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Day Keepers Rites: Embodied Sacred Feminine Leadership & Facilitator Training

Have you always felt that you have a calling?

That you were born to lead, heal and support others to awaken.

Do you have a vision of a great New & Beautiful World that merges Heaven & Earth?

Do you feel a sacred call to the Shamanic & Priestess Path?

Are you ready to Awaken as a New Divine Human walking this Earth?

Are you Ready to heal yourself and Others?

If so…

…it’s time to awaken to a new paradigm within yourself so that you can share it with the world

Who were the Day Keepers? In the Ancient times, The Day Keepers were the women & men that tended to the ancient altars of the great power places of the Earth. Through their connection to source, they were able to call on the powers of these ancient altars to bring healing and balance into the world. They are the protectors of Mother Earth and the great stewards of the feminine. Coming from the royal line, it meant that they were responsible for every single aspect of life. They were the midwives that attended births and deaths, the healers & herbalists who knew and understood the way of the feminine earth. Within them was the medicine which supports, allows and holds transition from death to rebirth.

We are Birthing A Beautiful New World