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Sacred Leadership
Igniting You Dragon Consciousness

Uniting Love with Power


The World Needs New Leaders

The world needs the passion, fire and power of your magic, wisdom, creativity and sacred medicine. It is time to plough deep into the root of your fear to succeed, to ignite the flame of  love and passion for what you do.

It is time to remember “The Love that Ignited our Existence” to learn how to birth from that love. To awaken to the natural pulse and sacred rhythm of the divine dance and fierce love for you career, soul calling, relationships and your creation.


Your work is Sacred, your work is Art. When we work with our Dragon consciousness we transform fear into love, and the energy of enslavement into passion, devotion and focus; We learn how to dance as the divine through every aspect of life and we birth from ecstasy, everyone becomes our beloved & we understand that this is how we were always meant to create.

Based on Eastern Mythology, 2024 is the year of the Dragon. The year of the Dragon will challenge us in many ways including the themes of love, power, money & healing our relationship with the feminine Earth. This is the reason why I have birthed technology, sacred tools and systems that will support you to maximise your potential of soul expansion, sacred empowerment, illumination and soul growth. This journey is not for the faint hearted, but for individuals that are ready to be initiated through the sacred mysteries of the dark womb of the Maddonna to Awaken their Dragon Consciousness, to hold mastery at an unprecedented level through love, power, leadership and inner union.

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Igniting Your Dragon Consciousness

Uniting Love and Power

Igniting Your Dragon Consciousness: Uniting Love and Power is a series of mentorship programs, wilderness retreats, online mastery sessions and workshops that will support you to show up for the lessons of 2024 in the areas of power, money and leadership; To support the mystical woman or man to step into the foreground of Leadership and overcome the fear of being a benevolent and fierce leader in every aspect of life.

Humanity needs light workers in these areas of life to enact the positive changes. The wings of the dragon can support your sacred work and medicine to reach greater heights and travel father then ever imagined. The Dragon not only inspires you to dream bigger, but to show you how.

Initiating our Masculine Identity

2024 is the year that initiates our masculine Identity through the womb of the feminine. The Divine Masculine is returning to this planet as a Holy & benevolent King who wishes to be in service to his divine counterpart, the feminine mother. It is through the union of the two aspects who have been separated through eons of time that will ignite our Dragon Consciousness: This is the Fierce & Benevolent Leadership of the Crowned King And Queen that serves humanity through Love, Devotion & infinite Wisdom. These two wings come together to ignite the wisdom of love, unity and wholeness.

The Year of Dragon will support us to heal our relationship with money, power, success and leadership through the 13 codes of creation. Most humans that feel called to serve humanity through their creativity, healing and light work shy away from position of power, leadership and material success because of the way these energies have been abused in humanity.

The Dragon has the capacity to place the squirrel on its back to help it to see greater heights and travel farther distances, but there is also the potential of the squirrel to also awaken its Dragon Ambition and recognise that the Dragon lives within them. Dragon ambition is the energy that has seeded all of life.


It is only ambition that had the capacity to birth universes and catapult us to expansion. It is only through the divines desire & mad burning passion could travel to the farthest parts of the universe to birth you into existence. It is through learning from this medicine that seeded and ignited us all, that we are able to be catapulted to our greatness and magnificence.


Co-creating with The Divine Masculine

Our Male Shakti is so powerful and sacred that we cannot fulfil the divine plan without it. This energy within us needs to be brought into alignment to serve the greater good of humanity. It is time for the King and Queen within you to fall in love again and birth from that infinite joy and potential that was initially intended. If you feel that you are shying away from the fore ground of leadership by creating the glass ceiling in your own success story, Igniting your Dragon Consciousness is definitely the journey for you.

The divine mother is excited to co-create with those that are ready to birth new paradigms around Leadership, business, money, relationships and holding sacred space for community and the Feminine Earth. These are individuals will be supported to heal their masculine identity & be woven back to the feminine, flow, integrity, love, bringing more light and new business codes that are aligned with the new earth that supports all to thrive.

Programs & Offers

Igniting Your Dragon Consciousness through The Wisdom of Water.

Through song, dance, shakti-yoga & water reverence; this Wilderness Retreat will be facilitated in the wild coastal regions of Kwa Zulu Natal. It will be like a home coming as the space will be held to connect with your most Ancient Ancestors and return to the womb of the Earth and the primordial birth mother. 


Love, Alchemy & Trancendence

Through the teachings of Bhuddha, Lord Yeshua & Mother Mary, It's time to re-examine our principles around love, our relationship with the divine and how we co-create with others on this planet. This retreat that I am offering in June 2024, inspired by the" Ascended Master Yeshua & Siddharta Gautama Buddha" will aim to support one to travel through the 4 chambers of the Heart and open the doorway to Aqualasah. To break down their false identity on love, that has played out over many lifetimes and intergeneration-ally through mind and heart matrix.This includes a 5 day Wilderness Retreat, meditation, advanced breath work, channeled healing, somatic body movement and sound therapy.

Song of Sophia: Wilderness Retreat

This years Sacred Pilgrimage to connect with Mama Africa is in the Heart of Botswana. We will embark on a sacred and mystical journey with the The Kung Bushmen who reside in the remote and untouched parts of the North West of Botswana. Through an intimate circle, we will embark on sacred healing journey to the heart of Tsodillo wells & to connect to the serpent wisdom of the Cosmic Mother at the most Ancient and revered sacred Site.

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VIP OPTION: Work exclusively with Gogo Sophia!​
This includes 26 1 on 1 90 min live activations from Gogo Sophia.
When you work exclusively with Gogo So
phia, she supports you to break down the conditions around accessing your own inner gnosis; to believe in yourself and to see your own inner beauty, to see that you hold all the treasures and gifts and that there is nothing you need outside of yourself. There is immense healing that takes place, breaking of old conditionings, pain, trauma, belief systems. This is broken down by your own inner light and the light of your soul, which she supports you to cultivate.

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