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Wisdom of Water

Water, The Feminine & Sensuality

Igniting Your Dragon Consciousness
Through The Wisdom of Water

Connected to the great oceans, rivers and waterfalls of the Earth, The Mandawe spirit heals our lost connection to water by purifying our inner waters and singing us back to love.

Through working with the Wisdom of the Ocean, Gogo Sophia will holding the space to connect with this Ancient Lineage of the Primordial Ancestors & Water Dragons to support one to begin to heal the ancient ancestral outdated stories around love, heartache, emotions, sexual shame, grief and separation. To support you to liberate the energies of divine flow, ecstatic expression, passion and ecstatic birthing.

Through song, dance, shakti yoga & water reverence, this Wilderness Retreat in the wild coastal regions of Kwa Zulu Natal will be like a home coming as the space will be held to connect with your most Ancient Ancestors and return to the womb of the Earth and the primordial birth mother.


What to Expect:

Understand Water, the feminine & Sensual energy


Accessing the Primordial wisdom of Water


Returning to the Womb of the Mother


Connecting to the Whale & Dolphin codes


Raising the Vibration of our inner Waters


Releasing Toxic emotions


Restoring vibrancy, vitality and aliveness in your inner waters


Being Empowered through Dance, Rhythm, movement & Shakti


Experience the power of Femneogens( plant medicines)

Garden Waterfall

Shamanic Womb Rebirth

Water is essential to a woman's well being and our connection to water is ancient and sacred. The intelligence of water connects us to our soul gifts, receptivity to love, abundance, flow & our emotional being.

All of humanity is birthed through water and once we leave the inner waters of our mother, we must continue to nurture our relationship with our inner and outer waters through our emotional intelligence. Our inner waters are sensitive to our emotions and healing our inner waters purify our toxic emotions can aid our bodies in creating flow, restoring nourishment & wellbeing and sustaining vibrant health

Retreat Details

Friday 12th April - Mon 15th April 2024
Blythdale KZN South Africa
Energy Exchange:
Local R 14 000
International  $ 2 000

Inclusive of Retreat Cost, food & accommodation.
Excl flights/ transfer Cost

Waterfall in nature

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