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Hathor: Temple of Denderah Immersion

Dear Soul Family

As we get ready to celebrate mothers day, we have overlooked the role of “The Mother” who’s technology holds the greatest power of manifestation, uniting spirit and matter. She is enthroned as the Mother of God, she who allows God to dwell in her body, her vessel, As the Divine Mother would say...

“allow yourself to trust in me, to rest, to relax…so that the sweet nectar that flows from my bosom fills your cup, overflows and nourishes you."

It is time for us to awaken this Mother energy within ourselves and activate the power to create, give birth & manifest the limitless potential of our soul, over-riding the false gnosis, self doubt, projections and mass consciousness fears.

Being embodied is the most powerful way to manifest our soul desires. Working with the energy of Jupiter in Taurus can support us to confront our manifestation wounds & drop deeply into our bodies by exploring the energies of fertility, grounding and stability.


This month, I am offering a few souls the opportunity to take advantage of this MOON, MANIFESTOR & MONEY alignment in the MAGIC MONTH of MAY and work with me through the cyclic phases of this moon to:


Set Relevant Clear Goals & Intensions

Step into aligned action

Confront blocks, limitations &  false beliefs systems

Receive Energy medicine, activations and upgrades

Work with the frequency of wealth magnet Jupiter

Access Divine Mother Energies

Work with the 8 phases of the Moon

Heal base chakra issues

Maximise the Potential of this 12 year alignment

Plant seeds to impact the next 14 year cycle

If you are ready to embrace this wisdom and activate this technology within yourself, send an email or book a clarity call to sign up for this 3 part immersion in the Magic Month of May and one of the most powerful manifestation alignments.


Cost for 3 sessions in:


Local SA Rates

R2 450 




Cost for 3 sessions:




To book please email me at


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