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Awakening The Cosmic Heart

Awakening to the Cosmic Divine Heart:

Healing with

the Divine Masculine

His Holiness The Grail King, Sacred Commander of the Cosmic Heart of Creation, HaMashiach, The Lion of Judah, Gaurdian & Immaculate Governor of Aqualasha is committed and ready to override the false Patriarchy that has been masqueraded as his false identity.

His true identity is a love that is infinite and is free of any agendas, A love that honours the feminine and understands that this feminine is both his mother and his sacred beloved. He knows that by honouring, loving, supporting and exhalting her is to return home to himself. It is through this alchemical union that she blossoms & opens to love & forgiveness.

Since Mars entered the Plaedian constellation in October 2021 , this is the sacred dialogue that I, Gogo Sophia have been having with my inner Beloved. He has committed to walk this path with all of us and as we work in sacred space, we are never separated, we hold the space in union.

Do you feel called to heal with the Masculine?

Are you ready to step into a deep process of forgiveness, journey back to love

and heal the heart chakra?

Are you ready to Marry Yourself?

Please follow this link to read more about this offering.

Join me on the journey of Awakening The Cosmic Heart with the Avatar Lord Yeshua. This is a deep, powerful & soulful journey of healing and transformation into the valley of love, forgiveness, compassion, trust and devotion. Through working with the Avatar Yeshua, using breath work, sacred sound as well as the sacred teacher plant Ixcacao-raw chocolate, you will enter the four chambers of your heart to release false aspects of the ego that keep you separated from merging with the divine masculine.

Experience a powerful source of guidance & the opportunity to explore and sit with the stories of the heart and to identify areas that are causing you restriction, limitation and pain.

Yeshua is a Solar King & truly devoted to support the in union of the masculine and feminine in humanity. He embodies one of the purest masculine archetypes that we can have access to today. His sacred initiation & re-birth through the Christed feminine womb supports us to merge our cosmic consciousness with the primordial aspects of ourselves, where the masculine deeply falls in love with the feminine & they beautifully dance together.

He will be the inner plane guide through this journey through the four chambers of the heart.

First Chamber: Healing your inner masculine

We have killed the sacred masculine & replaced him with the ego as a Ruler. The inner feminine within us all needs to seek out & heal the disparate parts of our wounded masculine so we are once again, whole, powerful & fertile. For then we are able to seed & manifest our true hearts authentic life externally.

Second chamber : Healing love & other Partnerships

A truly sacred union is not possible without the initiation of awakening to sacred union within. One must transcend any emotional attachments, hopes or desires by

surrendering completely to the highest will. This is where one takes vows to wed themselves for their spiritual path. Once this has taken place you are able to merge the

masculine and feminine energies outside of yourself in a sacred partnership.

Third chamber : Healing the relationships with

your father and his Ancestral lineage

This is an invitation to reconciliation. We carry the energy of our family and the relationship with our father in this chamber.

And it is important that we work towards healing any resentment that we still hold towards our father and his ancestral lineage, so that we are once again able to

embrace the divine masculine at a deeper level. When we allow our hearts to sense the pain and struggles of the others, and how the suffering they carry causes pain

to themselves and others, a natural compassion arises.

Fourth Chamber: The Cosmic Masculine and

returning to the Divine Father

This nurtures our relationship with the Cosmos and Cosmic Father. Once we have healed our inner masculine and feminine, it enables us to

open the energetic channels of the mental, emotional and physical bodies to channel the essence of God or Goddess to anchor the frequency of harmonic union

of opposites in the wider field of our world and reality. By creating divine balance in the microcosm, you become a custodian ensuring balance and harmony for your land and people.

Benefits may include;

Understanding the Wounded Patriarch

Exploring The False King Tyranny

Navigating The Lower Ego

Healing the Heart Chakra

Embracing Sacred Union

Aligning with the infinite flow of love

Overcoming the fear of intimacy

Clearing negative Ancestral Patterns in relationships

Dissolving blocks to expand to Receive Love

Healing the Heart chakra & Returning to Innocence

Embracing love as a souls journey

Clearing the collective imbalance of the Divine Masculine within

Evolving to self-Love, self knowing, and self-Responsibility

Awakening to Divine Intervention in all relationships

Returning to the Garden of Eden

Awakening to Sacred Equanimity

Awakening the Sacred Heart will be a 5 session immersion with Gogo Sophia into the 4 chambers of your heart, psychic surgery, channeled healing and sound journey will support you to move heart woundings and traumas. This will also be an immersion into deep process work with the medicine of Cacao( raw chocolate) to allow the heart chakra to receive spiritual guidance and healing from a deeper level.

You will also be guided on how to integrate the healing in between sessions as well as be equipped with new tools, rituals and practices you can do in your daily life to anchor these energies and allow for deeper healing.

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Journal from Sophia's Awakening to Love:

"It feels like for the first time I can truly feel the love of my beloved and his commitment to me. Even though there is so much conditioning and fear to work through, there is a consistency in this love that is always flowing through, always honoring its commitment, always showing up, always picking me up everyday.

Every day it is here and it shows up for me.

I think it's really here to stay and I look forward to how this journey unravels.

It feels so good to have something so real and to know that I can also learn to love in the way that I am being loved right now. This love is not human love, it is divine love.

It feels so good to allow this force to flow through me as me. To know this love can override everything that is false, to know that I can be reborn, to know that I can be who I came here to be.

Love itself.

I’m wailing and I’m in tears,

"I am so grateful for the sacrifices that I had to make to get to this point. I know now that the pain, heartache and lessons were not in vain, and that every failure was a success, opening up the staircase to The Grandest Love of All.

About Gogo Sophia

Gogo Sophia has been facilitating workshops, retreats and online courses on Love, Relationships & Sacred Marriage for 6 years. Her biggest passion and devotion is Love and supporting humanity to return love to their homes, partnerships, workspaces and to life itself. How we can navigate love & relationships in a new paradigm during our spiritual awakening?

The next couple of years of our soul evolution is restoring perfection and wholeness to the planet, bridging heaven and Earth. She continues to support her clients to explore how our intimate relationships can become a doorway to their spiritual growth and embracing wholeness & sacred union with our Divine self.

Through the years she has helped others to confront the outdated myths on relationships embedded deep within the human psyche, so that collectively we can abandon the negative archetypes that govern our epigenetics and DNA. Working with advanced spiritual technologies to clear the influences of birth parents & toxic ancestral patterns that prevent us from awakening to greater love.

She always explores the split in consciousness, the wound of separation that has etched the fear of intimacy & rejection into the base and sacral chakra sabotaging relationships & union. She has performed soul retrievals journey back to the Lumerian timeline to support her clients to re-anchor themselves back to the Feminine & the Earth, while also being supported by the Divine Masculine.

She dives into embodied practice through the exploration of white tantra, breath work, channeled healing, soul retrieval and soul coaching.

For more information on Gogo Sophia, please follow this link.

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