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Return to Erotic Innocence

Marry the Inner Gods & Goddess

  • 1 h 30 min
  • $1200 for 7 sessions
  • Location 1

Service Description

Our sexuality is no longer sacred and holy, it has been moulded by our relationship with the patriarch, magazines and the porn industry, It’s time to break free from these false stories. Our sexuality is our divine inheritance as women. This journey is about returning to your sexual innocence, awakening you’re wild, primal Goddess energies from your inner core to burn away self sabotaging & false belief systems. This journey is about awakening to radical self love and joy int the body. It is about understanding that you have sovereignty over your own body. When you overcome sexual shame and humiliation you are able to own your sexual energy and channel this fire to awaken your unique soul essence. In this 8 part journey we unravel any negative patterns created by your sexual woundings to support you to awaken your true, wild, authentic self and awaken to a deep soulful relationship with a significant other & all of life. We call back parts of your soul essence that may have fragmented throughout time through past relationships, sexual intimacy & even ancestrally, so that you can fully come back home to yourselves, and remember your sacred purpose for being here on the planet at this time as well as be able to awaken to love. During this journey you will work with the 7 major archetypes that govern your inner masculine and feminine. When working through the 7 major chakras you will understand the interplay of opposing aspects at each of the seven gates to restore inner unity, balance & harmony which enables you to then experience balance & harmony externally in relationship with another. Working through and making friends with your shadow will support you to meet your full embodied power as woman, re-connecting to your centre, your source of wisdom that supports you to fully connect to joy, sex, purpose, love and life to be balanced and whole within oneself. Benefits : Healing and balancing of the Feminine and Masculine Work with Archetypes, power animals & inner plane guides Identify how to get all your needs met Learn how to create deeper intimacy & trust Heal your sexual receptivity and pleasure potentials Deepen your relationship with yourself Awaken to Sacred Union Open to life as a joyful, playful, ecstatic gift Open to true abundance and the bountiful flow of life Discover wounds that were in denial so they can heal Become more self-aware & empowered Accessing your ability to Co-create Extraordinary shifts in consciousness

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