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Nurture Your Mind!

The mind is a part of your inner child that is seeking the same liberation as you. You have the key to it's liberation as its divine mother being.

The message I received from Thot this morning is to nurture one’s mind. We often spend our time making unlimited request daily of our mind, to become clearer, efficient, focused. To enhance the potential of our creativity and ability to express knowledge. To support us in our work and thinking tasks. But how often do we think to nurture our own personal mind through love, meditation, stillness and discernment of what we absorb everyday? How often do we pollute the mind with our negative thoughts and false belief systems?

What food do we continuously feed the mind? Junk food or love food? Do we protect our mind and unplug daily from that which no longer serves the journey of this grand mind, this great being that has come to be of service to our soul expansion. Nurture your mind so that your ego can graduate to the level of being in service to the soul….and most importantly nurture the mind because is it Divine, nurture the mind because you are God and as God your are love and everything seeks love from the Source which is you. The mind is part of your inner child that is seeking the same liberation as you and you have the key to its liberation as its Divine Mother Being.

With Love

Gogo Sophia

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