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The Mystical Woman & Embodying Inner Gnosis

The are many of you who have worked with me in the past, but in the recent 18th months, my medicine has changed immensely, because I continue to grow and integrate higher aspects of myself with each day.

As a Soul Doula, I have had to break down & abandon many false conditioning & programing around leadership, being a healer, being a facilitator, light shower, way shower ect. I have had to break down many of my false identities and also become very clear about my sacred intentions to be in service.

In the end, ultimately, No psychic, coach or no advisor has the “eyes to see” the gifts and the path that has been laid forward for you. Only you know that path and only you can walk that path with trust and faith and know that you are divinely guided.

YOU have to honor YOUR highest calling and not undermine it, DONT undermine your inner unique voice, which is the gnosis that exist within oneself that is not for others, that cannot be done by others, fully decoded by others, it is not meant to be that way.

Your medicine is your biggest secret and greatest treasure. You cannot be rescued by others; Yes, you can receive guidance, healing and support, but your path is of your own and only you can live it, see it and be it because it is your own unique blueprint.

As a Soul Doula, my job is to be the midwife, you have to give birth. You have the unique technology within yourself to give birth to yourself. As a midwife, I have learned to hold sacred space in a way that does not interfere, But allows the most natural and organic unfolding of your souls path. I work with your “I AM PRESENCE”, your own personal “AVATAR” who is the motherboard of your creation. This “AVATAR KNOWS THE WAY”. Your AVATAR is “THE WAY”.

You have everything you need within yourself to make it work and I as your allocated midwife have to support your AVATAR to honor “YOUR DIVINE WILL”, not my own personal will of what I perhaps think is best for you.

In my work, I support you to break down the conditions around accessing your own inner gnosis. I support you to believe in yourself and to see your own inner beauty, I support you to see that you hold all the treasures and gifts and that there is nothing you need outside of yourself.

There is immense healing that takes place, breaking old conditionings, pain, trauma, believe systems. This is broken down by your own inner light and the light of your soul, which I support you to cultivate.

I help you to understand that sometimes when you walk this path, that which appears to be medicine for others can be poison to you. The teachings that are often lacking in this path are the teachings around “knowing oneself” and not polluting you true identity with the truths of others. This purification journey I take you on allows you to purge that which does not belong to you so that you can true birth your true expression, that brings you the greatest joy.

If you wish to receive a clarity call regarding on how to embark on this journey with me, please email me and my spiritual team and I would love to hold sacred space for you.


Gogo Sophia

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