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Womb Power Activation

Temple of Isis

Temple of Isis

The temple of Isis takes you into an initiatory process of igniting your Dragon Womb Power. The womb has for eons of time on this planet been known to humanity to birth children, but activated at its highest levels supports us to birth the reality of our dreams. To access our soul gifts and become The Master & Priestess of our Soul Expression.


In the temple of Isis your are held by Gogo Sophia to Activate your womb chakra to midwife your ascension and ignite your Goddess Embodiment.

Activating your Womb Power

When I traveled to the temple of Philae in Aswan Egypt, I was initiated by the Divine Mother Isis to support women to clear the locks in their feminine expression & authentic voice. Our feminine identity is much wider in spectrum than we can ever imagine.

We learn how to harness the atomic po
wer of our womb as a gateway for magic, ancient wisdom and our Dragon Identity. The Dragons: Kgwanyapele, we’re the first beings that built and governed this Earth.

Working with the wisdom of Isis supports us to access the premordial Dragons codes that link us back to the Lumerian time
lines and beyond to retrieve the heavenly state within our bodies & souls before any trauma, pain and suffering existed. 

When we start to remember the organic divine principles of life, which is birthing from joy, being free from enslavement as well as being fully supported and held by the cosmic mother, we step into the pathway of freedom, ecstatic creation and the embodiment of our “I AM Presence.


Wisdom of the Winged Serpent

As I traveled to the Heart of Botswana, in the wilderness to tune into the energies of 2024, I was blessed enough to commune with the Python Mother, at the Mountain of the Gods. She is the Serpentine energy called Umililo( Kundulini) who’s energy spirals through all cycles of creation, through the sacred Rose, the flower of life and creation. She wishes to be remembered, she wishes to embed herself in our wombs as the Divine Shakti that gives us life, beauty, wealth and vitality. She wishes to break the curse of poverty consciousness on African soil and support each and everyone of us to unearth Africa’s true Gold and awaken the Golden Age of prosperity, peace and abundance here in Africa.


She etched me forward and told me to tell every woman to ignite her womb power. The greatest gift ever given to woman is the gift of the womb, the gift of creation, of love, birth. Through this womb we can birth a new universe, a new reality. Through this womb space we can birth our greatness and become the doorway through which she sings, dances and heals through us.

Embracing The Feminine Arts

The Divine Mother has inspired me to support all of you in this year to learn some of the most powerful techniques to heal, nurture, support and ignite your womb power through Egyptian womb yoga, herbal wisdom & sacred teachings that will support you to claim sovereignty over your own womb space and ignite its power.

Power is a power that transcends giving birth to a child. It is the power to give birth to your Goddess nature in the physical form. It is the power to awaken your spiritual, ancestral gifts and access the memories of your infinite soul.

Nothing can come into this realm unless birthed through the physical womb of woman. It is time to learn how to harness this power as a gate keeper of the Earth and activate the technology of your Womb Space. The space that gives birth to everything that is YOU. When you sign up for the Woman Power Activation you will have access to the 1 day retreat, a 1 on 1 womb activation on zoom with Gogo Sophia, mp3 meditations, temple wisdom manuals and self practice tools. Gogo Sophia is also a traditional healing and will create a package specifically for your needs after the 1 on 1 session to support the healing that is required and uniquely catered for your own personal healing.


Womb Power Activation Program

What you Receive: 


 1 Day Womb Power Retreat:​ 

Explore Ancient Feminine

Arts Somatic Movement Therapy














Dragon Shakti Breath Work

Womb of Isis Initiation

Kundalini Dance 


1 on 1 Session with Gogo Sophia

 Dragon womb power session

Goddess Gift Pack

Herbal support for your personal needs and healing benefits. 



​Isis Womb Power Activation Initiation

Divine Mother Womb Rebirth

Joy in the Body: Lumerian Codes

Transmissions: Dolphin & Whale Ecstasy 


Personal Toolkit


Isis Temple Wisdom PDF

Womb Healing with Isis Mp3

Harnessing Power of your Womb: daily practice MP3 


Goddess Gift Pack 


Organic Womb Clay

Natural Yoni steam

African Womb Tea

Rose & Blue Lotus Spritz 10ml

Cosmic Rose Tincture 30ml 


Benefits Work with Egyptian Goddess


Activate your Dragon Womb Power

Connecting with your sensuality and creative feminine essence

Awakening Joy in The Body

Exststic Birthing

Melting into the softness of the feminine dimension

Deepening your connection with Mother Earth

Connecting with sisterhood 


Retreat Dates & other Details:

Sat 3rd March 2024

Time:  10-5pm

Place: Mildersdrift Johannesburg



This includes full day retreat, 1 on 1 session with Gogo Sophia, all herbal support and Goddess tool kit.

R 3333



Can be payed in  2 part instalments​​ 

60 min 1 on 1 sessions available from the 15th February 2024 via zoom as part of the package.


About Gogo Sophia

Through her work as a traditional healer, Gogo Sophia incorporates animistic frameworks & indigenous knowledge systems as a way to diagnose & heal, incorporating partnership with the Ancestors, Avatars of light, elements of nature and ancient powers, as a way to restore harmony and balance with oneself and the world.


She also works very strongly with the Divine mother Sophia to support humanity in the reclamation and healing of the feminine body through facilitating women’s rites of passage, priestess apprenticeships & holding women’s sweat lodges & sacred pipe circles. 

Working with Gogo Sophia

What Others Had To Say

Chule Gobodo - The Love Activist - Johannesburg South Africa

“I learned so much about the purpose of my womb how much power and energy it carries, thank you so much for this incredible experience.
My life is changing daily. my business is growing, I manifested a house all because of the awareness that I now have of my feminine power.”

Jenny  - Stolkhom

I received a very powerful message about sovereignty. I am the sovereign of my womb and my body, I am free to prescribe to the memories and energies that I choose. This led me to reflect on my sexual relationships. What kind of intimacy - sexual and emotional - do I want? In what kind of intimacy am I prepared to engage?
To me, this too is about honoring the power and freedom that was revealed to me through the workshop."


In the process of embracing self I was able to invoke the warrior in me, the woman that I admired to be, in my inner-standing I was able to love myself in an unimaginable way.
I accepted myself and became more gentle with self.I thank Gogo Sophia for her guidance, her gentleness and over-standing. 

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