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Healing from Poverty Stories: Kidney & Adrenal Upgrade

Dear beloveds


Since the we’ve had Saturn move through Aquarius and the approach of our first lunar eclipse in March, humanity has been feeling this deep purge, pressure and fatigue of the kidneys’.


I’m currently going through a massive adrenal upgrade myself & as you know, the adrenals in collaboration with the kidney’s are the power house of the body.


In Eastern Medicine, the kidneys are connected to the base chakra. Responsible for grounding other organs in the body, they act as the root of life; responsible for the protection and reservoir of our vital essence, our chi, life force.  


Kidneys as the Reservoir of Life


When our kidneys are depleted through difficult life stressors, fear, financial uncertainty and deep unconscious emotional stress; the body releases adrenalin.


The adrenal gland response occurs in reaction to fear based emotions, controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. 


When both our adrenals and kidneys are depleted and overrun, our system will collapse. As you know, in order to expand your business and sacred empire, you have to be able to hold it energetically through your body. The adrenals are like the ram that runs your wealth empire, when that is depleted, one can lose their sense of self, their motivation, power and creativity.


The Kidneys Hold Our Embodiment


Our body is the vessel that will anchor our embodiment. Whilst we have done so much work on ourselves emotionally, spiritually and energetically, it is only when the physical body and organs can hold our ascension do we then embody channel who we are on a soul level.


The soul never ages, but the body does. 


Although we have done so much work on ourselves, Our bodies are still holding the conditioning of what we have released on a soul and energetic level.  As with all diseases and bodily discomforts, we still have to go to the core stories that we hold on a molecular level to truly support the body to heal, release and upgrade, matching the frequency of our soul essence.

Heal from your poverty stories by Embodying Sacred Entitlement


The Ukuvango delta is known to hold the kidneys of humanity, with so much of the threat to mine the gas that was discovered is a reflection of the looming threat that we feel inside of our own bodies, depleting our kidney chi. The patriarch carries a strong sense of entitlement; that entitlement has influenced a lot the creation that is unfolding on the planet. There is a lot more that has unfolded from this patriarchal domination than what the feminine holds & what she can bring through.


By balancing the masculine and feminine in our kidneys, we are able to embody the cosmic feminine principles to create more from a place of deep rest, balance, stillness and surrender. When our cortizol levels are sky high due to adrenal fatigue, the feminine feels crushed. She does not feel worthy of her expression, her creation and sacred entitlement.


The purpose of our Adrenals is to Receive


When we awaken to deep level of sacred entitlement we understand that what we create is valuable beyond anything. We know that there is much more that is available to be created through us. As the king and Queen, we are entitled to receive so that we can contribute towards our family as our empire, our relationships as an empire and our careers as an empire.


We cannot give from emptiness. When we are fully nourished, fed and fuelled we can then serve from a deep sense of wholeness.


Our strong sense of entitlement can allow the power, the vitality and the energy that we need to flow into our adrenals and kidneys so that we are able to fulfil our purpose. Healing our adrenals allows us to be responsible and accountable for our energy, allowing us to be more inspired and motivated as a Leader and what we have to share to be fuelled to move through us.


3 part Adrenal & Kidney healing Program:


I have designed a perfect program to support you to show up for this sacred calling; Activate your Wealth Frequency and upgrade your kidney and adrenal system.


This is a process that supports you to free yourself from the bondage of trauma induced by the collective history of humanity, past abuse patterns and ancestral fear programs.


You will be supported to start to awaken to the unconditional love that fuels your body and nourishes your soul through a 3 part healing program. These sessions involve 60 minute, clearing, activation and transmission to clear, align and activate the kidney and adrenal system. To fuel your body with unconditional love, sacred entitlement and the worthiness to receive & activate your wealth frequencies.


1 session can be deeply beneficial but 3 sessions are highly recommended to comprehensively work through the 3 layers of the body.


Session 1: Etheric layer. 


Unplug  you adrenals from the historical stories of enslavement and the fear programs of your ancestors that are still held and operating on a cellular level in the physical body. Our kidneys and adrenals do not only process what we are exposed to in this lifetime, but they process what our ancestors as well as the collective consciousness of humanity carries. In this first session, you will be supported to release these stories in your bodies to allow more vitality and chi to rest in your adrenals.


Session 2 : Mental layer


When our minds & limbic brain inhabit ancestral and collective fear, it triggers the adrenals into a fight-or-flight response. At a certain point of experiencing continual pain or terror, the body and nervous system will go numb from adrenal hormone overload, which turns off emotional responses and closes down the heart & over-runs the mind with toxic thoughts. When we support the body to release fear and terror in the kidney, liver and bladder system, our bodies are able to hold deeper level of unconditional love, trust in the divine, deeper access to zero point & stillness of the mind.


Session 3; Emotional and Physical layer


This layer is connected to the inner child and the traumas stemming from childhood experiences that create feeling of disconnection, difficulty in feeling unconditional love and self-acceptance. The most important part of activating our wealth frequency is to  support the adrenals to hold deeper levels of worthiness, acceptance and sacred entitlement in the kidneys, adrenals within the kidneys, urinary, bladder and reproductive systems; the centre of our creation energy. We will work with the wealth frequency of you ancestors and where historically there was the unworthiness to receive.


Benefits of Healing Program may include:


Release Core Fears

Begin to clear deep ancestral pain from the body

Clear Negative Mental fields

Begin to unplug from collective fear matrix

Balance yin and yan essence in the kidneys

Resettle Root chi energy system

Feel more relaxed, alert & better sleep

Activate the Divine Matrix of the cosmic tree grid

Recharge, refuel and re-nourish your adrenals, kidney and physical body

Experience Soul Retrievals with each session



All sessions are available online and in-person. With each session we will be working with the Avatars & advanced energy healing systems to extract and clear fear and ancestral memories from the adrenals. The last 15minutes of the session are allocated to flooding the adrenals with with higher levels of chi, wealth frequencies of entitlement re alignment with the cosmic mother of creation allow and supporting to feel deeply nourished, charged and regenerated.


Cost per session:

Local R950

Cost for 3 sessions:

R2 450 save R450




Cost for 3 sessions:

$333 Save $66


To book please email me at



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