience, which requires a deep desire to release the illusion and face the truth of our lives. It is a decision that needs to be carefully considered and prepared for. It is often described as a threshold experience which can transform one's worldview and relationship with oneself and the world at large. 


It is not a recreational experience; rather it is an opportunity to engage with the profound wisdom of master plants of the world, heal at the deepest level, and accelerate one's personal growth. 

Please kindly book a clarity call before signing up for this experience.

Facilitator of Sacred Space

High Priestess Sophia is a transformational Spiritual Life coach, Womb priestess & Sacred feminine Leadership facilitator. She has spoken on many media platforms & global conferences about the role of the matriarch in the wellbeing of community, businesses and relationships. Through her work she supports both men & women to awaken and embody the Divine Feminine principle to birth a new reality around their life, work, relationships and birthing a new paradigm in humanity that support "all"to thrive.
All of Gogo Sophia’s workshops are dynamic, lively and interactive. During the workshop Gogo Sophia also channels healing while each participant receives the opportunity to do deep process work and receive soul coaching.
Gogo Sophia will support you to heal the wound of separation from your divinity, the feminine principle and your relationship with all of life. From this healing you are able to reclaim your true authentic power and divine expression so that you can channel that into your leadership, career, relationships and life purpose. This is about changing the paradigm of leadership; self leadership & embodying the tools to support you to navigate the changes that are happening in humanity today so that you can thrive and embrace your highest destiny.

Uniting the Masculine & Feminine

White rose

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