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Sacred Womb Alchemy

Cleansing, Renewal & Rebirth

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $850 for 5 sessions
  • Location 1

Service Description

Womb mapping is an ancient alchemical healing journey that awakens us to our inner womb oracle; the voice of our womb. Many of us have ignored this voice all our lives and have fallen ill because of it. The womb has a voice that guides us to our joy, wellbeing & sacred feminine awakening,. The meridians in our womb space are magical doorways to our inner mystery which when activated and healed, allows the masculine and feminine as well as spirit and matter to merge within us. Once this has happened, we heal physical ailments, awaken to deeper levels of joy, confidence and well being in all aspects of our lives Awaken to radical self love and birth your creative expression into this world. You will journey into to the 4 sacred chambers of your womb to heal, release, renew and finally to rebirth yourself as your inner Womb Priestess. Session 1 Womb Earth. (The Floor of the Womb) This will explore your separation and suppression of your Divine Feminine. This may cause endometriosis, fibroids, womb cysts, cancer ect. When we arrive in this Earth sometimes we don’t feel welcomed or safe in our body, so this will deeply explore your deepest, darkest fears around being alive and grounding your purpose. Session 2 Womb Fire( Right Ovary) We will work on your right Ovary and deeply explore your sexual wounds or any sexual woundings carried by your Ancestors, exploring sexual shame and feeling sexually disempowered. We will also heavily support sexual woundings around rape or sexual assault. Session 3 Womb Air( Ceiling of the Womb) We will work with the ceiling of your Womb which will explore the resistance to embody your higher self, your creation power, and the power to attract and manifest your dreams into being. Session 4 Womb Water (Left Ovary) This Element works with overcoming emotional abuse, heartache and issues of abandonment. We will also work very deeply with healing your inner child. This will deeply support you in awakening emotional intelligence. Session 5 Grail gate initiation Embark on a sacred pilgrimage into the most sacred sites within your womb space. We often seek those outside of ourselves, forgetting that within us is the holy grail that is ready to anchor our Goddess nature through shamanic journey work & sacred sexual alchemy.

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