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Support your body

Support your body; learn to understand how it communicates to you. Just like any relationship, when we as soul beings came into this world, we also had to learn how to nurture our relationship with this body, to honour it as a gift from Mother Earth. It does not belong to us permanently, but has been enrolled to be of service to our cause here on this earth walk.

There is a beautiful dance between our body and our soul. Ultimately this Earthly body, which again is not a possession, is not something that you own, but a gift from the Earth, that requires great nourishment, care and support. We don’t resort to abusing and neglecting it, because it’s an insult to the giver of this most sacred gift that we believe is our belonging. When something is being borrowed to you if for a moment, it’s best to return it in an even better condition than what you found it.

It is a chance for you to grace the body a gift to expand to soul consciousness. For your body to evolve and live through you to reach higher states of being-ness. For your body to become soul aligned, multidimensional and interstellar. What you can offer to this body is cosmic when you become a good lover to it. The gift that this body gives to you is the opportunity to be ecstatic, passionate and to share beauty & love with others.

Listen to your body, give it that attention, that nurturing caring protection. Put your body first and let no one cross any boundaries. When you share your body with others, ask it permission first. Have a dialogue with it, be intimate with your body before extending that intimacy to another. And when intimate with another, be intimate with another through the way that you are with your own body. Allow your expression of love to be the respect, honor, love and caring protection that you have given your body.

It is through knowing our bodies and understanding the language of our bodies that we develop the language of love for others. You can only channel what you have awakened within yourself. The inner gospel is the gospel that you share with others. This is where the other becomes you and you become them. Your are sharing yourself truly with another and realising that you and the other are one.

If you feel called to undergo a sacred pilgrimage into your body, its senses and the wisdom it is here to share with you, please follow the link below and make inquiries. If you have grown to hate your body, feel called to heal from the wounds of love and past heartaches, this is the journey for you. If you misunderstand the role of that passion, sensuality & sexuality plays in your life, struggling to reconcile with this aspect of yourself, this journey is for you.

Please follow this link or email me at

With love Gogo Sophia

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