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Art of Impeccable Beauty

The Art of living a life of Impeccable beauty is to commit to awaken to your true, authentic essence and to allow that to be your expression and how you live in this world. This is birthed through a journey of sacred commitment to the self through healing, awakening to self worth, deep surrender, love & full trust in the divine. A lot of us have been robbed of our true essence through the pressures & being moulded by society, culture and religion. These cultures have placed a mask over our authentic expression. This creates self doubt, causes limitation & further enrols fear. We must on a daily basis learn to strip away that which is false and does not resonate with our true identity by slowing down, being still and coming into full surrender of the sacred song that whispers in our hearts until we deeply fall in love with ourselves.

Once we learn to deeply fall in love with the truth of who we really are, we are not discouraged by the external chaotic reality, begging it to change… but rather we become inspired by the love that has awakened within us; this is what we share with the world regardless of what life is churning back at us. We are not discouraged by the hardships of life because we are able to pour our light into what is lifeless, without effort, because to express that which we truly are, requires no effort. It takes much more effort to become that which you are not. It’s a waste of time and of life itself. When we fall in love with our inner beauty, we fall in love with life again and see our reality as our beloved. We realise that to share love is our sacred commitment to life, to pour love into this world and tend to it like it’s a sacred garden. THIS IS JUSTICE. We are the ones that we have been waiting for…we are here to breath life into this world, because this world is our beloved. We cannot sit and wait for others to do it for us, we have to play our part. We are both the children and sacred custodians of humanity.

This love and true essence that radiates from within will inspire us to fill the world with it. May what is being mirrored back to you at this time always be the compost that supports you to go deeper, slow dow, be still and know thyself. To really go deeply within & know thyself so that the truth of who you really are is what you bring into humanity, you true essence. May what you see everyday be inspired by WHO you are; may what you KNOW and HOLD resurrect & breath life into humanity. The true beauty is within….and when we marry what is authentically within with what is without…we begin to walk the path of Impeccable beauty.

This is the beauty of the way.

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With Love,

Gogo Sophia

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