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Showing Up for Mandela Day

Dear Beloveds,

This month we will celebrate Mandela day. Tata Madiba was the father of the nation, the fighter of freedom and the demonstrator of peace.

When he walked through those prison doors where he was locked up for 25 years, this initiation is what prepared him to return home to his family, children and nation to lead, inspire and guide us.

Most of us are waiting for our fathers to return, to return from the slumber & the prison that has stolen their soul. This may include the ways in which our fathers have felt emasculated by the systemic injustice, by the guns they were given, the false indoctrination against the humanity, the feminine and the blood thirst of revenge.

We are waiting for our fathers to return to our children, our marriages & sacred partnerships, our hearts and more importantly to return to themselves.

The submersion of being frozen in time through fear, pain, misguidance and rage in that prison cell, we await for our fathers to return.

My passion for 2024 is to gather us to collectively show up & bring healing to this Cosmic Father Wound. Our consistent & invested effort, attention, prayers , rituals and collective presencing into this wound that we hold within ourselves and the collective is what will systematically begin to heal the paradigm of leadership in humanity. We are invoking the Ascended master state of Leaders to come home and do what is right, what is just and what serves humanity.

Let Madiba Day be the reminder than once upon a time, in Southern Africa, a nation of all colours, races, religions and creed collectively prayed for the return of a benevolent, wise, kind and fair leader & visionary, and that these decades of prayer and healing delivered us the one most Tremendous Leader & Man that has ever lived in the modern age.

This man may been flawed in some ways but was able to inspire a nation and humanity. His values and principles are imprinted in our hearts and have become the new set point in the way we seek justice, fairness and hold our leaders accountable.

Don’t give up hope, don’t lose the focus, you are the one that we have all been waiting for. I’m inviting you to continue the work with me and immerse yourself in an honourory 90 minute prayer, transmission and activation to call for the return of the inner father to heal and reconcile the past.

To support this internal patriarch to end his exile behind those prison doors and return & be reunited in union with you.

Externally we are not always able to manifest this reunion with those who have disappointed us, betrayed us, walked away or even abandoned us, but we can indeed awaken that within ourselves, knowing that we can become a purer channel for the frequency and emanation of those divine principles and Crystal Consciousness to follow through us, for the Cosmic father’s divine principles to do the doing.

Tata Madiba was not here just to Father The Nation, but to remind both MEN and WOMEN that each and everyone of us has this infinite potential to hold the energetic placement for God, The CRISTOS light to flow through us to do the doing.

That was the message and the purpose of HIS WALK on this Earth; What I can do, YOU CAN DO BETTER and you will continue to WALK ON WATER and as HUMANITY DELIVER the greatest MIRACLES when you continue to BELIEVE.

I have often personally felt like MADIBA behind the PRISON DOORS, waiting, not knowing what will happen next and how long I will be there. I have also been Tata Madiba outside the prison doors on the walk of freedom, united with my family and leading the NATION.

In both instances I HAD FAITH and GOD was always PRESENT. In both instances I ALWAYS had this INFINITE POTENTIAL that was not dependent on anything.

Are you ready for this powerful ACTIVATION of the UNDISPUTED FAITH and KNOWINGNESS that no matter what YOU HAVE THIS KNOWING of WHO YOU ARE. The activation that will be transmitted with Tata Madiba who will be holding sacred space as an Ancestor will activate an INCREDIBLE, UNDISPUTED & IMPREGNABLE FAITH & FORCE to awaken within us.

Please join me:

When: Thur's 18th July National Mandela Day 2024

Time: 7-9pm zoom

Place: Zoom Online

Exchange: R440/ $33

Email me at to register.

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