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Priestess Sophia
Sacred Feminine Mystic 

Awaken to the path of

Sacred Feminine Leadership

Meet Priestess Sophia

Sophia is a high priestess, mother & award winning film maker. She runs a number of sacred circles in the South African community which include; Sacred Women’s Pipe ceremonies, African sweat lodge, Wilderness Retreats & Women’s Rites of passage. 

She began her journey as an activist for the preservation of indigenous knowledge systems, particularly indigenous natural healing systems. Through making her debut film “Garden of my Ancestors” she stumbled upon one of the last matriarchal communities & came under the wing of “Mama Grace Masuku” who is know as Ma-Afrika; a highly regarded Botanist & nature conservationist In Southern Africa. Through her relationship with Masuku she developed a passion for matriarchal wisdom and its role in restoring balance and harmony in the community.

It was during Sophia’s calling as a traditional healer and “10 year apprenticeship, that expanded her knowledge in shamanism, ancestral lineage healing, animistic psychology and natural medicines. She is a traditional womb healer that supports women to firstly birth themselves, their dreams and to birth others. She has held sacred space for soul's in the womb, pregnant women, women that struggle to conceive, women that have been abused or afraid to step into their power and women that hate their bodies and have shame around their sexuality. Sophia supports you to awaken to your passion, power & purpose. By bringing healing to the birthplace of all of life & creation, which is the womb, is the fastest way to experience deep transformation, awaken to radical self love, divine grace and create the life that brings you the greatest joy. Womb work brings radical shifts in women’s lives.


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My Specializations

High Priestess Sophia will support you to heal the wound of separation from your divinity, the feminine principle and your relationship with all of life. From this healing you are able to reclaim your true authentic power and divine expression so that you can channel that into your leadership, career, relationships and life purpose. This is about changing the paradigm of leadership; self leadership & embodying the tools to support you to navigate the changes that are happening in humanity today so that you can thrive and embrace your highest destiny.

Woman's Rites of passage

Priestess Initiation

Womb Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Ancestral Healing

Shamanic Healing

Heal Intergenerational
Wounds around Money

With High Priestess 


Are you ready To...


WWRelease Ancestral Fears around money

Work with Ancient Egyptian Codes


Dissolve the barrier between

money & spirituality


Release wounds held in the pelvis area and

imprints from the 9 months in the womb


Restore health and purity within the body & womb space


Release parental imprints – The mother influence



Clearing Ancestral patterns; Working with your bloodline


Experience A Shamanic Feminine Rebirth and Resurrection



Connect with your sensuality and creative power



Melt into the softness of the feminine dimension



Deepen your connection with Mother Earth



Connecting with sisterhood


Join Path of the Goddess

A 13 moon Online 




What Clients Say

This is one of the most important healing processes I have ever embarked on, and I am eternally grateful to Priestess Sophia. Going into this process, I had no idea that it would be so transformative, and that it would unearth wounds and sites of healing that desperately needed to be tended to, but I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be met by my ancestors and their medicine. Through this process I have been reborn, and my deepest wish for humanity is that we may all experience this healing.

Tumi Moloto

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