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Descending into the underwold

As we are nearing the autumn equinox energies, it has been intense time of sacred death, purging, releasing and clearing as I descended very deeply into the underworld to be cradled by the Primordial Dark Mother of creation. Often the transition between death and rebirth can be immensely painful and uncomfortable as you are stripped bare with no where to hide.

Often what comes to the surface is the victim, blame, shame, rage, un-grieved grief, disappointment, sorrow and sadness. I am reminded that even in my descent into the underworld, The Divine remains present with me always, there is no separation and our divinity accompanies us in all moments for as long as we are open to embrace. And when the divine meets us in our pain, there is an alchemical transformation and profound healing. We are able to collect the precious gifts of this moment as we continue to reclaim the beautiful and hidden potential of our shadow. It is our own shadow that requires “deep presencing”, mothering, love and our embrace. Every time I look at the image of the Black Madonna embracing her son, I am reminded to mother & love my own shadow in the same light. Ave Maria

With love,

Gogo Sophia

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