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Pregnancy:Spiritual Birthing Experience

Awaken to Love in A New Paradigm

  • 1 h
  • 200 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Conscious Birthing is a full day workshop that explores the healing journey of pregnancy and how we can consciously unearth the personal & collective fears, belief systems and misconceptions about birth that can create trauma around the birthing process so that we can confront and heal them. This is the first step in preparing us for this sacred rites of passage, equipped, empowered and confident. This workshop is not in any way to put pressure on the mother as the “perfect birther” but to actually put the mother at a place of ease where she is empowered with wisdom to support her birthing experience and the best ways to seek support through her journey. This workshop is for all women and perfect for pregnant women( also couples), those that are preparing for motherhood, or have already given birth but would like to understand their previous birthing experience so that they can reconcile past traumas, heal and forgive the past. I also invite health care practitioners, birth doulas, mothers, grandmothers to this workshop to explore the shamanic perspective of birthing, as when you become a mother, it takes a community to support you through this process and as a community we have to collectively change our false misconceptions about what birthing is. This journey will support you in all birthing experiences, from birthing a child, a new business or creative project. All these stories are related and globally we are birthing a new story for humanity and for ourselves. We will explore: Giving birth; A Shamanic Initiation The foundation: Beginning your inner journey Consciously navigating your pregnancy Guidance around daily Meditation, Prayer & ritual Making birth a sacred, joyful & profound experience Overcoming personal Fears around giving birth Unplugging from collective fears & belief systems Healing from past Traumatic Birthing Experiences Understanding Ancestral Birthing Narrative- & working with the Motherline Shamanic Journey to meet your baby Self care, support & nutrition Redefining Labour and delivery Preparing for a natural birth Calling in your circle of Support Sacred Despacho ceremony for the baby Shamanic Fire & Release Ceremony 13th Rite of the Munay Ki

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