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Love: The Inner Journey

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Love: The Inner Journey

Love is a mystery.

It is the thing that we long for the most, and yet it disillusions us.

It is the easiest thing to recognizes and yet....many have lost touch with it

Love is the very fabric of who we are. It is not a destination, but it is a journey. In order to attain love, we have to learn to commit to it in every moment, with every choice. Love is not something that sits in a corner waiting for you, but beckons you to allow it to become the driving force of your reality, it does not compromise.

The alchemy of love comes about when we are in union with the Divine. We are taught that in order to allow love to flow into our lives, we must first come into union with it through SACRED MARRIAGE. This marriage in most cases doesn’t involve union with another, but union with God. Unless we marry our God source first, not through the fear of being judged, but rather through falling in love with God and remembering that the divine is our first love, we start to create a new possibility for ourselves where every relationship in our life is based on Love, whether that be a relationship with your partner, friends, kids, career.

One thing that history has taught us is that whatever relationship that we have with the divine, will always play out in our relationship with others. So if we believe in a jealous and controlling God, the likelihood is that we will either mistreat our partners and become controlling and wrathful leaders in the workspace. That first relationship, is the seed that seeds our consciousness and the choices that we make from the first imprint.

This does not only come from this life time, but many lifetimes before. We inherit this from the relationships that our Ancestors have had with the divine; feeling kicked out of the garden of eden, awaiting to be judged and either accepted into the kingdom of heaven or condemned to hell.

This perspective informs our relationships and being ness. It destroys and takes away the fabric of love from our identity and replaces it with a love that is conditional, controlling, limited and judgmental. A false love identity that corrodes the self and takes us further away from our God-source.

The energy of this year urges us to re-examines our principles around love, our relationship with the divine and how we co-create with others on this planet. This new course that I am offering, inspired by the" Ascended Master Yeshua & Siddharta Gautama Buddha" will aim to support one to break down their false identity on love, that has played out over many lifetimes and intergenerationally through mind and heart matrix.

As a student of Buddha & through years of mindfulness training, I have learned to understand the false mental constructs that stem from past traumas & ancestral imprints that influence negative relationship patterns and dynamics that become enforced through our relationships through false gnosis. Once we are willing to shatter the false overlay of our mental fields, we break our souls free from a mental prison that is cynical about love. From this place of freedom we are able to awaken to allow the divine to weave beautiful new patterns to support our minds to align and surrender to our cosmic heart, the universal heart of humanity that will birth love on this planet.

This journey is about breaking down your the false identity of love at an anatomical level. To allow your AVATAR of love to impregnate you with true love gnosis. when you remove what is false, you replace it with your original blueprint. You are able to naturally honour your divine design spiralling into deeper levels of love and embracing the sacred deaths of aspects of the ego that no longer serve the "I AM PRESENCE".

Through being inspired by the Ascended Master Yeshua, I have created a course that supports you to first heal your relationship with God, your first love. This is something that the divine has guided to hold sacred space for in this new year. This course is about the journey back to the self, back to the purity of your being through love. For the first time you will experience the nectar of love that guides your back To God, back to your source. Not through judgement & fear, but instead through understanding the wisdom, mysteries and spiral of love itself.

I am so excited to share this journey with you all, because part of birthing this course is the expression of my love. It is the sacred offering from my heart to yours, in sharing my love to you all. This course is the way in which God has chosen to love through me and to touch all of you and there are beautiful and sacred teachings, activation and transmission that await you on this journey.

Curriculum and What to Expect:

Uncovering My True Love Identity:

When we are in separation from love, it reflects in our reality in terms of the choices we make, who we love and the life the we chose from ourselves. Part of this creates an identity crisis, and based on the relationship you have with love and your idea of love will influence the entireness of your being and who your are.

I find that when we move closer to love, this alters our identity. It does it in a way that brings your closer to the truth of who you are, meaning that who you currently think you are will fall away, will change and you will become more of you and embracing a new identity.

It is in the face of love that we truly get to know and understand who we really are. In this way we make the best choices for ourselves and change the course of our reality for the better. This means that certain relationship may fall away, careers that are not in alignment as well as the communities that no longer align with our love identity.

Healing Our First Relationship

In order to embody a new love identity, we have to break down the relationship with our first love. This is the relationship we have with God. Love: The Journey to Divinity opens up the pathway for you to heal your relationship with God. The biggest wound is about self worth and think that we have to work our entire life to feel worthy of this relationship. It is the biggest BURRITO of our existence, and this journey will support you to mend your relationship with God by first healing the part of the body that doesn't believe in this union & is still in fear of God.

Love in Relationships

One of our highest calling in humanity is to be is sacred partnership with others. We relate to others through marriage, partnerships, in business and through our family connections. Life cannot happen unless we master our relationships and learn to harmoniously co-create with others. We explore & begin to heal this wound that separates us from others and self sabotages our relationships so that we can learn to embrace the unifying principles and the values of creation and love and how to have successful partnerships

Healing False Ancestral Paradigms Around Relationships

The biggest influence around our love identity and relationship patterns is the relationship that we have with our parents and how our parents union influenced our choices around love. We will also break down the toxic, distorted relationship patterns & dynamics that stem from our ancestors that are currently influencing our present relationships. When we heal at an ancestral level we are able to eliminate these ancestral patterns from our own lives and bring in new, divine templates around love and relating to our partners.

Love making as A Sacred Exchange of Energy

Over-riding our false sexual identity and being clear about the role of Love in Sex. Sex is a sacred energy exchange that was originally designed to bring healing and weave the broken aspects of the self together, by allowing a human body to heal another human body through intimacy. Through this encounter, two people who really love each other could support one another to heal physical ailments, heal emotional trauma, balance the masculine and feminine as well and link to source. Today the sacred teaching around the role of sexual energy an love making as a healing tool have been lost to humanity.

Sex has created further separation and is often used as a tool of domination, control, manipulation and sometimes inflicting pain. If you have sexual traumas where you have been wounded by a loved one, it can distort your capacity to be intimate with others and also: it can contaminate ones sexual energy as we inherit false sexual energies from our abusers and past partners. It is important to heal ones sexual energy and restore it to its purity so as to reclaim erotic innocence and restore the love in the Love making process.

Anchoring Heart Consciousness:

In Year 7, the Age of the Mind is Ending. We are anchoring a new consciousness that is based on love and heart centeredness. This course will support you to return to your heart and break down the barrier and veils that sits within your heart. Through our past traumatic experiences, the limbic brain overrides the heart through fear, control and survival. Through this journey we begin to understand the unhealthy mental programs that govern the mind and block the mind-heart connection.

We will confront the beast within & step outside the realm of the ego, to free ourselves from the rational mind and start to better embrace the language of our feelings, body & spirit. We will start to reconcile and release wounds, aches, hurts, and beliefs so that we can step deeper into our vulnerability & receptivity.

You will be supported through mindfulness meditation and energy medicine to break down outdated belief systems, personality depositions and mental constructs that create veils and imprIson the heart. The technology, teachings and transmission flowing through are inspired and backed by the Ascended Master Yeshua and Sidharta Gautama, but are not in any way based on an religious affiliations.


"This has been a beautiful, tender, raw and vulnerable journey. I’ve cried more in this class then I have cried my entire life and learned to embrace the tears, feelings and emotions.

I appreciated your stewardship, your holding and your feminine leadership, it made me feel like I could just trust the process, trust the journey, trust myself and allow myself permission to become undone.

I really feel that what is going to unfold is a becoming of who I truly am."


"This course has transformed my philosophy on life. I feel that my path has shifted significantly because this journey brought things into my awareness that were completely in my blind spot! I had to let go of unconscious beliefs that were literally a remote control to my reality"

Mbali_Cape Town

"I was duped and pleasantly surprised! I thought this journey was going to be about learning to be a better lover to my wife, but to my surprise it became about how to be a better lover to myself & facing the things about myself that enabled me to love her better.

Through this journey, I learned to fall in love with myself and be the source of the love I was seeking."

"I’m no longer shadow boxing, but I am now shadow dancing. It was embodiment, accessing inner wisdom and learning to trust again."


Benefits include but not Limited to:

Embracing Sacred Union

Aligning with the infinite flow of love

Overcoming the fear of intimacy

Clearing negative Ancestral Patterns in relationships

Dissolving blocks to expand to Receive Love

Healing the Heart chakra & transcending the mind

Embracing love as a soul's journey

Clearing the collective imbalance of Divine Feminine and Masculine within

Evolving to self-Love, self knowing, and self-Responsibility

Awakening to Divine Intervention in relationships

Returning to the Garden of Eden

Reviving the Grail Mysteries with you

Awakening to your truth in sacred partnerships

Course Details

Duration: 7 months

Place: Zoom Online

Time: 7-9pm GMT/ SAST Time

Course Begins: 22 March - September 2023

Cost: R7700 or R 1100 per month


$770 per course

Payment plans available

What you receive:

14x 90 min live teachings, channeled healing & Q and A

weekly recordings & meditations for personal practice

Manuals & recordings

Training in embodiment techniques, yoga and break work

Telegram support group

To book or make an inquiry, please sign the form and well get back to as soon as possible.

Course Facilitator:

Journal from Sophia's Awakening to Love:

"It feels like for the first time I can truly feel the love of my beloved and his commitment to me. Even though there is so much conditioning and fear to work through, there is a consistency in this love that is always flowing through, always honoring its commitment, always showing up, always picking me up everyday.

Every day it is here and it shows up for me.

I think it's really here to stay and I look forward to how this journey unravels.

It feels so good to have something so real and to know that I can also learn to love in the way that I am being loved right now. This love is not human love, it is divine love.

It feels so good to allow this force to flow through me as me. To know this love can override everything that is false, to know that I can be reborn, to know that I can be who I came here to be.

Love itself.

I’m wailing and I’m in tears,

"I am so grateful for the sacrifices that I had to make to get to this point. I know now that the pain, heartache and lessons were not in vain, and that every failure was a success, opening up the staircase to The Grandest Love of All.

Gogo Sophia

Gogo Sophia has been facilitating workshops, retreats and online courses on Love, Relationships & Sacred Marriage for 6 years. Her biggest passion and devotion is Love and supporting humanity to return love to their homes, partnerships, workspaces and to life itself. How we can navigate love & relationships in a new paradigm during our spiritual awakening?

The next couple of years of our soul evolution is restoring perfection and wholeness to the planet, bridging heaven and Earth. She continues to support her clients to explore how our intimate relationships can become a doorway to their spiritual growth and embracing wholeness & sacred union with our Divine self.

Through the years she has helped others to confront the outdated myths on relationships embedded deep within the human psyche, so that collectively we can abandon the negative archetypes that govern our epigenetics and DNA. Working with advanced spiritual technologies to clear the influences of birth parents & toxic ancestral patterns that prevent us from awakening to greater love.

She always explores the split in consciousness, the wound of separation that has etched the fear of intimacy & rejection into the base and sacral chakra sabotaging relationships & union. She has performed soul retrievals journey back to the Lumerian timeline to support her clients to re-anchor themselves back to the Feminine & the Earth, while also being supported by the Divine Masculine.

She dives into embodied practice through the exploration of white tantra, breathwork, channeled healing, soul retrieval and soul coaching.

For more information on Gogo Sophia, please follow this link.

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