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Embrace Your Cycle

Unleash your feminine body's limitless potential.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $750 for 4 sessions
  • Location 1

Service Description

Step into a space of immense power and healing by being guided through the four inner seasons of your menstrual cycle. Ancient feminine teachings will be shared with you so that you can embrace each season of your cycle, learning the gifts of menstrual magic and how to structure your life around those changes. This gives you the ability to learn to love and honor your body, manifest your desires and allow your life to flow naturally. It will also strongly empower your relationships. This will all be done in a safe and supportive space. This process is for any woman who is tired of hating their blood and wanting to transform their perception on their body and self image. It awakens you to your womb power and supports women suffering from irregular cycles, experiencing no cycle, painful menstruation including women health issues such as cysts, endometriosis, heal from miscarriages, abortion e.c.t….This process will definitely transform the way you see yourself and your cycle, if your seeking sacred feminine rebirth and renewal, this is the journey for you. What to expect: Detailed explanations of your internal seasons, including self-care practices to experiment with at each phase. Shamanic initiation, healing and transmission from the four archetypes and being guided on how to work with them. Introduction to herbs, diet and simple lifestyle changes to help alleviate period pain and pre-menstrual symptoms. Honoring your cycle in business, Learning to use the phases towards your advantage and benefiting from the energy that is naturally there. Great yoga techniques that compliment each of the four seasons of your cycle. Guidance on the hormonal changes we experience each month and what this actually means for us. Breath work and body prayers to awaken your inner Shakti and Kundulini fires. This includes Egyptian Sekhem Activation. Energy healing treatment during your moon cycle to alleviate menstrual pain and discomfort, pms and lower back pain. Included in the package: Four 90 minute in person/ zoom consultations( Begins at your period) Moon cycle journal and guide MP3 Guided mediations Yoga Class videos SA Local fees: R3400 0r R950 per session

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