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The Return of the King

Love & Patriarchy: Healing the 

wounds of the fatherline

Image by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen

Love & Patriarchy

The king archetype is returning to the planet. It is returning to the planet at the level that each of us are open & ready to receive. This king is just, kind, loving, benevolent and devoted to his queen.


This ancient love story is going through a rites of passage through our own internal couple.  While we are in a feminine body, it is important that we do not ignore the gifts of our fathers and the value this masculine essence brings into our life in-terms of devotion, love, support and sacred partnerships.


Within our DNA and the collective memory of humanity is the perfect holy divine man, grail king that is devoted to his queen in restoring the feminine principles back on the planet because he fully understands that if there is no balance and union through love, the divine plan of humanity will never manifest.

Losing The Divine Father Archetype

The feminine has felt so betrayed by the masculine that they do not allow themselves to receive the hidden and dormant gifts of their inner patriarch. Collectively we have lost trust in our father archetype whether we have felt abandoned, neglected, betrayed, disappointed or even overlooked by this aspect of this collective masculine identity. Because of this, the rod and staff technology cannot take hold.

Last year on my birthday, I found myself sick as a dog in the valley of the kings at the West Bank of Egypt. I was processing my own internal conflict with my father-line & being supported by the Ancient Pharos to dismantle and break down the false king tyranny within my own body and psyche that has taken hold of my father-line to the point of paralysis.

The the holy man within me had over the years struggled to awaken, live, love and flow. I am coming into end of my first 12 year and 12 month cycle of this initiation unraveling my own personal, collective and ancestral stories around the patriarch.

Through the changing of my name from Tsholofelo to Same, the name given to me by my grandfather, I have been encouraged to take on the gifts of my father-line and embrace deeper levels of union with my inner masculine.

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Healing with the Divine Mother

The divine mother, mother Mary offers us the opportunity to walk dow the valley of deep forgiveness and the understanding how this fear of betrayal plays out in our own unhealthy patterns around our life choices, relationships and our expression.

Forgiving & healing with the father archetype can support us to have a deeper level of trust in God.  When we heal our masculine principle, it supports us to feel more grounded, stable, and secure with a strong sense of the inner core self. It's important that as women we start to deeply reflect on our personal story around this relationship and hold the space for deeper healing around this.


The Power of Prayer

When we come collectively as women in prayer during a very sacred and powerful alignment, aligning with frequencies of love, forgiveness, prayer, healing and illumination, it can be a powerful vortex for accessing  healing and divine intervention for ourselves and for humanity. In our circle of prayer and healing, we are invoking the divine intervention, for the divine father to penetrate the space and bring in the radical transformation, grace and the healing that we require into the areas of our lives where we feel stuck, stagnant, blocked or have even lost hope.


The father has not been present in the past decades of humanity and he is wanting to be given the space to enter our lives and hold the space that he was originally intended for. Even for those that don’t feel stuck, it can also be an opportunity to inhabit deeper level of trust, connection and collaboration with this father archetype, and access the type of fathering in a sacred and beautiful way. To access the deep and sacred love of the true Divine Father.

Lord Yeshua

We call upon the divinity, benevolence & love of the Avatar Lord Yeshua to support us to be reunited with the christed, benevolent & holy father in perfect trust, perfect faith, and perfect virtue.


To resurrect the father archetype that reflects the Holy Spirit and the virtues of the highest expression and image of the Holy Father. We ask him to support us to know him directly without any filters, distortion and manipulation.


To remember him in our hearts & in our minds; to fully know his true and eternal presence, may we always feel safe, may we know that we are fully love and supported

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Pink Flower

Healing through Plant Wisdom 


Through plant medicine I will be holding sacred space to confront and heal these deep woundings of the inner patriarch so that you can once again return to the valley of love, forgiveness, trust, receptivity and power.

Benefits may include:


Healing with your inner Patriarch

Releasing Ancestral trauma

Heal Paternal wounds & drama cycles

Step into A journey of Forgiveness

Heal the wounds of Love

Unite the masculine and feminine

Access the wisdom of the Father

Awaken deeper levels of trust and feeling Safe

Access the gifts of the father


What to Expect


Opening of dragon Shakti breath work and movement.

A Sacred Cacao ceremony

Chanting of the rosary

 Concentration of holy sacrament

 Plant ceremony/ hyms and prayers

Talking circle and integration

Vegetable Soup to ground


Potencial date:


Friday 27th April 2024

Time 17:00



Ceremony Cost: R 2 222

Accomodation R 1 000


Hyms of Santa Maria

​On this special day, we will chant the rosary and sing ancient hymns that mathematically connect us to the frequency and vibration of the divine mother herself.  Through the process of white tantra, the day will begin a Cacao ceremony, dragon Shakti breath work, movement, yin yoga, dance and lead up to the opening of the rosary as well as the concentration of very Sacred Hymns. 


Each participant will receive a hymns book for the evening in order to connect with the hymns and feel the frequency and alchemy of these sacred hymns and how they move through your body to enact profound healing and sacred empowerment. We Will begin our day with a Sunset Water Despacho to honour the mermaid spirits.

Memorial White Rose

Doorway to the Enchanted Universe

When sung in ceremony,  These hymns create the enchanted universe of  “The Doctrine.” The soundscapes of the ceremonies are capable of bringing immense healing, clarity, inspiration, guidance and divine support, carrying away and bringing back people from their visionary journeys through the union of the masculine, feminine, spirituality, and the body. 

We return to the space where we where united as lovers and we recommit to our inner union

Is shamanic Healing for You?

Experiencing plant medicine can be a profound and often challenging experience, which requires a deep desire to release the illusion and face the truth of our lives. It is a decision that needs to be carefully considered and prepared for. It is often described as a threshold experience which can transform one's worldview and relationship with oneself and the world at large. 


It is not a recreational experience; rather it is an opportunity to engage with the profound wisdom of master plants of the world, heal at the deepest level, and accelerate one's personal growth. 

Please kindly book a clarity call before signing up for this experience.

Facilitator of Sacred Space

High Priestess Sophia is a transformational Spiritual Life coach, Womb priestess & Sacred feminine Leadership facilitator. She has spoken on many media platforms & global conferences about the role of the matriarch in the wellbeing of community, businesses and relationships. Through her work she supports both men & women to awaken and embody the Divine Feminine principle to birth a new reality around their life, work, relationships and birthing a new paradigm in humanity that support "all"to thrive.
All of Gogo Sophia’s workshops are dynamic, lively and interactive. During the workshop Gogo Sophia also channels healing while each participant receives the opportunity to do deep process work and receive soul coaching.
Gogo Sophia will support you to heal the wound of separation from your divinity, the feminine & masculine principle and your relationship with all of life. From this healing you are able to reclaim your true authentic power and divine expression so that you can channel that into your leadership, career, relationships and life purpose. This is about changing the paradigm of leadership; self leadership & embodying the tools to support you to navigate the changes that are happening in humanity today so that you can thrive and embrace your highest destiny.


Uniting the Masculine & Feminine


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