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Black Madonna: Face of The Divine Mother

Dear Beloveds,

During one of the most tumultuous times in our history, back in 2020, I was guided to visit Adams calendar for the first time. It was when sat in stillness and meditation within this ancient rock formation that I heard the voice and pulse of the Divine Mother. She told me the she was returning to this planet in a new and powerful way that will confront the fundamentals of our reality. She told that there was a better way of B-E-I-N-G that invites us all to live in a more graceful and loving way; A way that honors and values life. She told me that love will return to this Earth.

As I journeyed back home, she never left my side and she told me to refer to her as “Ave Maria” Nomkhubolwane, Divine Mother Sophia. It was during the darkest hours of my life that she delivered the most incredible miracles. Ever since I have found our beloved Black Madonna, there is a perseverance and relentless strength that has awakened within me. It was in our journey together I learned to believe in miracles, open up to more grace, strengthen my relationship with prayer & learned to manifest from stillness.