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Soul Embodiment for New Earth Children

Holding Sacred Space for your highly Empathic Children

  • 2 hours
  • $ 200
  • Location 1

Service Description

The children of today hold beautiful new codes for a new earth. They hold profound gifts and are often brought here to be the leaders of the new paradigm. They are highly sensitive, empathic and deeply connected to nature. They are less inclined to follow outdated modes of education & discipline. When we don't understand the architecture of our new earth children, the parenting journey can feel overwhelming as we try to raise them in the same way that we ourselves were brought up by our parents. When they are not responsive to how we teach and guide them, it often spirals into a cascade of misaligned interventions that further cause harm, isolation and confusion. As a healer, I have found that the greatest traumas, negative imprints and limitations in any human being's life, were created when they were of the ages of 1- 7. These traumas can impact and create limitations for the rest of that human being's life. Would you like to learn how to hold sacred space for your children from the moment of conception, gestation, birth and the first couple of years of their life. I have created a beautiful offer that introduces sacred tools to empower yourself and your children. The greatest gift you can offer your children is to learn to understand them, and equip them with the greatest tools to navigate life as highly empathic, intelligent and unique souls. Children are the continuity of society, and to invest in our children means to create a solid & powerful structure for humanity to thrive. It means investing in future leaders and problem solvers. We also have the opportunity to nurture positive values & encourage our children to feel safe enough to channel the divine essence of humanity into our world. Includes: 4 live 120 min calls & Q&A 4 recordings for life long ownership 4x PDF manuals Live transmissions & clearings Group Coaching & Guidance Course content Understanding children of the New Earth Developmental stages of conception, Gestation, birth Supporting your child's spiritual development Understanding your child & Ancestral Patterns Basic Energy clearing for children Dealing with negative energy & interference Children and chakra development Enlisting your Child's Guardian Angels Supportive crystal grids Our children and navigating the digital age Understanding the impact of social media/ devices on brain development Being a positive Role Model

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