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Solstice Ceremony: Healing The Father Wound

Dear Soul Family

As we approach father’s day we start to reflect on the roles, contributions & spaces that our fathers have filled in our hearts and in our lives.


What emotions and memories come up for you around this time? Who was your champion, cheerleader and role model when you were growing up?


After throwing some of these questions at some members of my community, while it's evident that fathers day is the day to honour and celebrate our fathers, it is also a day where many others process & access memories of being abandoned and betrayed by their fathers.


Father's day is a massive trigger for humanity. Collectively there’s a deep strain between children and their fathers. It’s not uncommon for many to feel like they were left alone, abandoned, neglected, overlooked & unseen by their Patriarch while many women feel the need to fend for themselves & reject the support and love of the masculine.


Soon after the local elections, I was visiting my grandmother's village as we put her to rest. I noticed the general dialogue amongst community members who have lost hope in the current leadership.

What was even more intriguing was the fear of birthing a boy child; many potential mothers were discouraged by the choices and behaviours of their boy children who had grown up in the context of a fatherless society & had turned to alcohol and toxic behaviour as an outlet for their suppressed anger and pain.


I had to interject this conversation by reminding my sisters that as women, were are just as much custodians of the boy child as our male counterpart. Just like mother Mary supported Yeshua to carry his own cross at the time he was persecuted by his enemies; so too can we hold that space for our own sons and masculine Identity to stand up against the tyranny that has attacked and fragmented his masculine soul.


The Divine mother has always throughout history had the potential to hold sacred space for her masculine identity because she saw herself within her beloved and through her unconditional love was able to persistently support & encourage her son to pick up the fragmented pieces of his soul.


This meant that her body was also being healed and mended.


Next week in the Temple of Isis, I will be facilitating a Solstice ceremony to support you beloveds to hold sacred space for your masculine identity.


Collectively we have a long way to go. But where do we begin?


We all carry a masculine identity that lives within us and holds the pain of our father-line. According to Egyptian Cosmology, The Masculine principle is the physical embodiment of the Sun, Asar Rah Atum.


He descends into the physical form Maat through a series of battles with Set, the unconscious dark male shadowy principle. During the winter Solstice in this temple of Philae, we will observe the initiatory rights of our solar masculine principle.


This is the most challenging time for him as the power of the Solar God wanes & the constellation of Orion recedes for 3 months, initiating our masculine essence.


In accordance with our biological clock, the winter season is the most challenging time for our masculine identity & ego of collective consciousness.

It is a time for healing, introspection, meditation and initiation that prepares us for the Summer Solstice, the return of the Sun when our Solar Identity is victorious, renewed and alive.


What to Expect:


 Experience Initiatory Rites for your Masculine Identity

 Gestation through the Womb of Isis

 Release past grief, heartache & fear of betrayal

 Awaken deeper level of trust in the masculine

 Stalk the Shadow King Within

 Harnessing the Powers of Seth


Date: Thur the 20th of June 2024

Time: 7:00-8:30pm GMT/SAST

Place: Zoom online

Energy Exchange

R440 local

$44 international



If you want to become part of this historical & unprecedented event, please kindly email me at to sign up.

Limited places available.

Artwork by Marzuwq Muhammad


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With Love and Gratitude,


Gogo Sophia 

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