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Love: The Inner Journey

Updated: Feb 2

Love: The Inner Journey

Love is a mystery.

It is the thing that we long for the most, and yet it disillusions us.

It is the easiest thing to recognizes and yet....many have lost touch with it

Love is the very fabric of who we are. It is not a destination, but it is a journey. In order to attain love, we have to learn to commit to it in every moment, with every choice. Love is not something that sits in a corner waiting for you, but beckons you to allow it to become the driving force of your reality, it does not compromise.

The alchemy of love comes about when we are in union with the Divine. We are taught that in order to allow love to flow into our lives, we must first come into union with it through SACRED MARRIAGE. This marriage in most cases doesn’t involve union with another, but union with God. Unless we marry our God source first, not through the fear of being judged, but rather through falling in love with God and remembering that the divine is our first love, we start to create a new possibility for ourselves where every relationship in our life is based on Love, whether that be a relationship with your partner, friends, kids, career.