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Transforming fear, terror and pain into power, magic and joy!

Throughout my life as a shamanic Priestess, I have always worked with animal helpers that initiate me. One such helper is the Night mare, otherwise known as THE BLACK UNICORN.

Many fear her wrath, but she is an immensely potent teacher, guide and healer and I have learned so much from her.

As a shamanic priestess, I hold a sacred container for my clients to safely navigate their greatest pain, fear and sorrow and transmute it into their greatest joy & empowerment. To safely look at the parts of you that you are ashamed of, where you have been the victim, or even persecuted and inflicted harm on others.

Through this intense time we need someone we can be completely vulnerable with, where we don’t feel judged and every part of us is acknowledged, seen, excepted and eventually loved back to alignment.

When we are in the BLACK LIGHT of NEGREDO, nothing is HIDDEN…NOTHING and yet we are never judged and supported with the wisdom to hold all of it. To restore the love we have for ourselves despite our past choices and mistakes.

The black light supports us to creatively work with the “discomforts and initiations” that life is throwing our way at this time.

For most humans, there are initiations that arise in life, and we cannot jump over them, hide from them, we must face them.

This is A Sacred Rites of Passage!

When in the past we did not honour grief, loss, heartache, a break up, an attack and even a rites of passage including blood rites, birthing rites, death rites. Those parts of us become fragmented and in time stalk us so that what was not honored, can be brought into right relationship, mended so as to allow us to move forward.


Every tragic event holds a gift for us that catapults us to the next cycle.

We have to claim both light and dark from the experience. So you have to claim the GIFT AND BLESSING of this trauma. It must BLESS YOU as much as it has TAKEN FROM YOU!!!

That is the BALANCE.

A Serpent must Shed its Skin, or else it dies.

At age 56 an Eagle must break its own beak to grow a new one, or else it will die from starvation.

You must honor those Rites of Passage to LIVE YOUR GREATEST LIFE POSSIBLE!!!

If this rites of passage is not honored and put to closure in the manner it needs to; this may lead to a downward spiral of confusion, depression and hopelessness, being stuck, blockages and even tragedies.

Honouring this has the potential to bring us “GIFTS”. The Shadow holds hidden treasures, and when we courageously show up for the initiation…..MAGIC, POWER , JOY and greater UNION with the DIVINE becomes available because we learn how work with the turbulence CREATIVELY.

Most healers work with the White Unicorn.\

I have been lucky to be blessed with the medicine of the BLACK UNICORN otherwise known as the NIght MARE.

She taught me that a nightmare can be terrifying and horrific or it can teach us that by embracing & and loving your shadow as much as the light, immense gifts and potential arise from there.


We learn to hold both aspect of the self with grace, love and integrity.

Neither Aspects are more important than others.

Night mare, because she the MARE wanders the night to pull us out of our darkest moments, to bring us out of our slumber, call us into our power & to demand justice and come into our sacred authority and self worth.

As a shamanic Priestess & Jaguar woman, I work with both the light and the dark aspects of the self and support you to integrate them into union.

I can do this because of my own personal initiations and where I have had to stalk my own shadows, time and again, go into the underworld and face my greatest fears and challenges, in the beginning there was immense fear, but eventually I become more courageous, I GAINED wisdom, great treasure and immense gifts, I befriended my shadow. I loved my those parts of me that were wounded and in shame.

I have no enemies, only friends.

Yes some of those friends are difficult to love, but eventually I will master how TO LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS.

I’m currently holding sacred space at this time for those that are wanting to safely navigate these spaces within their own life on a 1 on 1 basis, working with my divine helpers and sharing the wisdom and medicine of the dark light.

Please book a 15 minute clarity call if your would like to se how we can work together.

I currently have an introductory journey for 3 session at R3333 or $333.

This includes:

3x90 minute zoom online sessions Weekly meditations, transmission and activations Integration notes and support

Accessing Grief Wisdom Heal, repair, re-invent Honouring Sacred Rites of Passage Shift unhealthy patterns Releasing Fear from the body Releasing emotional stagnation and frozenness Access the blessing & wisdom of the dark light Receive support from Totem Animal Spirits Clear outdated agreements and contracts Clear Lineage Curses blocking your path Ground into the support of the Earth Mother Black Madonna Transmission & Activation

These session will support you if your are:

Moving through massive challenges or life transitions Experienced death of a family member, friend or pet Stuck in a negative pattern Healing the wounds of love Difficulty accessing your emotions Going through separation & divorce Healing from pregnancy loss (ie. miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility); Highly empathetic Job loss, unfulfilled dreams The end of a relationship Loss of connection with with body and the world


My anxiety was a driving factor that lead me to you Gogo its always been so much bigger than me and controlled so much of me and today as I write this with tears rolling down my face I am free - I can confidently say it's gone

I knew as the tears rolled down my face that we had done it - and I've never felt more alive more loved - more full of love for everyone who graces this earth.

I can't even say I think the same way my understanding my purpose and my soul are where I move from now.

I can finally embrace my life and myself with love - embracing it with a understanding i never imagined I would ever have, a calmness I longed for - a sense of being completely present and in alignment with myself and feeling acceptance of all that is.

Three months have passed and I continue to catch myself noticing all the beauty In being alive, the wind that flows passed me is no longer something I want shelter from I feel the magnificence in our beautiful earth and the love we have inside ourselves the love we have to share with every living thing on earth is simply breath taking and truly do undervalued

I walk with a certain peace inside myself a certain knowing - not only can I embrace things and situations I Couldn't before I am able to do it with a genuine love no matter what is out in my path

It's a Divine intervention and integration of love and embracing it in all areas - it's An awakening of your soul - an embodiment of love in its truest form

Gogo- my life's journey greatest chapter has been with you - thank you for your love guidance and support.

Lauren Debonis_


Please email me at for details and to book a clarity call

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