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New Year Intention Settings, Despacho's & Vibrational Resets

Dear soul family

January is always an exciting time to set new intentions, align with your goals and receive an energetic reset to power start your journey. Compared to the end of the year, January always feels like a time where time stands still. To many, this may seem frustrating & confusing as though one is in limbo, but I always see it as an opportunity to become more clear about your “sacred intentions’ and planting new seeds for the year. Being in the unknown allows us to open up to new potentials and possibilities, while the ground is still dark, full of potential and fertile. We can allow ourselves to reflect on the emotions, fears and challenges that are coming to the surface so that we can love them free & plant new seeds.

The hesitation, inertia & fear could just be an arrow to the east, the place of the rising sun, where we are guided to re-align our hearts & what we truly desire rather than fixate on what is only visible to us. If our reality is mirroring the opposite of what we desire, we still have the month of January to make new choices and take new actions to turn it all around. The opposite polarity often inspires us to shout out what we actually truly desire and this is a beautiful set point because it allows us to consciously walk away from the 3D horizontal trance because it's so clear and visible to us. If you don’t like the current film that's playing, change it by stepping outside of time & inviting the universe, planets and elements that are available to transform it.

The Eagle of the East

In the direction of the East we are called to reconnect with our soul mission and truly ask for the support, clarity and guidance around what is going to support us to live our most authentic and divine nature, to walk 2023 in the most joyful, progressive and empowering way. Let us dare to dream this January, whilst also creating the strong foundation for our dreams to take fort.

I have created some beautiful packages to support you to go into sacred intention, prayer & reset your mind, body and soul vibrationally to align with your divine map for 2023.

Please have a look below.

Sacred Despacho & Intention Setting

Ayni is the Law of Nature, insisting that we enter into sacred exchange, equal giving and receiving, and deep honoring of Pachamama as our true Mother, the sustainer of our lives.

Ayni despacho is created for reciprocity, we are always thinking that everything that is in the earth is for the taking, and culturally we have abandoned the culture of giving back to the earth; reciprocity. When there are blockages in our lives, an ayni despacho supports us to bring balance, harmony & come into right relationship with mother earth and the elements in order to restore the flow of abundance, love and sacred exchange in our lives.

What to Expect:

Balance the four elements within you

Deep Shamanic Ritual & Fire Despacho

Wealth Grid Abundance & Activation

Intention setting

Flower Essence & Integration Oils

Candle Magic

Follow up integration instruction

Benefits can include:

Opening to Divine Grace & Miracles

Balancing any unresolved karma with mother earth

Being energetically supported by mother earth for the next 12 months

Unplugging from mass consciousness fears

Set sacred intentions

Becoming magnetic to your needs & desires

Energy Exchange: Usually the cost for this 90 minute to 2 hour ritual R1250 and now reduced to R777 or $122 dollars instead of $160 ( can be paid in two installments, 50% to book & 50% payable at the end of the month)

Sessions available in person & online.

Time: Available from now until the end of January

Session can be in person or online

Places are limited so please email me if interested.

Womb Despacho & Sacred Mandala

It's so powerful each year to realign your womb space with the new cycles of the year.

The Womb Mesa & Despacho brings the universe in front of you. It brings the power of the celestials & elements to you so that you can align & recalibrate your womb with the cosmogenesis of the universe. You're able to tap into your womb space to receive inspiration & insights while setting new intentions and planting new seeds.

Once received you will carry these insights to support you over the next 13 moon journey into this highly active and productive year, where there will so much supportive energy available to help you to be focus, determined and creative.

If you are in need of stronger structures in your life, stable foundations, and all the right elements to create your masterpiece it's the perfect time be supported to build a sacred mandala within and physically to support your next year.

What to Expect:

In our 2 sessions together you receive:

Womb Mapping & Rebirth: recalibrate your womb space to align with your sacred cosmology & support your soul mission.

Medicine womb pouch( Prayer pouch infused with medicine for purification and release)

Building and activation of sacred womb Mesa & Mandala

Healing & Balancing the four elements within the womb through womb machine wheel

Sacred Womb rebirth

Soul Star embodiment journey Recording


Reclamation of gifts from the Upper world

Initiate the birth & vision for your new reality

Align with your highest goals and potential

Set strong and sacred intentions

If based in SA includes Goddess Goody bag

Womb purification Rose Infusion Tea

Yoni steam herbs

Rose Womb massage oil

Exchange: Regular exchange for this 3 part journey 90 minute journey

R2888, reduced to R2222

$333 reduced tp $266

2023 Energetic clearing & Health Reset

Whilst this is such a magical time for setting sacred intentions, aligning with our goals, dreams & soul desires, we often come against so much stress, uncertainty, fear, mass panic, chaos, confusion, which can increase our risk of illness and throw us out of alignment. Our bodies need to be supported to hold the energetics for our own soul embodiment.

2023 energetic & Health Reset can support you if your immune system is feeling compromised, you're exhausted or tired from external chaos or when you have been triggered into health related “fear” programs. I have created a 3 part combo that supports you to boost your immune system, clear radiation, EMF, unplug from the matrix and work through solar plexus fears.

What you receive:

In Person Option:

(1) Activating Abundance Despacho

(1 )2 hour full body healing, alignment & balance

(Touch and massage Therapy)

1x Clear Fear From The Solar Plexus

Detox Herbs and teas to support the bodies purging process.

Online Option

(1) Activating Abundance Despacho

(2) Energetic body healing and alignment

(3) Clearing the Solar Plexus

Benefits of Treatments

Health Upgrade & energetic detox

Clear fogginess, confusion and sadness

Releasing Fear from the body

Releasing physical and mental toxins and miasma,

Experience Upgrades in your energetic system

Releasing emotional stagnation and frozenness,

Energizing the energy systems

May Support you to unplug from mass consciousness

Supporting you to feel more connected, aligned and grounded.

Special Price of R2500( Package worth R 3800)

International $280

Special valid until the end of January

To make inquiries or set up bookings, please fill the form below and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Facilitator: Gogo Sophia

High Priestess Sophia is a transformational Spiritual Life coach, Womb priestess & Sacred feminine Leadership facilitator. She has spoken on many media platforms & global conferences about the role of the matriarch in the wellbeing of community, businesses and relationships. Through her work she supports both men & women to awaken and embody the Divine Feminine principle to birth a new reality around their life, work, relationships and birthing a new paradigm in humanity that support "all"to thrive. Through her experience as a shamanic & soul retrieval practitioner she considers herself an integrated healer as she has received multiple training and instructions through various Master Shaman healers from various traditions. In Andean Mysticism she is a Munay ki & Nusta Kurpay practitioner and has channeled these rites for many years. From Nepal, she has received the rare tantric teachings of Black Wrathful Dakini, who is the feminine embodiment of wisdom and embodies the innermost secret aspect of the khandro practice in the Dudjom, she is a student of Lama Tsuntril Rimpoche. She is also a priestess of Isis Lineage & supports women to heal their sexual wounds and return to erotic innocence. It is through the backdrop growing up in segregated South Africa, that she became aware that the real separation is from within, separation from source, and living in this kind of society has been a powerful teacher and initiation in awakening to Sacred Union within. It was a through a very powerful and profound sexual rites of passage through the grail gates that she worked through the woundings of the Cervix. Within her cervix she experienced a future potential in humanity where there is end of separation consciousness and the awakening to Unity, Ubuntu. As an African wisdom keeper she has a holistic approach to each individual she personally works with, using the alchemical power of nature, alchemical psychology and the great elements of spirit to bring divine healing and empowerment.

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