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The Lover, Mother, Priestess

Embrace Your Feminine Power

  • 1 h
  • R6000 for 6 classes
  • Location 1

Service Description

Like the original Eve archetype, born from Adam's rib, we try to be the “good girl” by dimming our light, rejecting our inner knowing, shutting down our sexuality & feminine power. This is a norm and expectation from society in order to “fit in” & serve the role of a lover, mother, daughter & wife through the patriarchal gaze. How do you step into leadership & reclaim your inner Priestess in the everyday reality? Our primal shakti fire is a life giving force of creation that we all need to cultivate and nurture in order to shine brighter, become visible & magnetic to everything we need, desire and deserve. When you access the primal shakti energy of creation, this fire burns away all the outdated belief systems, self judgement, shame and low self worth. You are then able to awaken to your passion, vibrance and fierce courage. When we dance & move our bodies ecstatically and connect to the subtle energies of our being, we are able to get to the source of our trauma & core woundings so that they can be dissolved & transmuted by our inner fire. Working with the Ancient wisdom of white tantra & Kundalini dance, you are able to break toxic patterns & negative cycles, release stress and anxiety, slow down the ageing process, awaken higher levels of your brain capacity, strengthen your nervous system and access deeper connections to spirit. Join us on this 6 month shamanic Kundalini dance journey to unlock your sacred gifts and to rise up so that you can offer your gift to the world. It is time for you to learn how to nurture and bring your dreams into manifestation through dance, movement therapy and sacred sexual alchemy. Benefits: Heal from the past wounds of love Awaken to power, passion & purpose Overcome sexual shame Bring woundings & fears to the surface to be healed Heal from sexual trauma, miscarriage and abortions. Clear toxic energy from the womb Cut chords with past lovers Awaken to your own inner beloved Make room & open up to new relationships Awaken to a deeper level of intimacy in current relationships Cultivate Shakti for your own vitality, well being and magnetism Harness sexual energy to connect with the divine Awaken the gifts that lay dormant in your DNA Deepen your connection with Mother Earth Connection with sacred sisterhood circle

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