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9 Cycle Priestess Initiation

Awaken Your Priestess Power

  • 2 hours
  • $3900 for 12 session
  • Location 1

Service Description

The priestess path is about being deeply anchored in the heart. It is about embodying deep compassion, evolving into love and stepping into sacred service. We align with the feminine to be in service and change the paradigm of leadership so as to  bring greater qualities of compassion, empathy, collaboration, respect and sacred empowerment. To support all of humanity to return to the true aspect of our human-ness, to step beyond fear and embrace peace, to awaken to that part you which has the ability to hold everything, to nurture, to heal, even to give birth.  As a High Priestess, spiritual midwife & doula, will guide you to your deepest calling, to awaken to your power, passion and purpose and the truth of who you really are. This 9 month cycle supports you to strip the layers of that which you are not, like a serpent sheds its skin you can embrace a new story that honours your highest calling. I am here to support you to awaken your hidden gifts, awaken your Shakti feminine power, transform your pain, fear and suffering into great power & blessings. I give you the tools to embody the awareness to work through your wounds to reach your highest potential. To heal into a new you and awaken to a new reality that promotes balance, harmony and prosperity. Awakening you to your freedom. Be supported by High Priestess Sophia to: * Heal the mother wound * Nurture the inner child * Clear Ancestral Karmic Chords * Womb initiation, rebirth & renewal * Heal your creation energy * Activate the womb as a sacred technology * Womb bearer, Gate keeper & Sacred service * Womb Priestess: Bridging Heaven & Earth * Sacred Rites of the Rose: Embodying the Magdalene * Blood Moon Rites * Healing the wounded Masculine: * Healing the wounds of love * Sexual Rites of Passage * Jade Egg Practice * White Tantra: Sex Magic of Isis * Sacred Embodiment & Leadership * Awaken Power, receptivity & magnetism * Manifestation & Abundance codes What to expect: (12) 2 hour monthly live coaching & healing zoom calls Moon mysteries: 9 cycle initiation guide Weekly meditations, rituals & process work Mp3’s and video teachings Receive activations & transmissions from 9 Goddesses

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