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Womb Healing & Awakening

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 200 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Womb purification work and healing work, not only does it purify the womb of foreign energies, but also starts to heal the root causes and some of the physical illness, emotional trauma, ancestral & relationship blockages one can have in their life. The womb is magnetic and attracts that which is in resonance with it, which is why it needs requires your presence to heed to the call of its healing & activation. Healthy womb, equals healthy and empowered woman. Once the womb is healed and activated, we manifest from a place of "joy" and magnetise to us all we need, desire and deserve in order to fulfil our life purpose. This womb rebirth and renewal work catapults your womb healing journey. Each session involves an in-depth assessment into the energetics of your womb and a journey into your relationship with your feminine experiences (menstruation, post-natal recovery, menopause, etc), treatments can include herbals teas, pelvic asanas, tibetan womb khadros, womb yoga & reflexology, and womb breath-work. Benefits of sessions: Releasing wounds held in the pelvis area and imprints from the 9 months in the womb. Restoring health and purity within the body and different parts of the energy system. Releasing parental imprints – The mother influence. Clearing ancestral patterns working with the blood line Healing the Female Blood line Shamanic Feminine Rebirth and Resurrection Each session is 90 minutes

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