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Sophia Christ Light Activation

Awakening the Spirited Mystical Woman

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Location 1

Service Description

Have you ever wanted to awaken the capacity to channel your own innate wisdom? How do I become a pure vessel for my own unique soul gifts? As a healer and facilitator I have spent many years holding sacred space and teaching over 40 courses, retreats and workshops inspired by the wisdom of other world renowned light workers. It is in the recent years that I have been immensely guided to channel my own inner wisdom. Ever since I embarked on a sacred pilgrimage into my womb gorge, spending time healing, clearing and doing deep process work, I was able to heal a lot of the intergenerational & soul wounds that I have incarnated with. As a result, I was able to activate my womb space as a sacred technology that supports me to  channel my own innate soul wisdom. I have also awakened my capacity to be truly intimate with the divine, and support others to do so. Many women that I have mentored over the years are amazed at how they can begin this powerful dialogue with their womb. They begin to consult her as an oracle, awaken their own soul gifts, Over the 12 months you will be guided to walk your own inner labyrinth to unlock the keys that allow you to heal, open, receive, flow and emanate more Light. Through this journey you are able to discover the wisdom that you were born to share. You will truly discover who it is you are and most importantly awaken a more intimate relationship with the Divine, your spiritual support team as well as all of life. Through this empowerment and womb activation you will be supported to live your fullest potential and fulfil your most desired destiny. Activate the womb as a sacred technology Uncovering your Divine Soul Map Awakening & activating your Soul gifts & Powers Understanding your Feminine Dharma Clear Ancestral Karmic Chords Embodying the Mystical WomanHeal your creation energy Heal your sexual wounds White Tantra: Spirit Revival Sexual Rites of Passage Awaken your pleasure potentials Awaken Power, receptivity & magnetism Manifestation & Abundance codes Herbal wisdom for a healthy body mind and soul Reconnecting with your Body Enlisting your own personal guides Receiving Support from the Celestial Family of Rah Working with the Divine feminine Archetypes Queen Code Activations

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