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Love In a New Paradigm

Updated: Feb 1

The Lover: A Sacred Embodiment

12 Part Journey

To Awaken to Love The retrograde energies of Venus are urging us to heal outdated relationship patterns, clear ancestral trauma

& attract high frequency relationships. In order To attract true love, we truly have to awaken to fierce love of the self. This is something that we haven't been taught as children, and as adults, our relationships can only mirror the separation from the lover within. It's time to remember that your role on this planet is to awaken to unconditional love for the self, to become love itself.

Within you is a map to your original love story, which has been interrupted through external projections and false perception of humanity and the lower false ego. How do you uncover your true and original love story? By understanding the woundings that are held in your inner masculine and feminine, and where the original wound of separation is. This supports you and your partner, to unravel any patterns that are stored around resisting being the vessel of love through the woundings of the masculine and feminine within you. Where are they in conflict? Where are they at war? When you dive into a deeper inquiry within the self you are able to call back parts of your soul essence that may have fragmented throughout time, in past relationships and ancestrally, so that you can fully come back home to yourselves, and remember your sacred purpose for being here on the planet at this time as well as be able to awaken to love. Self Study Online Course On Love

Through the advance shamanic tantric practices, breath work and somatic healing you will be guided to meet your true, original & authentic self and your own unique flavour of the union of the masculine & feminine you are being called to share with the world. Through working through your inner shadow you will meet your full embodied power as human empowered in both masculine and feminine, re-connecting to your centre, your source of wisdom that supports you to fully connect to joy, sex, purpose, love and life to be balanced and whole within oneself. This course is perfect for couples as well as those that are single & seeking to heal & move past previous relationship traumas, attracting a different kind of intimacy and partnership that is more in alignment with your higher-self. This journey aims to be a transcendental experience of love, to open yourself up to boundless energy of love and to fully awaken to the profound secret that you are birthed from love, and as the children & descendants of love, we shall return back to love in this New Era. Online Course Benefits Embracing Sacred Union Aligning with the infinite flow of love Overcoming the fear of intimacy Clearing negative Ancestral Patterns in relationships Dissolving blocks to expand to Receive Love Healing the Heart chakra & Returning to Innocence Embracing love as a souls journey Clearing the collective imbalance of Divine Feminine and Masculine within Clearing false identity around relationships Healing Sexual wounds & clearing sexual shame Evolving to self-Love, self knowing, and self-Responsibility Awakening to Divine Intervention in relationships Returning to the Garden of Eden Reviving the Grail Mysteries within you Awakening to your truth in sacred partnerships Work with Archetypes, power animals & inner plane guides Identify how to get all your needs met Learn how to create deeper intimacy & trust Heal your sexual receptivity and pleasure potentials Deepen your relationship with yourself Open to life as a joyful, playful, ecstatic gift Open to true abundance and the bountiful flow of life Discover wounds that were in denial so they can heal Become more self-aware & empowered Accessing your ability to Co-create Extraordinary shifts in consciousness What You will Receive: (14) 2 hour

recordings 7 x PDF’S MP3’S/ VIDEOS Channeled Healing Deep process Work Tantric Breath work & movement Working with the Avatars Energy transmissions & empowerments Exchange $366


This is what others had to say:

"This has been a beautiful, tender, raw and vulnerable journey. I’ve cried more in this class than I have cried my entire life and learned to embrace the tears, feelings and emotions. I appreciated your stewardship, your holding and your feminine leadership, it made me feel like I could just trust the process, trust the journey, trust myself and allow myself permission to become undone. I really feel that what is going to unfold is a becoming of who I truly am." "This course has transformed my philosophy on life. I feel that my path has shifted significantly because this journey brought things into my awareness that were completely in my blind spot! I had to let go of unconscious beliefs that were literally a remote control to my reality" "I was duped and pleasantly surprised! I thought this journey was going to be about learning to be a better lover to my wife, but to my surprise it became about how to be a better lover to myself & facing the things about myself that enabled me to love her better. Through this journey, I learned to fall in love with myself and be the source of the love I was seeking." "I’m no longer shadow boxing, but I am now shadow dancing. It was embodiment, accessing inner wisdom and learning to trust again."

About Your Facilitator:

Gogo Sophia

High Priestess Sophia is a transformational Spiritual Life coach, Womb priestess & Sacred feminineLeadership facilitator. She has spoken on many media platforms & global conferences about the role of the matriarch in the wellbeing of community, businesses and relationships. Through her work she supports both men & women to awaken and embody the Divine Feminine principle to birth a new reality around their life, work, relationships and birthing a new paradigm humanity that supports "all"to thrive.

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