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Friday the 13th: Demystified

Dear Soul Family,

I would like to share a story.

A few years back when I began my healing practice, I was really excited, setting up my social media, blogs and website. I had allocated a professional team to set up my website to launch in November 2020 until I got a daunting call. One of the team members had encountered my work on the internet where I was preparing for my Friday the 13th : Demystified workshop. This team member was immensely religious and called me a sorcerer, confronting me about my work and what I represent. The team eventually decided to drop my account and no longer wanted to be associated with me.

While I was immensely triggered by this incident, questioning myself and asking if I was really ready to come to the fore ground and share with humanity, “who it is that I am,” I realized that this happened because the universe had given me the opportunity to break an ancestral curse. This event had happened to support me to break down the lifetimes of trauma, fear of persecution around being seen. That I had to break the curses that my female line had carried for many lifetimes hiding their true identiy. This was the time, where it was safe for me to be me as a woman, a priestess & holder of sacred space, but in order to do that I had to heed the call of this sacred initiation.