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Sacred Feminine Mystic Podcasts

umoya_on_african_spirituality_6_jun_miniArtist Name
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umoya_on_african_spirituality_6_jun_miniArtist Name
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In this excerpt Gogo Sophia speaks about the effects of controlling the womb through contraceptives. The effects of contraceptives means that women’s bodies are numbed, thus disrupting the energetic flow of the womb. The conversation highlighted the importance of rites of passage for women in order to mark the sacred role of the womb.

In this excerpt we explore the womb as a sacred space. Our guest, Gogo Sophia, brings to light the conversation about women’s bodies. This conversation is often shrouded in shame and silence.

Family, Community & The Feminine Divine Artist Name
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Womb Manifestation with The Love ActivisArtist Name
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Tsholofelo Monare, a film maker, spiritual midwife & Shamanic Priestess, presented by Shellee-Kim Gold. More info on Tsholofelo: More info on Shellee-Kim Gold:

A candid web-series about Chule the Love Activist's heroine's journey towards healing and radical self-love. She tackles Mother wounds, healing the womb space and sexual trauma, and gain relationship and self-love tools with the spiritual guidance of wise women.

Heeding the call of the divine Feminine 2Artist Name
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Heeding the call of the Divine Feminine
In this Conversation with a love activist we talk to @sacred_feminine_mystic about #Wombhealing, how #DivineFeminine work is humanitarian work and so much more.

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