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Womb of Isis

A 12 part transformational journey

of healing with the father line


Asar & Auset

In Ancient Egypt Asar was the man-God who was killed and brought back to life by Auset. The Divine Mother Isis.


It was during the Winter Solstice, when the collective masculine soul of humanity is guided back to the womb of the Divine Mother, that he allowed his feminine counter part Auset to put his limbs back together & her Wings breath him back to life.

Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț

Heal Your Masculine Soul
with Gogo Sophia

The Divine Mother Isis invites you to transcend Ancestral limitations

Walk down a valley of forgiveness, trust and surrender

Learn to embrace the Wisdom, love & support of Your Father-line


Overcome Toxic dynamics and fear patterns

Reunite your masculine with your feminine


Live & create from wholeness & Balance

Healing the Father-line


The hidden essence of a woman is their male principle. We all come from a lineage of benevolent, loving, supportive and empowering patriarch that is wise, ancient and primordial.


Along with the Divine mother, This original Patriarch of humanity has a sacred contract to support the embodiment of our God nature & restore the virtuous principles of life, love, harmony, balance and  peace in the hearts of men and nature itself.


These were the great Earth keepers and custodians of humanity that tended to the ancient alters of the earth and preserved the wisdom of life & creation. We have lost this deep connection with our Ancient Cosmic Father through the choices we made as the collective navigating & surviving the historical catastrophes, wars and challenges that humanity faced forgetting the benevolence, beauty, power and magic still reside deep within our hearts and DNA.


Healing the Epi-genetics

The Root of all human suffering is held at the level of the DNA

Healing the Father-line

Through the role that men had to play navigating the impending threats to humanity which including fighting wars and physically protecting the survival of their communities and family, sometimes even being mis-guided & forced to oppress and abuse women in the name of culture and religion; all these behavioural patterns, fears and anxiety remain stuck in the limbic brain, nervous system, womb and human DNA.

Our masculine identity continues to fight ancient threats that had collectively moulded our personalities and behaviours. We have enlisted an unhealed masculine figure that is disconnected from the feminine and from the mother to govern humanity.

This masculine identity lives through both men and women, and the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves is to hold sacred space for that healing.

Image by Uriel Soberanes

King of Tyranny

Our patriarch lives through us by creating systems of control, scarcity and fear. As the collective consciousness of humanity, we have been influenced by this tyrannical father to govern our own lives and to make the collective choices that have led humanity to this current state.


This is prevalent in the ways which we dishonour our bodies, over work ourselves & disconnect from the feminine womb space. The subconscious pain of our father wound can give rise to anger, aggression, violence and toxic behavioural patterns. Even though we are women, our ancestral unconscious patterns live through us as behaviours, choices, mental conditioning and physical disease.


Regardless of who we are, we have to take responsibility of healing our inner patriarch and free ourselves from the internal enslavement of fear, victim victimiser dynamics, tyranny and rage.

Predator's Love

Love & Patriarchy

We have to recognise that we need both aspects of the self, which is yin and yang to live from a place of wholeness, balance and wellbeing.


By doing ancestral healing on the father line, we are able to resuscitate the love, trust and power of our masculine identity through healing the wounded aspects of our patriarch.


Through our epi-genetics, the unconscious wounds of the father line impacts our masculine expression, which is the yang essence that is responsible for the healthy attributes of leadership, strength, action & assertiveness.


As a Goddess and Queen, running a successful empire in the area of business, leadership, family and relationships requires creating a sacred container  to heal your masculine identity to acknowledge & honour & support your feminine identity so that you can channel this power & expression towards your creation, while breaking down frequencies of control, manipulation and greed.

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Wound of Separation

When our male essence is separated form our female essence, it causes the masculine great pain and suffering. This is not the natural way of being, which causes unhealthy dynamics, codependencies and toxic patterns in relationships with ourselves and others.
Our feminine principle supports us to open our hearts, have the capacity to articulate our feelings and feel a deeper connection to source. When the father-line is disconnected from the divine mother, its slows down the evolution and embodiment of our masculine soul in the physical body, we can never reach wholeness and enlightenment if we don’t find this balance.

Blue Flowers

Know Thyself

It is important that as women we do not allow the deception that has been created by religion, tradition and false gnosis to inform who we are. We can liberate ourselves from these outdated principles created by humanity and embrace the true eternal and virtuous universal principles that honour our divine nature and restore a healthy and sacred balance within ourselves. Healing your masculine soul is about taking accountability for the healing of your own inner patriarch that lives within you carrying the stories, traumas and woundings of your Ancestors that need your attention and awareness. Healing your masculine soul is showing up for yourself and paving the way from your freedom of expression as a whole and integrated being.


When we are whole and balance within ourselves, we become unstoppable & an impregnable force that cannot be manipulated or controlled. We are while within ourselves and there is no limit to what it is that we can create.

Embark on a Journey of Transformation

Awakening your Divine Masculine through ancestral healing, soul retrival & the union of the rod & staff technology: union of masculine and femine.


Experience the power of Mother Isis, your Ancient Ancestor to initiate you into a process of liberating and birthing your masculine soul that has been wounded, enslaved, apathetic  & frozen.


Heal the masculine wound  within yourselves and ancestral lineage  to awaken and resuscitate the blessings, power and gifts of the father-line.

Curriculum 2024
Mending the Body of Asar

In Osirian mythos, the body of Asar Osiris was discovered broken apart in various sacred places along the Nile, where they were collected and taken to Aby­ dos, the ancestral resting place.


His two sisters, Auset and Nebt-Het, performed this task with the intent of reassembling and reanimating his form with the sup­port of the gods. This episode in the saga represents the periodic dissolution and descent of the life force into the deepest regions of the Earth, where it will hi­bernate for a season and return for a cycle of renewal, growth, and fruition once more.

Our 12 part journey is our empowered wise feminine that is descending into the lower world to rescue her masculine principle and awaken the power and backing of the father-line through the inititory healing of the womb.

This journey explores  the division between spirit and matter, and transmuting the obstacles that prevent the embodiment of of our Solar essence, Kristos light as well as the grief caused by the separation and disunity that follows between the masculine and feminine. Through initiotry journey of the womb  of Isis we are assured that the union of the matriarch and patriarch will soon unite & restore our wholeness once more.


Opening Ceremony

Ien-ek senet ek khui i hau ek aui her sau dja djet-ek.

"My arms are before you, they restore your limbs.
I am your sister, beloved of your heart.
I protect your limbs with my two hands, restoring your form"


In the opening Ceremony, we open the temple gates and observe the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. The Masculine principle is the physical embodiment of the Sun, Asar Rah Atum. He descends into the physical form Maat through a series of battles with Set, the unconscious dark male shadowy principle.

In this temple of Philae, we will observe the initiatory rights of our solar masculine principle.

This is the most challenging time for him as the power of the Solar God wanes & the constellation of Orion recedes for 3 months, initiating our masculine essence.


In accordance to our biological clock, the winter season is the most challenging time for our masculine identity & ego of collective consciousness. It is a time for healing, introspection, meditation and initiation that prepares us for the Summer Solstice, the return of the Sun when our Solar Identity is victorious, renewed and alive.


What to Expect:

Experience Initiatory Rites for your Masculine Identity

Gestation through the Womb of Isis

Stalking the Shadow King Within

Harnessing the Powers of Seth

Assessing the Condition of the father-line


The womb is an Oracle that holds the collective and personal memories of our Ancestors.


Because the masculine and feminine first meet in the womb space, the condition of our womb health is a reflection of the level of harmony and balance we have in this centre.


The victim and tyrant first meet here based on the historical experiences of our ancestors. Because our Womb Space is the Seat of creation, it is the filter through which we birth, create & magnetise our experiences into our reality.

What to Expect:

Assess the condition of your father-line

Heal the victim & victimizer Archetye

Unraveling the pain of the mother-line

Balance Lunar & Solar Aspects

Restore Joy in the Feminine Body

Birth & Create from Ecstacy

Awaken the Inner Lover Archetype

Heal sexual Trauma

Heal Your Feminine body

Dream and manifest A new reality

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 20.20.57.png

Unplugging from The False Father Arche-type

In this module we confront the impact of the false father who was either abusive, emotional absent or was never present. 


Most women choose partners that hold similar karmic patterns of pain associated or familiar to them from childhood; The relationship with your father unconsciously informs your relationship patterns with your lover or spouse. 

This cycle may continue for generations and creates the collective inner child that deeply associates with this false father as the true identity of the masculine.


The residue and affects of this relationship dynamic have far reaching consequences and influence & the perception we have about ourselves , our intimate relationships & sexual expression.

When we heal the trauma we become a better parent to ourselves, have deeper respect & boundaries with our bodies and attract and maintain healthy thriving relationships.

What to Expect:

Heal the Inner child

Resolve emotional pain

Overcome victimisation patterns

Step out of unhealthy & toxic relationships 

Heal emotional Blockages

Resolve long standing family troubles

Daughter of Aries

The Zodiac Aries represent the beginning of the solar year but also supports us to connect to the power of Mars, Ogun, the fire element that rises at the base of our spine to ignite our ascension and awakening throughout the Solar Year.

Throughout 12 part our journey with father-line we will be harnessing the power of our masculine essence working with Aries, who is Ogun, the God of War & the Dragon energies. We will work with ancient yogic wisdom to activate our fire yang essence to clear ancestral blockages, false stories, bodily fatigue, diseases, parasites and inertia in the 7 layers of the body to ignite our soul purpose & support our masculine soul to merge and unite with our feminine soul.


Learn from the wisdom of Mars
Heal Birth Traumas
Heal Root Chakra issues
Clear Outdated Ancestral stories
Purify the chakra system & inner channels
Heal & restore spinal health
Awaken & enliven the masculine Principle: Ogun


Embracing the Wisdom of Saturn


Saturn, is the planet we fear the most, but in order to heal the relationship with our father archetype we must work with its planetary influence that governs our relationship with the father, the masculine and male authority.


Through deep process & shamanic work we will face the unconscious figures of authority while being supported to contend with our own guilt or fear of embracing power.


In this process you are able to claim power and authority over your own mind, body and soul. The planet Saturn, also known as Shani, is considered significant and has a profound impact on various aspects of life, including career, relationships, and overall well-being. When we understand the lessons of Saturn we become the queen of our own Queendom and step into the power of leadership and heal our relationship with power, wealth and money.

What to Expect

Understand the influence of Saturn

Awaken the Sovereign Womb

Claiming Your Sacred Space

Mastering Sacred accountability and Responsibility

The Sins of the father: Regulating Saturnic Influence

Balancing Love & Power

Overcoming the fear of Leadership

Understand the Path of Self Mastery 

Heal Your Relationship with money

Image by Planet Volumes

God Archetype: Healing the Relationship

The most complex relationship we have with the Father, is The God-Father Arc who  threw us out of the garden of Eden, and furthermore punished Eve for deceiving Adam. This ancient story is a collective curse and influences the relationship with God and our divine birth rite


This is the relationship we have with God. The biggest wound is the feminines wounding around self worth and thinking that we have to work our entire life to feel worthy of this relationship. Our inner false God complex continues to punish us again and again through loss of self worth, depression & womb illnesses. It is the biggest BURRITO of our existence, and this journey will support you to mend your relationship with Source byhelping you to recognise that you are part of the One Source God Source.

What to Expect

Clear False Eve Codes

I never left Eden: Awaken the Inner Eden

Embrace Your Divine Birth Rite

Embrace the Cosmic Father

Restore Alignment with the God-head

Embrace your Multidimensional Identity

Access the Supreme Gifts of your Father-line

Receiving the Wisdom Keeper Codes

Word with the Ancient Mountains

Heal the Mental body

Awaken the God Mind

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 14.06.32.png

June 2024 Enrolment

Enrolment for this course is now open and the program will begin Thurs the 20th June 2024 with the opening ceremony.

Duration: 6 months

What to expect:
12 (90 min) session online live teachings & recordings
12 live channeled healings, activations and transmissions.

Benefits may Include & not limited to:


Healing with your inner Patriarch

Releasing Ancestral trauma

Heal Paternal wounds & drama cycles

Step into A journey of Forgiveness

Heal the wounds of Love

Unite the masculine and feminine

Access the wisdom of the Father

Awaken deeper levels of trust and feeling Safe

Ancestral Healing for the father-line
Heal your Masculine Soul
Resolve long-standing family struggles

Understanding Ancestral burdens and troubles.

Begin to heal generational illness and cultural wounds

Awaken your hidden gifts

Dissolve old family patterns

Clearing Inherited Ancestral patterns

Dissolving limiting belief patterns

Removal of Ancestral and Genetic Curses
Override Ancestral Limitations
Step into higher Timelines
Awaken your Highest Destiny

Cost for 12 part program:

R 13 200


Early Bird

R 11 200



Payment plans are available


Facilitator of Sacred Space

High Priestess Sophia is a transformational Spiritual Life coach, Womb priestess & Sacred feminine Leadership facilitator. She has spoken on many media platforms & global conferences about the role of the matriarch in the wellbeing of community, businesses and relationships. Through her work she supports both men & women to awaken and embody the Divine Feminine principle to birth a new reality around their life, work, relationships and birthing a new paradigm in humanity that support "all"to thrive.
All of Gogo Sophia’s workshops are dynamic, lively and interactive. During the workshop Gogo Sophia also channels healing while each participant receives the opportunity to do deep process work and receive soul coaching.
Gogo Sophia will support you to heal the wound of separation from your divinity, the feminine & masculine principle and your relationship with all of life. From this healing you are able to reclaim your true authentic power and divine expression so that you can channel that into your leadership, career, relationships and life purpose. This is about changing the paradigm of leadership; self leadership & embodying the tools to support you to navigate the changes that are happening in humanity today so that you can thrive and embrace your highest destiny.



The ancestral lineage healing journey that Gogo Sophia led us through has been so profoundly healing and life changing, and I recommend that everyone who is human should do this work - and would benefit from it greatly. Through this journey, I have healed my relationship with my paternal grandmother’s lineage – and through healing the wounds of the lineage I have healed my own wounds and been transformed. This is one of the most important healing processes I have ever embarked on, and I am eternally grateful to Gogo Sophia. Going into this process, I had no idea that it would be so transformative, and that it would unearth wounds and sites of healing that desperately needed to be tended to, but I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be met by my ancestors and their medicine. Through this process I have been reborn, and my deepest wish for humanity is that we may all experience this healing.

Tumi Moloto_Johannesburg

Their blood runs through my veins and I honour my ancestors for the journey they have undertaken ahead of me. Thank you Gogo for guiding me step by step to lift the veil between ignorance and wisdom and reveal a true understanding of my ancestral lineage. Your guidance, advice and spiritual wisdom has transformed me from being a fearful individual to one that embraces who she is and stands firmly grounded with the support of those that have come before me.



Having spent 6 months on this sacred journey of Ancestral Healing I have come out of it with a powerful sense that we are all called to bear witnesses to the ongoing healing of our Ancestors. We were all held with unconditional strength and love throughout this journey by Gogo Sophia who has a divine way of honouring the individual processes of all who are called to take part in her courses and hold sacred space for the whole. I would recommend this class to everyone who seeks ancestral healing and to grow deeper in connecting to their well and loving Ancestors. For in the glow of my loving and well Ancestors this class has opened my heart to sacred peace and courage to continue my own spiritual journey knowing that no matter how challenging things in life may get we are all held by our healed Ancestors to find our breakthroughs in this lifetime.




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