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Embody The Mystical Woman



Work exclusively with Gogo Sophia

Ingnite Your Dragon



Individual Mentorship Program

When you work with Gogo Sophia as a midwife she supports you to give birth to yourself in a way that does not interfere, But allows the most natural and organic unfolding of your soul's path. She works with your “I AM PRESENCE”, your own personal “AVATAR” who is the motherboard of your creation.

This “AVATAR KNOWS THE WAY”. Your AVATAR is “THE WAY”. She supports you to break down the conditions around accessing your own inner gnosis; to believe in yourself and to see your own inner beauty, to see that you hold all the treasures and gifts and that there is nothing you need outside of yourself. There is immense healing that takes place, breaking of old conditionings, pain, trauma, belief systems. This is broken down by your own inner light and the light of your soul, which she supports you to cultivate.


26 Live session, channeled healing, soul coaching & activations

Explore what a 1 on 1 exclusive Mentorship Entails:


Winged King & Queen

This King and Queen live within us as the highest potential for humanity to thrive. When two wings of the dragon merge, it awakens an understanding that there is co-creation, peace, mutual respect, understanding, acceptance, tolerance of diverse thinking, choices and wisdom. 

There will be Oneness, a big bird that holds two wings in balance. The principle of Twoness: Ubuntu pacifies aggression, control and domination because it maintains within all of us a healthy sense of pride & benevolence.

From Twoness: Ubuntu, we birth Horus; Paradise! We ignite the world of
love, joy, sacred union and magic.

Dismantling our Own Limitations

It is through my initiation in the deserted wilderness of Egypt that I discover that Human beings are unquantifiable entities, you cannot quantify or calculate the human spirit who’s identity is inherent in emptiness. As humans we have forced our b-e-i-n-g that is inherently boundless into false human systems through culture, religion, gender identification which continue to fracture the Human spirit and halt its multidimensionality in the physical body.​

We have to understand that the human spirt is hollow, no-thing and that is the reason why he is so special because she can ultimately birth from infinity and transcend limitations even within the body.


Transcendence as A New Way of Life

Embodying our Dragon Consciousness is about transcendence; Trance-ding the limitations we have placed on ourself whilst also removing the projections that others have placed on us through systems of bondage, enslavement, indoctrination and false gnosis. It is about awakening to the infinitive self, that is free, sovereign and ultimately creates from joy and love. It is about transforming our relationships and the way that we co-create with others.

It is about weaving new patterns and systems around governance, governing ourselves and through that enables the self organising principles of the Divine from the purest form of divinity to flow through us as self governance into the Earth to organise the Earth and restore align the Earth with the Sacred Symmetry of our Krystal Consciousness.


Awakening The Cosmic Heart

This journey is the deepest and most sacred journey into the cosmic heart of creation to collectively ignite this cosmic pulse and awaken the kundalinini & hidden mysteries of the Earth to animate Life.
We access the motherboard of creation through initiating our masculine identity through love, devotion, sacred accountability so that the feminine can come so much into full trust of her divine counterpart that she awakens as the Serpentine energy called Umililo( Kundulini) who’s energy spirals through all cycles of creation, through the sacred Rose, the flower of life and creation, the 13 points of creation.

She is our primordial identity that wishes to be remembered, she wishes to embed herself in our wombs as the Divine Shakti that gives us life, beauty, wealth and vitality. She wishes to break the curse of poverty consciousness, separation, polarity and unearth humanities pure true Gold and awaken the Golden Age of prosperity, peace and abundance.

Love & Power

The year of the Dragon will challenge us in many ways, in love, power, money & healing our relationship with the feminine Earth. This is the reason why I have birthed technology, sacred tools and systems that will support you to maximise your potential of soul expansion, sacred empowerment, illumination and soul growth.


This journey is not for the faint hearted, but for individuals that are ready to be initiated through the sacred mysteries of the dark womb of the Maddonna to Awaken their Dragon Consciousness, to hold mastery at an unprecedented level through love, power, leadership and inner union.These are the New Earth leaders that will be called to co-create with the divine mother to birth new paradigms around Leadership, business, money, relationships and holding sacred space for community and the Feminine Earth. The Day Keepers;  through individual mentorship, workshops, Wilderness Retreat programs and online empowerment courses will be supported to heal their masculine identity & be woven back to the feminine, flow, integrity, love, bringing more light and new business codes that are aligned with the feminine earth,

Bonus Offering
Healing Intergenerational
Trauma around Wealth

For women, poverty consciousness is an intergenerational womb, where the patriarch was the only member of the family that took responsibility for creating wealth and providing. The Patriarch continued for generations to build empires, lead households and make decisions around wealth and money. As women we were able to create the safe container through which men could flourish & create wealth, but not for ourselves. Today women and children are the greatest victims of poverty & inequality, this has become the legacy of our foremothers, giving sole responsibility to the patriarch has created intergenerational trauma and fear around money for women today.

When you sign up with Gogo Sophia on 1 on 1 Mentorship Program you will receiving more than 60 hours of transmission, activations and channeled wisdom on healing intergenerational trauma on wealth and be supported, held and guided to resuscitate your womb as a wealth vortex and to clear the distortions that have separated you from source and have created the glass ceiling in your ability to attract wealth and abundance.


Through this Bonus training you receive:

When you sign up with Gogo Sophia's 1 on 1 mentorship as a bonus you receive:


2 hour channelled live group pre-recorded mentorship calls 

Access to pre-recorded meditations, transmission & activations. 

13 x manual, rituals and self practice 

Access to weekly curriculum channeled by the divine mother Inclusive

Bonus All worth:


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Candice, Johannesburg

“All I can say is thank you…no words can describe what I’m experiencing…all is coming shifts are happening very quickly…I could get emotional now…I Know what I’m meant to do with the rest of my life…this feels so right…I’m receiving so many messages & downloads and yet there is so much stillness, I’m in a beautiful place and I feel very honored to be on this path with you.”


Kelebogile, Johannesburg

"Thank you dear Gogo Sophia for holding impeccable space as I embark on this life affirming voyage back to basics. Back home to me. I constantly give thanks that you yourself are on your journey and have been steadfast in your persuit. I honour your teachers and am blessed to be part of this lineage. I thank my higher self for finding you and orchestrating it so beautifully and divinely. Thank you for the high standards and beauty. "

Ashleigh, Johannesburg

“Working with Gogo Sophia has supported me in connecting more clearly and openly to the Medicine of the Dragons and knowing deeply within myself this is my path and the Medicine I have been gifted; together with feeling confident that I may share the Medicine of the Dragons with whom may need it.

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