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Day Keepers Rites: Embodied Sacred Feminine Leadership & Facilitator Training

Have you always felt that you have a calling?

That you were born to lead, heal and support others to awaken.

Do you have a vision of a great New & Beautiful World that merges Heaven & Earth?

Do you feel a sacred call to the Shamanic & Priestess Path?

Are you ready to Awaken as a New Divine Human walking this Earth?

Are you Ready to heal yourself and Others?

If so…

…it’s time to awaken to a new paradigm within yourself so that you can share it with the world

Who were the Day Keepers? In the Ancient times, The Day Keepers were the women & men that tended to the ancient altars of the great power places of the Earth. Through their connection to source, they were able to call on the powers of these ancient altars to bring healing and balance into the world. They are the protectors of Mother Earth and the great stewards of the feminine. Coming from the royal line, it meant that they were responsible for every single aspect of life. They were the midwives that attended births and deaths, the healers & herbalists who knew and understood the way of the feminine earth. Within them was the medicine which supports, allows and holds transition from death to rebirth.

We are Birthing A Beautiful New World

Although we have been shaken by the chaos, many of us can feel that we are indeed giving birth to a new world. We are amidst the shifting of times. We have been shaken by the terror, but the depth of our global crises has placed us into a place where we need to engage our courage and awaken to the power of our sacred feminine activism. This sacred activism begins with ourselves. Through holding, healing, awakening and recognising self we awaken the ability to support the environment to transition into this beautiful new world that will develop a direct relationship with the divine feminine and anchor the divine architecture of God.

The rise in feminine leadership is not to undermine the role of the patriarch, but help restore balance in the world so that the divine feminine can lead alongside the divine masculine and bring balance and healing to all the ways that humanity has demonised, suppressed and diminished the role of the feminine in the world. This Sacred Feminine Leadership Apprenticeship will support you to fully integrate the sacred feminine wisdom and mystery teachings into your life. The world needs the voices, perspective, vision and wisdom of the Feminine.

Through this journey we align with the wisdom of the feminine to learn to co-create with the divine and manifest our most desired reality. We align with the feminine to be in service and change the paradigm of leadership so as to bring greater qualities of compassion, empathy, collaboration, respect and sacred empowerment. To support all of humanity to return to the true aspect of our human-ness, to step beyond fear and embrace peace, to awaken to that part of you which has the ability to hold everything, to nurture, to heal, even to give birth.

Through this experiential life changing course, you will experience in-depth soul development, shamanic training & energy healing, which includes understanding the human energy field, combining in-depth body-mind healing with profound spiritual awakening and soul evolution tools. In addition to the many healing techniques taught, you will be guided on a journey of profound personal transformation and awakening. Through the unique combination of inner work and energy healing, you will arrive in a place to be able to offer healing to others with complete integrity, compassion and self-confidence. This healing can be channeled in your healing practice, business, community leadership and women’s circles. All information shared and received on this course can be applied in any area of your life. The course is designed to awaken you to your innate soul's wisdom & high calling and to apply the wisdom wisely and in integrity.

There is a lot of work, healing and integration required which is the reason why the course will take place over a year and a half to fully support the integration & embodiment. The course includes the grounding of all the work, notes, manuals, training, training media and certificates.

The Aquarian age is initiating us to restore the organising principles of God consciousness within

our bodies, hearts and souls as well as to restore the cosmic principles of the universe, creation, the

principles of Ubuntu within humanity so that

humanity can thrive once more.

Gogo sophia

Module 1: The Foundation

Uncovering Your Soul Contract

Tracking your highest Destiny & weaving a New Map

Earth reconnection & rebirth

Returning to the mother: Healing the wound of separation

Understanding the lower world; elementals, Ancestors & nature deities.

Animism: Earth honouring wisdom

Healing the feminine Body: Herbal wisdom & nutrition

Physically anchoring your divine purpose

Overview of female anatomy & chakra system

Pachamama: The sacred infrastructure for your creation

Embracing your Heroine's Journey

Embodying the Divine feminine, whilst healing the wounded masculine.

Module 2: Womb Shamanism

Path of the Spiritual midwife

Part 1

Womb initiation, rebirth & renewal

Healing your creation energy

Power, receptivity & magnetism

Activating the womb as a sacred technology

Womb bearer, Gate keeper & Sacred service

Womb Priestess: Bridging Heaven & Earth

The Magdalene Queen Codes

Blood Moon Rites

Grail Gates: Sexual Rites of Passage

Part 2

Shamanic Process Work

Emotional Chord Cutting

Crystal Healing & crystal grid systems

Understanding Sacred Geometry

Clearing negative energy

Tracking & Diagnosis

Bach Flower Remedies

Energy management

Pendulum Attunement

Introduction to shamanic Journeying & hypnosis

Working with the 3 Realms of the human psyche

Power animals & other soul guides

Soul Psychology

Working with Goddess Archetypes

In-depth analysis of working with Spirit

The shadow of the Healer

The major tests of the spiritual path

Death of the Ego & Embracing Shamanic Rebirth

Embracing a new mythology: Abandoning the myth

Shamanic Rebirth & transformation

Accessing the gifts of the Higher mind

Embodying your Solar Essence; Honouring divine will

Shamanic journeying & power animals

Dis-ease: Understanding the 3 hidden worlds

Stepping into the unseen senses

Working with the Archangels

Module 3: Sacred Feminine Arts

Tibetan Womb Kandros

Dragon Shakti Breath work

Womb Yoga & Body Prayers

Womb Medicine Wheel

Egyptian Womb Grief Release

Womb mapping, healing & Activation

Reclaiming your womb oracular voice

Holding Sacred Space

Ceremonies & Rituals

Sacred Site Initiations

Protection & Ritual Safety

Energy Medicine & clearing techniques

Activating Your Mesa

Module 4: Embodied Sacred Feminine


Sacred feminine Activism

Magnetic leadership, power & presence

Awakening to sovereignty, Benevolence & Integrity

Sacred Business & Manifestation

Abundance & Wealth Codes

Energy exchange & valuing your work

Running A successful healing Practice

Being an Effective agent for transformation

Ethics in working as a healer

Awakening the Queen Codes: Crowning


Munay Ki

Nusta Kurpay

13th Womb Rite of The Munay ki

Energy Healing Attunements

Batch Flower Attunements & many more


Pendulums & Dowsing

Working with Elixirs and Essences

Channelling Healing

Introduction to Soul Retrieval

Crystal Healing & Crystal Grids

Shamanic Tracking


7 day long annual retreat will be held for training and practices of all the techniques as well as Sacred Site activations. In order to be eligible to qualify and receive certain certificates, this retreat must be attended. Cost of retreat is exclusive of the monthly fee and to be paid separately.

Certificates ( Optional)

Munay Ki (International Teacher Level Training)

Energy healing practitioner (NHA)

Shamanic Practitioner

Womb healing facilitator



After completing the 18 months course, you will be able to register with the NHA(National Healers Association. No qualifications or registration will be given if you leave the course before completion of case studies and practical work.

Monthly Cost: Local fees. R1250 per month

International: $150 per month

R1000 per month if you bring a friend and they register for the full course

Fee includes: 18 x monthly full day online zoom classes( Saturdays)

18x PDF manuals, mp3 & videos for learning techniques, integration & training

Monthly attunements, healings & transmissions

Facebook Group support

VIP Monthly in person womb circles for local students

Monthly cost does not include cost for annual retreat, which must be attended if you want to qualify as Womb practitioner & Munayki teacher training. For international students, flights and visa applications are your responsibility.

Annual Retreat: 2022

This Magaliesburg 7-day retreat is a foundational course in the Sacred Feminine Leadership training covering the Divine Feminine approach to holding sacred space, healing body mind soul. Integration Techniques, Shamanic Healing practices, Tibetan womb Kandros, Munayki Transmissions & Egyptian grief release. We will explore much deeper energy work, inner alchemy as a path to emotional clearing, healing past wounds, re-patterning old programmes.

Cost of Retreat: R12 000


Start Date

Course begins Saturday the 17th September 2021

Time: 10am-5pm

Dates for the rest of the year will be given upon registration

This is an online training program that will run for one full Saturday a month, which includes manuals, mp3’s, videos, attunements & healings. There will be a number of optional wilderness in person retreats available to support you to deepen the learning for your Earth reconnection and animist framework teachings. In order to be qualified in the Munayki & Nusta Kurpay healing system, you must attend the in person retreats. Please note that the costs for the retreats are separate from the course costs.

This training program can be used for personal healing or added to your skills as a therapist, healer, clinical health care provider, life coach, birth doula or as a women’s circle facilitator. In order to be qualified as a practitioner in this system, you must attend the 7 day in person retreat in April 2022 for your practicals and all case studies must be completed before receiving any certificates. Certificates will only be rewarded upon completion of the course. If local you will be able to register with the National Healers Association. If international you will be able to register with the Munayki International Association and other energy healing associations as a Practitioner. Advance level training will be available as a follow up course if you would like to be trained in advanced soul retrieval, psychic surgery and regression counselling.

Facilitator: Gogo Sophia

Master Reiki, Lighterian & Ashati Practitioner & teacher

Qualified Shamanic & Soul Retrieval Practitioner

Rent Tent & Woman's Rites of passage Facilitator

Animistic Psychologist

Munay ki Teacher Level Practitioner

Sangoma & Traditional Healer( Herbalist)

Tantric High Priestess In the Isis Lineage

Chodpa Practitioner

Gogo Sophia is a Mother, Magical dream weaver, Spiritual midwife & Shamanic priestess. Her journey began in 2010 as a film maker & activists for indigenous knowledge & earth honouring wisdom, giving talks and exhibiting her work in other parts of the world inspiring others to heed to the call of returning to the Earth mother and restoring balance in the earth through healing, creative & shamanic work. Her calling with is in the reclamation of sacred feminine teachings, shamanic birthing, shakti creative resurrection and womb Priestess. It was in 2011 that she was called by the “Ancestors” to begin her apprenticeship as a traditional healer & Shamanic Priestess in the Mandawe, Manguni, Nzuza and the path of Christ Consciousness. Through her 10 year Shamanic apprenticeship she has also studied and trained in advanced meditation, shamanic white tantra, chodpa, energy medicine, traditional African therapy and Andean Mysticism.

It is through the backdrop growing up in segregated South Africa, that she became aware that the real separation was from within, separation from source, and living in this kind of society has been a powerful teacher and initiation into awakening to Sacred Union within. It was a very powerful and profound sexual rites of passage that when she worked through the woundings of the Cervix, she experienced the end of separation consciousness and the awakening on Unity Ubuntu. As the Wisdom keepers of Africa we are being asked to facilitate and unite the Dragon of the North with the Dragon of the South, to break the black curse of money and separation so that prosperity and abundance can flow to our people, especially the women and children of Africa. By embarking on this journey with Gogo Sophia we are collectively coming together to bring healing to our wombs, our sisters and daughters and ultimately our communities and the Earth at large.

Through her work as a traditional healer, she also incorporates animistic frameworks & indigenous knowledge systems as a way to diagnose & heal, incorporating partnership with the Ancestors, Avatars of light, elements of nature and ancient powers, as a way to restore harmony and balance with oneself and the world. She also works very strongly with the Divine mother Sophia to support humanity in the reclamation and healing of the feminine body through facilitating women’s rites of passage, priestess apprenticeships & holding women’s sweat lodges & sacred pipe circles.

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