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Unraveling our Passion, Desires & Unconscious Belief systems

Dear Soul Family,

As a mystical woman, I had uncovered an unconscious vow that I was not worthy of embracing INTIMACY, RELATIONSHIPS & my FEMININE SENSUALITY.

As a mystical woman, a woman of faith, I was convinced that I had to demonstrate my devotion to my practice and service through austerity, piety, obedience, charity  & purity. This created a massive wound around worthiness because when I desired intimacy, success or the desire to express of my feminine sensuality, I would “unconsciously" suppress these desires. My personal quantum would translate this as , I am “UNWORTHY OF MY DESIRES”. 

Because I was lying to myself about what it is that I truly yearned for and desired, I manifested a life that mirrored back the lies . Because I’m a powerful psychic woman, My quantum filed was obeying my command of denying me the needs of my heart, passions, womb and soul. Everything I dint have was because I asked  at a deeply unconscious level not to have it. I dint feel worthy of it, I dint feel it was possible, no matter how many affirmation I did.

I dint feel worthy of having it all, being a mother, having success, money and having my Beloved by my side, whilst being a High Priestess & serving my community.

Are you doing the same thing Beloved?

Are you a Mystical Woman that’s needing a mental, spiritual, emotional and quantum makeover?

Are you currently looking at you creation and wondering, how the f&%ck did I manifest this? 

How could have possibly desired this for myself?

Well, this is the conversation for you.

Whenever I work with Mary Magdalene, she helps to unlock my potential to ask for what I need. She supports me to heal s*xual shame. To admit that what I truly want is to be in a loving partnership, have a family, have my needs met & to claim authority over my sacred sensuality.

She invites me to fully inhabit my body, heart and womb space.

To inhabit my s8xul@ity!

S*x is creation energy and if we don’t release the shame, we will suppress our soul desires and convey the wrong message to our quantum field. 

It has taken many years of deconstructing old beliefs, religious programming, social and ancestral pre-dispositions to understand how we manifest and how we create limitations. 

We are in a constant fight with what we want, verses what society deems possible, healthy, right, wrong & dirty, shameful.

We don’t have to display our desires to the world and post like I am publicly posting now!

But, what we do is  that we can develop a very intimate relationship with ourselves, understand our needs, feelings and desires & cultivate a new relationship with our inner beloved.

We become Honest with Ourselves.

We embrace our imperfections knowing that it is not a hallmark for success or failure.

We have to allow our desires to be seen, felt, validated by the self, this is the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves . This gift will lead us to come into a better relationship with the universe as our beloved that delivers to us everything that we need, desire and deserve.

Are you interested in shifting your love romantic relationship with the universe?

To Understand the wisdom of Eros.

Maybe Cupids arrow has chosen you this time.

To awaken this Divine Romance with the Universe that delivers those flowers to your door, or even to surprises you with miracles, loving friends, supportive community, magic, unexpected surprises when you need it or least expect it?

Join me Monday the 22nd of July on the Magdalene Feast day to begin a process of awakening your Beloved internally so that your external reality can become the greatest love affair & adventure that you could never have imagined?

Date : 22 July 2024

Time: 7-9pm GMT/SAST

Place: Zoom Online

Exchange: R440/ $33

To book email me at

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