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Inner Gnosis: Activate Your inner Mystic

Inner Gnosis: Awaken Your Origin State

Dear Beloved Goddess"

Are you tired of playing small?

As a Mystical Woman, are you ready to step into the foreground of Leadership?

Ready to break the glass ceiling over your joy and success? To strip away all that is false so that you can truly awaken your highest inner wisdom and walk the path of your greatest potential as a woman on this planet?

Path of the goddess; Inner Gnosis is the journey that you have been waiting for."

Authentic Feminine Wisdom is not held in a book, it is already within you, resting, sleeping and hidden, like a coiled up serpent waiting for you to create the best conditions to sing it awake. This is the journey of Inner Gnosis. Within you is your unique soul's hidden wisdom that directly links you to the God source. Your inner mandala waiting to been unlocked as a sacred technology that animates through your very being as a sacred dance.

How do I navigate this world with confidence, grace and power, while in full trust and surrender of the divine?

Primordial independence is the knowing that we have a direct link to God. Once we know that we are worthy of our divinity, we remember that wealth is sourced from within; Through these uncertain times, this truth awakens us to that deeper sense of safety, ease and trust.

"Our traumas, fears and ancestral karma slows down our feminine body."

The energy of the White Ray supports the body on an anatomical level to be coagulated so that it is returned to a state of purity, innocence while also embodying the wild, fierce and feminine dance. The white ray supports the body to tap into infinite divine intelligence, frequency of abundance, flow & the exhalation of the human flesh to a state of embodied luminously.

When the body is light it can travel the fastest & furthest with the greatest level of grace. You are plugged back into the flow and sensual currents of life that nurture, nourish, feed & support you while also supporting you to deeply rest and return to a state of peace, transcendence, balance, harmony and love.

The Wisdom of the White Ray reminds you that your body is a holy temple that when plugged into source awakens a deeper sense of independence and soul sufficiency that supports you to navigate the world like a true feminine warrior Priestess that is self contained and content because she holding her B-E-I-N-G in her body; Through the excavation, clearing and purification practice she has opened up the space to hold more. She has full authority over her own body now, with everything that she needs at an energetic level. She doesn’t need anything to complete her for she knows she is already complete. She knows that her vulnerability and being in the unknown is the space where she evolves and grows the most.

Her material reality matches her vibration and aligns with her soul frequency with the greatest level of ease and grace because that is how the Goddess manifest & creates. She manifest from her magnetic pulse that naturally draws towards her everything that she needs. Through the principle of wu wei, nothing is forced; relationships, career, opportunities come her way in divine timing, she is at the right place at the right time and receives from the universe that which belongs to her. The path of the Goddess is the life of grace, a primordial grace that has been forgotten by humanity.

The Goddess evolves into a profound being and teacher, a teacher of the feminine wisdom of grace, divine manifestation, the way of love and peace. She becomes custodian of the earth and inspires others through the way in which she leads herself and has mastered her emotions, lower desires & sexual energy. She has chosen to dissolve her anger, forgive the past & embrace the way of love. She is not impatient and is fully aligned with divine timing. She is the visionary of humanity and unites with others to birth a world that supports humanity to thrive. In her presence the vibration of the earth is uplifted, the world remembers peace and most importantly through her they remember God and are guided back to oneness.

Dancing With The White Ray Of Lakshmi

The white ray of Lakshmi( Medicine of the White dragon) descended through the 11:11 gateway to support women to awaken to their true feminine identity, which has been hidden by the false doctrine of the patriarch. It's now time for you to reclaim authority over your own creation energy by stripping away your false feminine identity.

A woman’s true creation power has been masked by lifetimes of false indoctrination and enslavement in order to harness & usurp her creation energy to create false human paradigms. This journey is for those that are willing to experience an ego death, this means dying to who you think you are so that you can ultimately birth who you truly are.

To walk this path is to return to the true heart of the world & speak the true language of the divine mother. To begin to shatter the glass pane of illusion and step into infinity as Love, song, beauty, joy, creation and divine expression . Our feminine bodies are the extension of the mothers divine expression. She holds many gifts and those gifts can only be awakened once we have chosen to come in Union with her through honoring heart gnosis. The true language of the mother can once again be spoken by us through our sacred expression.

Each human has a unique divine blueprint that becomes A-L-I-V-E when nurtured by the right food. When we learn to truly love ourselves and honor what lays asleep within us, we sing it awake. We all hold this deep primordial dragon wisdom held within us, but it will never awaken until we choose to strip away all that is false and foreign.

1 on 1 Curriculum

Module 1: The Feminine Body

Understanding the Feminine Body

Activating the Feminine Crown

Transmuting Feminine Root Fears

The womb as a stargate

Simulating the stargate as Sacred Technology

In Module 1 we deeply work with the root fears of the feminine body. As women, we hold these root fears inherited from our ancestors and the lifetimes of trauma that women have endured on this planet. Our physically body is animated through these fears influencing our choices, creating limitation, self sabotage and creating disease & tension patterns in the body.

By breaking down the pain body, we anchor deeply into the earth . As women we begin to feel safe in our bodies. We abandon the negative body talk, nurture a routine of self care and learn to slowing down. As we connect with our yin essence, we learn to deeply presence into the body and awakening to its subtle sensations so that we can hear the song of the mother, connecting with the 5 dimensional elementals and tuning into the shakti feminine ray. This feminine ray can only be accessed through breaking down life times of fear and war with our bodies. We begin to birth from joy, bliss and ecstasy.

Module 2: Sacred Sensuality

The feminine & Sensual energy

Rhythm, movement & Shakti

The Breath as a gateway to life

The Living Body

Sexual energy as creation energy

Co-creating with the Divine Mother

We are guided to remember our unbridled erotic relationship with nature, the earth, the mother and the divine. Sexual trauma is intergenerational and its shame has been locked the body, senses, breathing and limited our soul expression. Through this module we learn how to embrace the erotic currents that are the ever pervasive energies of the universe that have birthed life itself. We abandon our false sexual identity, and through that we become fully A-L-I-V-E, fully receptive to the divine, using our sexual energy to merge with the divine.

Module 3: Healing our Inner waters

Accessing the Primordial wisdom of Water

Returning to the Womb of the Mother

Embracing Sacred Grief

Connecting to the Whale & Dolphin codes

Raising the Vibration of our inner Waters

Releasing Toxic emotions

Restoring vibracy, vitality and aliveness in your inner waters

Water is essential to a woman's well being and our connection to water is ancient and sacred. The intelligence of water connects us to our soul gifts, receptivity to love, abundance, flow & our emotional being.

All of humanity is birthed through water and once we leave the inner waters of our mother, we must continue to nurture our relationship with our inner and outer waters through our emotional intelligence. Our inner waters are sensitive to our emotions and healing our inner waters purify our toxic emotions can aid our bodies in creating flow, restoring nourishment & wellbeing and sustaining vibrant health

Module 4: Sacred Entitlement & Beauty

The kingdom of The Goddess

Entitlement and Beauty

Abundance & wealth codes

The Divine Mother

Embodying The Goddess

Blossoming of your true self.

The Resurrection of The Christos Sophia

When bliss, excestacy and joy rupture through your soul, it spills through your body like sweet nectar, awakening primordial self worth & co creation with God. When we healing our womb space and fill it with this sweet nectar, it makes us magnetic to everything that we need, desire and deserve. In this module we break down poverty consciousness as a program so that we can awaken to our true sacred entitlement to financial abundance, prosperity and flow.

Included in the Training

Experience 13 moons of Shakti Activations, breath work, movement, Goddess transmissions, karmic clearings & channeled healing.

This unprecedented 13 moon journey works very deeply with the karmic body and false conditionings of that lower mind that have imprisoned the feminine soul. Your body will go through total transformation to align with the sacred geometry of your divine feminine blueprint. Vibrationally our wombs, organs and DNA have been immensely sensitive to the false inter generational conditioning through fear, false gnosis & indoctrination. Because of this, women have failed to awaken to their true soul calling & walk the path of their highest feminine dharma.

In this journey, the body can learn to deeply relax, to trust and birth from joy and in a magically sensual and graceful way. Somatically working with the body through meditation, breath, rhythm, movement and & presencing, one is fully connected to the sensual and erotic currents of life that are not contaminated or corrupted by the lower ego, a sensuality that weaves us back to our divine innocence and sensual purity.

Through channeled healing, transmissions, activations, process work & conscious action the technology of the white ray will support you to break down enslavement technology both in the mind and body to free the feminine soul from captivity so as to fulfill its highest feminine dharma, to animate its inner gnosis to serve as one with the divine mother and once again birth through joy, ecstasy, love and divine expression.

Benefits of the 13 moon transformational journey

Awaken your inner gnosis

Heal the feminine Soul

Resurrect the Christed Sophianic Body

Heal & activate the Cosmic womb

Liberate the feminine Soul From Mental enslavement

Deeply connect with the body

Step into new 5D timeline & beyond

Track your highest destiny and dream it into being

Co-create with the divine

Access the hidden codes of your divine blueprint

Understanding your feminine creative energy

Birth from joy, ecstasy & love

Abandone false ancestral & collective identities

Remember the language of the divine mother

Awaken the cosmic heart

Heal your relationship with the earth

Co-create with the Divine Masculine

Heal your sexual energy & align it with divine will

Embrace Gaia as home, while re-anchoring Galactic Roots

Receive support from Angelic kingdom, Ancestors & 5D elementals

Access abundance codes & heal your relationship with money

Bonus: Healing Intergenerational Trauma around Wealth

For women, poverty consciousness is an intergenerational womb, where the patriarch was the only member of the family that took responsibility for creating wealth and providing. The Patriarch continued for generations to build empires, lead households and make decisions around wealth and money. As women we were able to create the safe container through which men could flourish & create wealth, but not for ourselves. Today women and children are the greatest victims of poverty & inequality, this has become the legacy of our foremothers, giving sole responsibility to the patriarch has created intergenerational trauma and fear around money for women today.

Receiving more than 30 hours of transmission, activations and channeled wisdom on healing intergenerational trauma on wealth and be supported, held and guided to resuscitate your womb as a wealth vortex and to clear the distortions that have separated you from source and have created the glass ceiling in your ability to attract wealth and abundance.

Through this training you receive:

(13) 2 hour channelled live group mentorship calls including live Q & A

Access to Weekly meditations, transmission & activations.

13 x manual, rituals and self practice

Access to weekly curriculum channeled by the divine mother

Inclusive Sacred feminine Retreat: The White Ray: Igniting the Feminine Soul

Work exclusively with Gogo Sophia!

This includes 26 1 on 1 90 min live activations from Gogo Sophia.

When you work with Gogo Sophia as a midwife she supports you to give birth to yourself in a way that does not interfere, But allows the most natural and organic unfolding of your soul's path. She works with your “I AM PRESENCE”, your own personal “AVATAR” who is the motherboard of your creation. This “AVATAR KNOWS THE WAY”. Your AVATAR is “THE WAY”.

She support you to break down the conditions around accessing your own inner gnosis; to believe in yourself and to see your own inner beauty, to see that you hold all the treasures and gifts and that there is nothing you need outside of yourself. There is immense healing that takes place, breaking of old conditionings, pain, trauma, belief systems. This is broken down by your own inner light and the light of your soul, which she supports you to cultivate.

Included in Package 3

(13) 90 min 1 on1 mentorship calls

Access to Weekly meditations, transmission & activations.

Access to weekly curriculum channeled by the divine mother

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What Others Have to Say:

Working with Gogo Sophia

This journey has been an acceleration of my Spiritual growth and development, one of daily commitment that should not be taken lightly, yet it is life changing and deeply nourishing on levels that you cannot begin to imagine. You will never be the same!

Ashleigh Jayne Tennier_Johannesburg

Her ability to take political conditions like patriarchy, which we have become accustomed to only discussing and addressing intellectually, and break them down to the level of the individual and body, gave me back my power, instilled in me a sense of settlement in my body and gave me new approaches to understanding myself.

Millisithando Bongela

"I learned so much about the purpose of my womb how much power and energy it carries, thank you so much for this incredible experience my life is changing daily. my business is growing, I manifested a house all because of the awareness that I now have of my feminine power."

Chule Gobodo_ The Love Activist

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