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Stepping Outside of My comfort-zone


Dear Soul Family

I have been holding sacred space for some incredible Goddess’ to support them to deeply descend into their bodies and activate their Moon, Money and Manifestation Powers capitalising on this really powerful Jupiter Abundance and manifestation portal & confronting fear around embodiment, visibility and feeling worthy of your desires.

 We have experienced amazing results, confirmation, support and validation. When my clients received the downloads, activations and up-levels, I also received and given the opportunity to confront some of my manifestation stories and the fears of showing up even more into the foreground of leadership.

 With the energies of Uranus, I was guided by the divine to step outside of my comfort zone, where I have been hiding some of my gifts and talents that will make a difference in the world and for my clients.

 For the longest time, I have been a closeted herbalist & medicine woman mixing polstrices, tinctures and herbal teas in the background, hiding and afraid to share my talent with the world. I traveled to the Masada desert in Israel with my mother in 2010 and she was suffering from severe for of psoriasis, we immersed her body into the dead sea that has the highest concentration of minerals in the world, which eradicated her psoriasis by 50% within a few days after she had soaked in the water.


On the other hand my hairline was receding very badly and when I took the mud from the dead sea and pasted it on my hairline, it miraculously grew in two days. Everywhere I go, every woman admires my hairline today.

It was in my time in Israel that introduced me to the miraculous healing of nature, and it was during my 10 year apprenticeship as a traditional healer in Southern Africa in the traditions of Swaziland and Mozambique that supported me to experience even more miraculous and natural ways in which nature can heal.

I have for years being creating formulas for acne, burns, scars, stretch makes, making remedies and healing teas for the womb space, detox remedies and so so much more. I am sooo inspired by nature, and the 5d Earth Deities that work along side with me to bring healing and deep intimacy with the body.

Due to this powerful alignment, I am now ready to speak more about this aspect of my creation, gifts and expression and wish to share my Breast Radiance Creation for the healing and nurturing of the breasts. Breast cysts, lumps and cancers are quite common amongst women because we struggle to be intimate with our bodies and we have forgotten the healthy ways to support our hearts to release grief, heart ache and sorrow which burdens the breasts.

 I invite you to experience Somatic healing of your Bossom’s with the Goddess Hathor; The Goddess of love, fertility and sensuality, who is immensely supporting us this month to inhabit our bodies and our heart spaces; to deeply connect with our soul purpose and give birth from the deepest parts of our soul.

 How does Somatic Healing Heal the Breasts ?


 Activates lymphatic System to release toxins

 Reduce Cortisol levels

 Support in the releasing of grief, sorrow and heartache

 Balances Hormones and supports release of Endorphins

 Encourages Lactation when Breast Feeding

 Awakens the Inner Radiance of the Heart

 Increase Vitality

 Activates production of DHEA

 Connect more deeply with your Heart Chakra

 Balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system

 Reduces chances of breast cancer, cysts and breast lumps

 Enhances appearance of your Bossom's

 Massive stress Relief

Experience a 90 min deep somatic session with Hathor engaging in shamanic journeying, meditation, breath work, movement and channeled healing. You will also receive a robust manual & training on how to work somatically with your Sacred Bosoms for daily practice to support the cultivation of healthy, vibrant and radiant breasts.

I currently have the new CBD Breast Radiance Triage worth R1250 on special for R750.

When you book your 1 on 1 session and do the 90 min immersion with me, You will also receive the goody bag delivered to you of my new CBD Breast Radiance Triage worth R1250.

This option is only available locally.

Contact me for more details.

With Love and Gratitude,

Gogo Sophia

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