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Healing the Masculine Soul

Dear Soul Family

It’s important to understand that although we are born in either a male and female body, we hold both our masculine and feminine identity in one body. This solar eclipse is resurrecting our masculine essence, by highlighting the aspect of the patriarch that has assaulted, violated turned away from the feminine. By highlighting this, bringing from darkness into the light what has been hidden and unconscious, so that it can be brought into healing.

For a long time on this planet, we have been running the false code of the masculine frequency accelerating the false ascension that's gone against out true and organic code. The rightful heir to this throne has descended into this timeline to collaborate with his bride and divine counterpart to right the wrongs of the past. He is ready to ride alongside his queen to bring healing to the aspects of the broken masculine that has been split by our ego personality.

Through the rod and staff technology, the holy masculine is ready to return to the planet and to co-create with those that are ready to receive these codes to bring healing to their own inner masculine and come into union with their beloved once more. This battle has played out for eons of time on this planet and we as humanity are being called to embark on the journey of forgiveness, love and healing. We are being called to bring these two aspects of the self into deeper levels of wholeness, co-operation, understanding, balance and harmony.

Many of you are processing or are even accessing memories of being abandoned and betrayed by your father. There may be a deep strain between the relationships with son’s and their fathers as the masculine remembers how it has been misguided and often abandoned by its tyrannical father who showed no emotion and was unavailable. South Africa in particular is purging generations of the patriarch that has been emasculated by historical oppression & systemic injustice, while most daughters are processing past and current rejection of the patriarch feeling left alone, neglected, unseen by their patriarch while feeling the need to fend for themselves & reject the support and love of the masculine. This results in fear of intimacy and immense distrust in the masculine.