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Black Madonna: Face of The Divine Mother

Dear Beloveds,

During one of the most tumultuous times in our history, back in 2020, I was guided to visit Adams calendar for the first time. It was when sat in stillness and meditation within this ancient rock formation that I heard the voice and pulse of the Divine Mother. She told me the she was returning to this planet in a new and powerful way that will confront the fundamentals of our reality. She told that there was a better way of B-E-I-N-G that invites us all to live in a more graceful and loving way; A way that honors and values life. She told me that love will return to this Earth.

As I journeyed back home, she never left my side and she told me to refer to her as “Ave Maria” Nomkhubolwane, Divine Mother Sophia. It was during the darkest hours of my life that she delivered the most incredible miracles. Ever since I have found our beloved Black Madonna, there is a perseverance and relentless strength that has awakened within me. It was in our journey together I learned to believe in miracles, open up to more grace, strengthen my relationship with prayer & learned to manifest from stillness.

The Black Madonna

Shrines of The dark mother; Black Madonna can be found in Africa, Europe and Asia. The devotees will be heard from the far distance chanting, drumming, praying & dancing to invoke the spirit of fertility & rebirth, to honour life and to commune with the divine.

Her Black skin breaks the barriers of separation as we are reminded that we all come from Africa; The Birthplace of Humanity. God's plan was to first make us one. To know & hold in our divine memory that the same essence flows through us, before then allowing us to chose the beauty of diversity. To work with the dark mother is to invite love, forgiveness, acceptance, unity consciousness and wholeness.

Known as the bringer of miracles; The dark mother who originally hails from Africa and is revered all over the world especially in Italy and the Latin America. She reminds helps us to break the spells of the lies that have been cast about who we are so we may embrace the truth and we may embrace each other.

In every depiction she holds her son Yeshua in her hands so that she may nurse the wounded Patriarch, the ego and the false self back to truth, love and light.

She has guided me to the deepest core of her womb. She has taught me to sing, shake, dance and had ripped my heart open to love and life. She works with me daily to heal my feminine crown so that I can be rooted into the Earth & its wisdom. She initiated me through the ley lines of the earth and the intelligence of nature, the mineral kingdom, plants, our waters and the land. The wisdom that can only come about through the restoration of this connection, not through the mind. The way of the mother is not through words, but it is through the language of the heart, gnosis. The language of the mother is through the senses and the intelligence of the body. Animals and other sentient beings on this planet know this, and we humans are the ones that have forgotten. She teaches a forgotten language that has been lost to humanity and walking with her begins to support you to strip the veils that have kept you from Eden Herself.

She reminds us that we are still in the womb, gestating & dreaming. Every choice that we make weaves a dream that we will eventually step into once we awaken. She teaches us the craft of creation, that as we sit within this medicine wheel of gestation, we only plant the seeds that sow our greatest joy and highest potential. One of those ways is through the Rosary & the power of prayer.

Life Is A Prayer

Our voice is powerful tool that when aligned with a sacred intention delivers our greatest desires. The capacity to speak and evoke our reality into being teaches us mindfulness and intentional living. A life where we take responsibility for every action and choice because it is a means to our creation. We create with each moment and we learn to only focus and align with only what we desire. This is our BIRTH-RITE; To use our life force to draw towards what we need. To understand that our life force and shakti is available to fuel the life that we desire.

Embodied Wisdom

With this wisdom at hand, we no longer make room for the things that no longer serve us, we reclaim the power over our own lives and intentionally create through the power of mindfulness, prayer, meditation and ritual. This is the life of a master. As elemental beings, we need to learn how to have Mastery over our own inner elements in order to create.

Mastering our creation energy to draw towards us what we need as individuals & as community Is what the divine mother is calling us to foster in our lives. This is what is going to bring in the real transformation and changes that we are seeking. The power of prayer & ritual in community nourishes our collective vision and capacity to manifest a better world for ourselves.

What kind of energy are we inviting into our lives, relationships, communities and businesses? We have to take responsibility for how we use Shakti and reverse the false paradigms that have previously usurped the creative energies of the Mother. The Mother is waiting for us to consciously join up with her because she no longer wants to support those that are not in integrity. She want to co-create with those that support humanity to thrive. She is withdrawing her energy from destruction and channeling her energy to give life.

Do you wish to learn foster a relationship with the divine mother?

To commune with her in prayer, ritual and community?

Do you wish to embrace a life of miracles, grace, love and connection?

Break fears around accessing ancient indigenous wisdom & deeper connection with the Earth?

Maybe you need to heal your body, heal from a broken heart or even hopelessness. These are the things that we can bring to the Black Madonna to hold us in comfort, for her Shakti to bless us and move through us to help us to understand the wisdom behind our troubles and to support us to walk away from what no longer serves.

Join our 3 Day Immersion

Face of the Black Madonna is a 3 day retreat immersed in the womb of the mother through prayer, song, dance and meditation. We bring forward into the circle that troubles we wish to heal and transform and allow ourselves to be supported by the grace of the divine mother & call in the miraculous. Through this healing circle we invoke the divine into our lives to bring us clarity of vision, inspiration and draw us back into the heart. You walk away from the journey feeling well nourished, empowered, inspired walking away with new sacred tools that support you to navigate your life in a new way while connected to the subtle energies of the divine feminine.

What to Expect:

Commune with the Black Madonna: The Cosmic Mother in the Birthplace of Humanity

Embrace your Feminine Identity: “I am A Woman”

Delve into the deep and forgotten Mysteries of the Rosary

Enjoy times of peace, stillness and meditation

Connect with your body, womb and heart

Heal Somatically through dance, movement and song

Understand the power of prayer

Learn Ancient hymns, mantras and songs

Learn the Gifts of intentional meditation

Become the master of your own creation

Learn to manifest from stillness & way of the feminine

Experience a Plant Medicine Journey

Womb Rebirth & Soul Resurrection

Retreat Details

Duration: 3 nights

Dates: Thurs 5h of July-Sunday 8th July

Place: South Africa: Mpumalanga

Fee for Retreat: R6600 per sister

Accomodation: Budget R4500/ food and accommodation details are to be finalized.

If you would like to part of this magical journey please send us a message and we will respond as soon as possible. Please make an inquiry below.

Space Holder & Facilitator

High Priestess Sophia is a transformational Spiritual Life coach, Womb priestess & Sacred feminine Leadership facilitator. She has spoken on many media platforms & global conferences about the role of the matriarch in the wellbeing of community, businesses and relationships. Through her work she supports both men & women to awaken and embody the Divine Feminine principle to birth a new reality around their life, work, relationships and birthing a new paradigm in humanity that support "all"to thrive.

All of Gogo Sophia’s workshops are dynamic, lively and interactive. During the workshop Gogo Sophia also channels healing while each participant receives the opportunity to do deep process work and receive soul coaching.

Gogo Sophia will support you to heal the wound of separation from your divinity, the feminine principle and your relationship with all of life. From this healing you are able to reclaim your true authentic power and divine expression so that you can channel that into your leadership, career, relationships and life purpose. This is about changing the paradigm of leadership; self leadership & embodying the tools to support you to navigate the changes that are happening in humanity today so that you can thrive and embrace your highest destiny.

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