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New Year Intention Settings, Despacho's & Vibrational Resets

Dear soul family

January is always an exciting time to set new intentions, align with your goals and receive an energetic reset to power start your journey. Compared to the end of the year, January always feels like a time where time stands still. To many, this may seem frustrating & confusing as though one is in limbo, but I always see it as an opportunity to become more clear about your “sacred intentions’ and planting new seeds for the year. Being in the unknown allows us to open up to new potentials and possibilities, while the ground is still dark, full of potential and fertile. We can allow ourselves to reflect on the emotions, fears and challenges that are coming to the surface so that we can love them free & plant new seeds.

The hesitation, inertia & fear could just be an arrow to the east, the place of the rising sun, where we are guided to re-align our hearts & what we truly desire rather than fixate on what is only visible to us. If our reality is mirroring the opposite of what we desire, we still have the month of January to make new choices and take new actions to turn it all around. The opposite polarity often inspires us to shout out what we actually truly desire and this is a beautiful set point because it allows us to consciously walk away from the 3D horizontal trance because it's so clear and visible to us. If you don’t like the current film that's playing, change it by stepping outside of time & inviting the universe, planets and elements that are available to transform it.

The Eagle of the East