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Healing The Inner Child

Dear Soul Family,

I have always been engaged in inner child work, but in order to prepare for holding sacred space for you during this course, I have in the recent past couple of months been deeply journeying through my own inner child for deep healing & to retrieve the gifts, magic & wisdom that this child holds. She was there in the underworld waiting for me, and as the responsible inner parent I had to descend to that space to protect her, to give her the love, validation, appreciation and reassurance that she had not received in over 35 years. To support her to be woven back to her true identity & cosmic divinity.

Only I could do that.

Only I could show up for my inner inner child by choosing to embark on this journey and plug into my holy divine inner parent and allow the divine to love my inner child through me.

Only we can show up for ourselves, no one else can do this but us.

It is through going back in time to those few specific frozen moments in my life where I felt alone, scared, unseen & invalid that I was able to rescue my inner child and remind her how special she is and why she is needed in this world. It’s still a journey and I’m still going through it. I have since been parenting her through her growth, giving her very sacred and special tools to support her to feel more confident, feel more joy, aliveness and to bring the hidden gifts forward that were masked by fear.

Sometimes she’ll ask me questions, sometimes she wants to play, when she needs me to protect her, I'll hold her tight, and sometimes she needs reassurance which I always give. We are finally talking and having a relationship that is very much needed and necessary.

I have been giving my inner child the food that she truly needed, food that was not exactly given by our parents, society and the self. Food that could only be given from authentic love & by the divine. We have to learn that we are the source of this nourishment and love. When we embark on inner child healing, we learn to align with the aspect of the self that is the mature divine holy parent, that is loving, intuitive, nurturing, caring and giving because that is our source, it is where we ultimately come from. This has truly been a magical journey and experience and what my adult self has been able to heal, come to terms and access in terms of gifts from the divine & Ancestors( which we all have) has been unbelievable and unprecedented.

The world needs more people that are willing to open up to this healing, expansion, growth. We need leaders that are mature, inuitive adults that can hold sacred space for humanity. Currently mass consciousness leadership is a DESPOT IN CHARGE! Mass consciousness is led by an abandoned, neglected angry inner child that has a big journey of healing that awaits them.

If we dont do this now, then when?

When are we going to show up for ourselves in a way that it truly matters, has meaning and has an impact on ourselves, our world and the children that we parent, teach, guide and hold sacred space for as guardians of humanity.

If you would like to journey with me back in time to support you to rescue your wounded inner child and bring back the hidden treasures of the golden child, this is just the journey for you.

Just a few notes:

It was originally intended that class would commence Thursday evening the 6th of October. I have recently decided that the 6th of October will become an Open House for those that would like to experience the course and get an overview of the course content. This is to give more people an opportunity to experience & learn about the course itself and give more people the opportunity to sign up.

New course dates will be announced in the near future, but I would love for each and every one of you to please join the Open house on the 6th of October and you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the course.

I look forward to our time together on the 6th of October; Open House Healing the Inner Child of the Ancestors.

To Register: Send me an email

Date: Thurs 6th October 7-8:30pm Zoom online

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