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Friday the 13th: Demystified

Dear Soul Family,

I would like to share a story.

A few years back when I began my healing practice, I was really excited, setting up my social media, blogs and website. I had allocated a professional team to set up my website to launch in November 2020 until I got a daunting call. One of the team members had encountered my work on the internet where I was preparing for my Friday the 13th : Demystified workshop. This team member was immensely religious and called me a sorcerer, confronting me about my work and what I represent. The team eventually decided to drop my account and no longer wanted to be associated with me.

While I was immensely triggered by this incident, questioning myself and asking if I was really ready to come to the fore ground and share with humanity, “who it is that I am,” I realized that this happened because the universe had given me the opportunity to break an ancestral curse. This event had happened to support me to break down the lifetimes of trauma, fear of persecution around being seen. That I had to break the curses that my female line had carried for many lifetimes hiding their true identiy. This was the time, where it was safe for me to be me as a woman, a priestess & holder of sacred space, but in order to do that I had to heed the call of this sacred initiation.

Originally, women were shamans. They held a space in the world for everyone in it to return to their feminine dimension and co-creation with the divine mother. There were temples that dint just honor masculine God, but beside the Masculine, was his divine counterpart The Divine Mother in sacred union and co-creation. The women had always been the Day Keepers. The Day keepers tended to the sacred alters of the earth to ensure that the connection to source was always flowing, this portal is the 13th Arc of the Divine mother who supports us to stay connected to our spiritual architecture as human beings. Through our womb blood, conceiving and birthing our children as well as embracing our sacred sensuality, singing to the heavens and beating our feet against the ground was the ways in which we allowed our feminine essence to flourish and nourish the earth.

For those that chose to sever themselves from the mother and discard her wisdom, they regarded her wisdom as dark, shameful and taboo, The geometry of the divine feminine was held in the 13 cycles of creation to continue the cycle of life, death and rebirth. To remember that we are divine beings animating a human body. The body itself was designed to be a vessel that channels our divinity, and the feminine was its master and sacred agent, and yet today the body is being used TO suppress and lock our spiritual essence, grounding us to the lower self. We prostitute the feminine, we abuse her essence instead of honor her and recognize that she is indeed divine. Her body is DIVINE, Her body is HOLY!

Burning women at the steak was one of the ways in which humanity had chosen to terrify others from embracing their magic. 13 is the number of the divine feminine, and in order for the patriarch to oppress the feminine, they had create fictions tales around one of the most sacred numbers in ones feminine dharma to discourage women seekers from the truth of uncovering the mystical self while while forcing men to dishonor and suppress their feminine through their own inner patriarchy.

The number 13 opens up the codes of our divinity. A divinity that seeks to be reunited with the body as to exalt the flesh and breath light into it. The Ancient Egyptians speak of the 13 ladders to eternity, we are initiated by 13 moons of the year and the mayan calendar has 13 tones. When we explore our history with an open heart, we are able to see, recognize and honor this sacred pattern of creation.

There are many of you who through fear and terror have locked YOUR divine memories and inner magic through this fear and terror. These locks are held within the womb space. This often comes up as an ancestral curse in the mother-line. Many women have locked their spiritual identity in the fear of being persecuted, condemned or even killed. Women in many countries continued to be murdered daily by the patriarch that fear the wisdom, beauty and soul of the Goddess.

To a wounded patriarch this beauty triggers a pain so raw & deep that it reminds him of how he has suppressed and has denied himself of his inner beloved. The pain has no context and triggers an act of violence and rage. The feminine is a mirror that reflects back the pain of what this patriarchy has been severed from, and the pain in immeasurable, which is why this man has cursed his mother, his daughters and straggled his only beloved. He bleeds from the inside unable to comprehend the source of his rage. This is one of the ways in which we fear our greatness and the gifts that we hold, which diverts our soul’s path and leads us astray from love.

The number 13, is the number that unifies the masculine and feminine, it reunites the patriarch with his feminine dharma. It is when the feminine is empowered, that the masculine rises. It is when the feminine remembers that truth of who she is that the masculine is healed and can once again find himself within her. To know oneself is to embrace once truth. Humanity cannot deny its spiritual architecture, and women cannot forget their role as Day keepers, keepers of the ancient altars, herbalist, priestess, weavers, birth & death doulas. These keepers sustain the natural divine order of the earth. They birth the masculine through their bodies. Their purpose is to weave reality back to source, back to love through this dance of creation. This is natural to the feminine body and consciousness.

There is a spiral, when we surrender to it, it pulls us into this natural inclination of love and devotion. This is the gift of the divine mother. We serve because we are devoted, we serve because we love, a love so immense that you cannot turn your face from it, you cannot walk away from it, it possesses you. You are possessed by Love.

In order to heal the masculine, we must embrace our inner feminine that mothers her son back to love. Just as Isis birthed Osiris, and mother Mary Birthed Yeshua, we have to midwife our own inner masculine through our feminine body, by activating the technology of the divine mother, the divine feminine wisdom restores love and order back to this planet. It is time that we honored our mothers and allow them to continue to breath us back to life, to restore the principles of peace, love, nurturance to this earth. This is so Vitaly important right now.

We are all being collectively asked to break this intergenerational curse, whether we are men or women, because we have all been given life by our mothers, we are all of the womb of this Earth, we have all been baptized by the blood of our mother. Our soul begged to be here to experience its divinity in the physical body and to step into eternity. We have forgotten how much we yearned to be here, How much we begged Ochun to gift us with her sacred waters and flood nature with her nourishment so that we can experience ourselves. Let us be grounded, let us know how to honour this mother, by loving her and loving children.

Next Friday the 13th, I will be offering 3 spaces to both men and women who feel called to confront this patriarchal curse within themselves in their male and female line and break the locks within the womb/ Hara , whether its an energetic womb or a physical woman. For our brothers that feel called to to this, we will explore how their own inner patriarchy has oppressed their inner matriarch and work with the father-line to embrace the feminine at a deeper level.

The number 13 is held within the Cosmic rose of creation, You will be realigned with this cosmic rose to animated your own inner rose codes to weave you back to Venus,to love, to the feminine and the natural cycles of creation within you. When this curse is active, this geometry is frozen slowing down the natural evolution of your feminine dharma( which both men and women have). On this day you are realigned with Venus and the geometry of the cosmic rose to claim your feminine birth-rite rite as a sacred rites of passage.

This journey supports you to deeply descend into your feminine expression( regardless of whether you are male or female) in ways that you have feared to in the past. It enables you to tap into the subtle energies of the softness, love and the boons of your divine feminine essence and inner fire while allow your inner patriarchy to love, honor and respect your inner feminine.

What to expect:

Activate your Womb/ Hara Chakra

Track and clear past life agreements and contracts

Release karmic and intergenerational womb locks

Work with the male & female line

Descend into your feminine dimension

Soul Retrieval

Cosmic Rose Activation

What you receive:

90 minutes live healing, transmission and activations

1x integration audio

1x preparation meditation & manual

Integration notes and sup

Please note that this is a powerful introductory session with Gogo Sophia and if after this session you feel called to go deeper, there can be a program designed and catered uniquely for you to embark on a healing journey of your inner patriarch and matriarch.

Cost: R1500


Zoom online or in person

Please sign the form below to make an inquire and book a session.

Access A Free Gift:

You are most welcome to follow this link to access this weeks Master Class and Audio Transmission from the Divine Mother channeled by Gogo Sophia.

Many Blessings

Gogo Sophia

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