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Path of The Goddess

Birthing Prosperity & Abundance

 Birthing Prosperity & Abundance

This next cycle of Path of the Goddess is about restoring our relationship with the feminine principle to increase our financial flow, prosperity and abundance. As the divine creatrix of life and gate keepers of the earth; it is time to step into sacred responsibility to birth a new paradigm around money.


When our womb space is seeded with fear, pain & lack consciousness, we birth and create from limitation. By meeting the source of our limitation at the place where it is created; the womb of creation, we are able to transform pain, suffering & fear around money to fertility, joy, prosperity and abundance.

Healing Intergenerational Trauma around Wealth

For women, poverty consciousness is an intergenerational womb, where the patriarch was the only member of the family that took responsibility for creating wealth and providing. The Patriarch continued for generations to build  empires, lead households and make decisions around wealth and money. As women we were able to create the safe container through which men could flourish & create wealth, but not for ourselves. Today women and children are the greatest victims of poverty & inequality, this has become the legacy of our Fore Mothers, giving sole responsibility to the patriarch has created intergenerational trauma and fear around money for women today. 


Separation from source & the feminine principle means separation from wealth. You will only awaken to your greatest joy and live your best possible life once you have embraced sacred union with the divine. Money  & greater flow is seeded by our connection with the Divine Feminine & Mother Earth. It is also enhanced by activating your womb power as a channel for conscious creation.  In the next 13 months, you will be supported, held and guided to resuscitate this powerful vortex of creation within your body. You will be supported to awaken the light within your inner womb grail to clear the distortions that have separated you from source and have created the glass ceiling in your ability to attract wealth and abundance.

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Breaking the 7 Seals of Consciousness Around Wealth

In the ancient Kemetic & Egyptian feminine mystery schools, initiates took a journey through 7 ‘gates’ or ‘veils’ of consciousness to reach the heart of creation, the Great Womb. At the centre point of the Womb Cross is the Grail Rose. 

This etheric portal to the Cosmic Womb is filled with pure Love, which heals, dissolves and rebirths all.


Where in your consciousness have you felt separate from the divine? Where have you felt unsupported by the Earth? Where have you lost your sacred entitlement to wealth and your divinity? 

Each month  you will be guided to awaken 1 of the 8 Grail Gates of your womb completing the journey at the 8th grail gate, the blueprint of creation - the Cosmic Womb, which is an infinite source of wealth. This feminine knowledge is also held in the Mandalas used in Tibetan Buddhism and Yogic practices, where the Lotus is symbolic of the Cosmic Womb within. This practice allows you to embrace both your light and shadow, integrating your masculine with your feminine.


13 Moon Self study Online Immersion

This online course gives you the opportunity to rigorously confront and awaken the eyes to see the complexities & language around the energy of money on this planet and the inner and outer programs that govern the systems of injustice, gender based oppression, cultural caste systems & ancestral limitations around money. Through the course, we work with the technology of Pyra & Maat to confront the systems that live within your womb space as ancient and outdated codes that are animating your reality. This course supports you to identify and unravel the inner web that resides within your womb space that creates a filter through which you create and manifest wealth.

Receive more than 60 hours of energy transmissions, activations and channeled wisdom on healing intergenerational trauma on wealth and being supported, held and guided to resuscitate your womb as a wealth vortex and to clear the distortions that have separated you from source and have created the glass ceiling in your ability to attract wealth and abundance.

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What to Expect : 13 Moon Curriculum





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Releasing Ancestral fears around money
Dissolving the barrier between money & spirituality
Dragon Shakti Womb Activation
Releasing wounds held in the pelvis area and imprints from the 9 months in the womb
Restoring health and purity within the body and different parts of the energy system
Releasing parental imprints – The mother influence
Clearing ancestral patterns working with the bloodline
Healing the Female Blood line
Shamanic Feminine Rebirth and Resurrection
Connecting with your sensuality and creative power
Melting into the softness of the feminine dimension
Deepen your connection with Mother Earth
Connecting with sisterhood

Temple 1

 Opening Ceremony

Reclaiming Your Feminine Identity Activating 
Pyra & Maat
Unpacking the Egyptian Black Curse of Money
The Womb Rite
Higher Self  Soul Retrieval
Rescuing your Inner Feminine
Womb Activation with Mother Isis


Temple 2


Healing The Maiden

 Marrying My Inner Wealth

The labyrinth  & the Minotaur

Shadow of the Tyrannical Father

Rescuing our Inner Maiden

Awakening your Womb Medicine Wheel

Understanding The first Grail Gate

Understanding the emotional triggers & woundings of Inner child

Temple 3


Money & Sexual Energy

Birthing Your Reality: From Pleasure

I am Enough

The Maiden, the lover & the Crone

Grail Gate initiation

 Sex as a Sacred Act of Exchange

The Clitoris: Igniting the Rose Temple


Temple 4

The Architect of Poverty

Intergenerational Curses

Eclipse Magic

Dark Womb Initiation

Exploring the Cervical Gateways

The Dark Mother

Cervical Doorway Initiation

Temple 5

The Wise Woman


Crone Medicine: 

Igniting The Mystical Woman

The Yoni as a Stargate

Pussy Power Activation


The Wild Woman

Demystifying the wild woman

Sex & Creation

Entitlement & Beauty

Confronting Sexual Shame

Breaking Outdated patterns​​


Temple 6

Healing the Mother Wound

Unraveling the Glass Ceiling

Mother wound & Abundance Blocks

Entering the realm of the Mother

Confronting Birth Traumas

Uniting the Upper world and Lower world

The Magdalene: Bridge between HeaveN & Earth

Temple 7

Healing the Father Wound

Midwifing the Inner Patriarch

Understanding Your Masculine Identity

Understanding our Solar Essence

Divine Man: Sacred Initiation

The Elohim: Death of the Ego

Healing the Inner Child

Transforming Unconscious Patterns

Understanding the Law of Attraction


Temple 8

The Dark Feminine

Understanding Enslavement Codes

The Prostitute Archetype

Transforming Relationship Patterns

Reclaiming Your Creation Energy

Sacred Authority & Entitlement

Ovarian Mysteries

Temple 9

Sacred Sensuality

Meeting the Tantric Shaman

Sensuality as Feminine Expression

Healing Your Sexual Energy

Ruby Ray & the Magdalene Frequency

Sexual Freedom Codes


Temple 10


Awakening Joy in the Body


Demystifying Menarche

Reclaiming your Erotic Innocence

Unraveling your Sexual Identity

Ecstatic Sensuality

Embracing Radical Self Love

Temple 11

Breast Alchemy

The Temple of Hathor 

Healing the Breasts

Heart & Breast Rewiring

Sensual Breast Massage

Claiming Sovereighnty over your sexual Organs


Temple 12

The Body as a Sacred Temple


Dancing creation into Being

Confronting the fear of survival

Healing Womb Earth

Confronting Feminine Root Fears

Feeling Safe in the Body

Temple 13

Embodiment as Yoga

Womb Medicine Wheel

Feminine Cycles

Death & Rebirth

Embracing  Limitations

Dance of the Yin & Yang

Time: An agent of Wisdom


Energy Exchange:


Self Study Course

13 Pre-recorded channeled wisdom group mentorship calls

13 activations, energy transmissions & clearings

30 hours of mp3,s  meditation, activations.


Manuals, rituals mp3's and self practice tools


Access to Monthly curriculum channeled by the divine mother


Self study Course & 1 on 1 Mentorship


Over and above the pre-recorded content, meditations and activations, you will have a sacred opportunity to work with me personally once a month to initiate deeper activations, healings, have your inquiries addressed while also having the opportunity to work deeper with what is coming to the surface for you on a monthly basis.


When you work privately with me, you have the opportunity to access 18 years of my personal experience as a Shamaness, soul psychologist, medicine woman & High Priestess.


 All of this experience, insight, wisdom, medicine and guidance becomes fully available to you in the form of spontaneous activations, channeled healing, soul retrieval work and shamanic illumination.


Gogo Sophia is also a Moon Priestess in the lineage of the Inzunza and is a Master in the healing & activation of once’ womb power. Working with the holy waters of the Mandawe, the whale, dolphin and benevolent river serpents she has supported many women with issues around fertility, womb blockages, creation energy, holding sacred space for babies in the womb and for birthing oneself.  This priestess work has supported many women to birth their business, families, empires and ultimately to birth the best version of themselves.


These monthly sessions are catered towards refining your significant gifts, ancestral healing, merging the masculine and feminine within you as well as the illumination the dragon power of your womb space.




$2 666 or $ 222 p/m

Kirsten, Cape town

"I have so much faith in my business, there have been soo many angels, resources and legal people that have backed my business.
Through this magical course, business have been birthed, money has been birthed and all that through letting go of control, trusting in the unknown and embracing my femininity"

Vuyo, Mandela Bay

“I’ve fallen in love with myself at a level that I didn't think was possible, the understanding of the dance between the the masculine and feminine, The understanding of the power of navigating relationships through this dance, recognising that what I am looking for is within me, I teach others how to treat me, this has been revolutionary as a result its intentional in not seeking romantic love, but rather seeking love experiences.”

Kutlwano, Johannesburg

Every journey with Gogo Sophia opens up a brand new labyrinth into my own secret pathway. I think my favourite part of this journey has definitely been to pin point exactly where my spiritual blocks are in terms of abundance and how to cultivate a real relationship with my womb.
In the past couple of months I’ve watched my career align with my highest womb-calling and I find that the work I attract now is fully abundant, safe and expansive. I have reached a milestone with an international career highlight and my first feature film distributed this year! What freedom do you seek? All the answers are waiting for you in this journey.

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