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Ancestral Healing: Healing the wounded inner child & weaving in the Cosmic Divine parents.

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Allow Yourself to Be woven back to infinity

The Inner Child Archetype is the most important archetype in the world. Our inner child is the one that brings us into a world of joy, creativity, magic and inspiration. This archetype carries us through our entire life & never leaves us. When our inner child is wounded & ignored, we will often lose sight of our passion, drive, personal gifts and dreams.

How do we heal the inner child so that we

can transcend our limitations?

What is your divine purpose in life? What dreams have you forgotten and given up on? What gifts do you hold in your blueprint? Only your golden magical inner child can truly guide you to the chest that holds those hidden treasures. He or she is the most creative and births from pure love, innocence & divine soul expression. The golden child feeds every other archetype with their sparkle and magic. We're all drawn to children because of the light and vibrancy that emanates from them. They are so full of potential & connected to an infinite source of wealth and energy. There is so much to learn from the most overlooked and ignored archetype.

Imagine you could go back in time to rescue your own inner child from the fear, limitations & the wounds of your Ancestors. The Ancestral healing course that I am providing this year is an unprecedented journey to uncover the collective wounded inner child archetype of your own personal Ancestors. Once you can identify what wounded archetype is playing through you that is creating limitations & blockages in your own life; you are given an opportunity to heal that so that you can unravel your hidden sacred gifts & divine expression. For each wounded archetype that you heal, is a gift bundle that becomes uncoiled. You are able to retrieve the gifts of your ancestors that you were originally meant to embody, but somehow have been derailed through lifetimes of intergenerational trauma.

The collective inner child of humanity is finding itself in a crisis through many lifetimes of abandonment, fear and betrayal. The inner child of humanity has been parented by the "wounded parent". Humanity is suffering from post traumatic stress as the systems of healing and repair have been dwindling. Shamanism is the oldest system of healing in humanity and yet there are currently very few institutions in the world that recognize mystic sciences & shamanism as a way to support, heal and weave the soul of humanity back to wholeness.

One of the systems is Ancestral lineage healing which uses the oldest and most universal knowledge systems to bring healing to intergenerational wounds, diseases, curses and human traumas. In Africa and other indigenous tribal communities like Nepal, India & the Americas; there was an understanding that one needed to be in the right relationship with the ancestors, nature and the elements. They understood that these systems were not separate but an extension of who we are, and it is to nature that we seek the greatest source of wealth, meaning, teachings and healing.

The inner child of humanity has in the new cycle of life lost the opportunity to come into union with these aspects of the self. It’s upbringing has been removed from nature & the connection to all of life and therefore has had limited tools to navigate the challenges of its own life; meaning the collective inner child of humanity has never had the chance to grow, heal and evolve. This abandoned child is experiencing its dark knight of the soul and is calling out to the primordial medicine of the mother that was originally intend to nurture, feed and support its growth.

When we ourselves have been severed from our true mother, we do not hold the capacity to then nurture & support our own children. Instead we raise them through the archetype of the tyrannical king who has replaced our true and divine parent. Through this upbringing we have built systems that have created a legacy of neglect, disconnection, abandonment and separation.

This year I'm running a new and dynamic course on healing the collective wound of the inner child of our Ancestors. Each wounded inner child is an Ancestor that has been neglected, unseen and does not feel safe. Through many lifetimes of unhealed trauma, this child becomes the dominant archetype through which our ancestors have expressed themselves, through the choices they have made & lives that they have lived. This dominant archetype when unhealed can manifest as disempowering patterns, addictions and mental health illnesses. When one experiences blockages & severe challenges in their lives, they may have taken on the dominant wounded inner child archetype of their Ancestors.

Through this powerful course, we will be working with the 7 main archetypes inherited from our ancestors that have created limitation, stagnation and disconnection from the self and our true identity. When we unconsciously hold these ancestral patterns within ourselves it creates blocks in our own personal growth, relationships, careers & self expression. We may be playing out an unhealed & outdated archetype and be called to be the one who is the cycle breaker within the family.

We will be working with the 7 powers to clear ancestral trauma & bring healing to the 7 dimensions in your body. This healing supports the clearing of your inner channel and connection to source, starting with healing the woundings of the base chakra of safety and security right up to the crown chakra that heals your connection to source. Once the collective woundings and karma of your ancestors has been cleared, your chakras start to shine to their original form where your true soul identity can descend into the body, accompanied by the awakening of soul gifts, well being and connection to all of life.

Course Curriculum: Working with the 7 Powers:

Throughout the ancient times, the inner child was initiated by the 7 inner mystical powers or gates that support him/ her to awaken the magical golden child. This Divine Child co-creates with the divine & is able to step into infinity. These 7 powers initiating this child are often referred to as chakras or in Khemetic terms; The Khabhiri link to spirit. They form the inner labyrinth through which a soul navigates their reality in the physical body. This inner labyrinth gets embedded in our brain, neural pathways, personality, spine and nervous system. The experiences that we magnetise towards ourselves as adults are informed by how our inner child was initiated through these gates. This was an ancient rites of passage for the indigenous ancient communities to become embodied humans that could co-create with God as well as come into harmony & balance with all of life.

When our soul heeds the call to learn from these 7 gates, these inner powers shine brightly with great luminosity. When these inner powers are distorted, we are unable to connect to source and may become stuck in negative patterns, addictions & soul loss. Each gate is also connected to certain part of the body and the illnesses related to that part of the body arises, which leads to aging, disease and death.

The wounded child grows up to be the wounded inner parent that did not receive love, validation & the tools to sacredly parent themselves and even their own children.This course will initiate your inner wounded child through your own inner 7 powers to dissolve the ancestral karma, woundings & limitations that your inner wounded child carries.

Through this course, we will go back to the moment of conception, birth and childhood to invoke a new journey thats in alignment with your highest potential. You will be taken through your own inner labyrinth so that you can abandon outdated ancestral imprints within your DNA & embody the new codes of the divine human that walks this earth. This divine human co-creates with their divine parents. This is not just a journey of self healing, but also becomes a powerful opportunity also for your unwell ancestors to be supported to connect with their cosmic parents; Your lineage is woven back to infinity, back to their solar essence from whence they came. They will soon be able to dance in the circle of life again & their cosmic consciousness, becoming your best allies and guides.

1st Gate: Healing The Orphan Child

The first gate represent the first 7 years of our lives from conception, birth and childhood years. This is the place when we first meet our parents, mother earth and encounter the relationships that will define us for the rest of our lives. We form our core belief systems in this gate. From this gate we learn our love language, sense of safety and belonging. When the experiences in the first gate are filled with trauma, it may be mirrored later in life by financial challenges, not feeling safe, feelings of unworthiness & body shame. This is the archetype of the orphan child that has not yet come home. Where is this orphan child playing out in your reality? Heal the orphan child so that you can feel nourished by mother earth & be in the flow of abundance and grace.

Heal from:

Limiting core belief systems

Poverty consciousness

Mother wound

Body shaming issues

Release Fear: Not feeling Safe in the body

Release fears of rejection

2nd Gate: Healing The Wounded Child

This gate is connected to are womb( if your a woman) and Hara ( if you are a man). Whether we are male or female, we all carry an energetic womb. This gate is connected to the water element, the feminine and our emotions. In this gate you have the opportunity to work with the wounded child to heal any forms of abuse, neglect and trauma. You are able to release false ancestral romantic relationship paradigms and heal sexual wounds from past relationships. This will free up the feminine shakti energy in both men and women and unleash your creative potential, intuition, balance your emotional body & support you to heal your relationship with your body.

Heal the womb Chakra

Clear Toxic emotions

Clear Sexual trauma

Begin to heal relationships & liberate yourself from false ancestral belief systems

Balance masculine & feminine

3rd Gate: Healing The Abused child

The 3rd gate is our centre of power that governs our intellectual capacity as well as our capacity to be driven, pursue our goals and show up for ourselves in the world. When the wounded inner child experiences any form of abuse, bullying by their peers, control or have experiences with the dominating tyrannical parent; they lose their sense of self worth and confidence. This low self worth when not dealt with, can slow a human being down creating a cycle of missed opportunities, fear of pursuing one’s goals, over procrastination & chronic fatigue.

Potencial benefits:

Heal passive Aggression or Over aggression

Clear self doubt

Awaken self confidence

Start healing Chronic Fatigue

Begin to heal stomach ailments & digestive issues

Work through Anxiety

Heal the brain

4 Gate: Healing The Sensitive Child

In this module one has the opportunity to release ancestral limitations around the expressions of love and to awaken to healthy bonds and human relationships. Heart centered living is the future potential of humanity.The sensitive or highly empathic child always feels too much and takes on the pain of others, especially their parents. This can create a lot of anxiety, depression and relentless grief. As an empathic child we always seek to heal or fix others to feel good about ourselves and feel worthy of being alive. An empathic child needs to understand healthy boundaries and learn that they are here to heal their heart so they can help the world to understand that it is safe to feel their feelings and live organically from the heart space.

Potential benefits

Clear ancestral limitations around love

Heal the heart chakra

Heal from past heartaches

Access & release suppressed emotions

Release anger and rage

Awaken to love

5th Gate: Healing The Silent Child

Do you bottle things up and suppress your emotions? Are you often perceived as harsh, aggressive and over powering. These are the woundings of the silent inner child who was not allowed to express their emotions, was often ignored and bottled things inside. One of the greatest wounds we hold in humanity is we struggle to be the vessel for our soul’s expression. Our destiny may become derailed through fulfilling the needs of others and living through the pressures of society. We have suppressed our voice and true identity and working with the silent child will support your to find your unique voice and express your inner gnosis. Once you can express yourself, you don’t have to engage in self harm and use addictions to numb yourself into silence & hide from pain.

Potencial benefits:

Overcome your ancestral fears around expression

Being able to voice your needs

Awaken your souls expression

Learning to communicate your feelings clearly

Speaking your truth

Stop cycles of self harm

Liberate your creative expression

Overcome addictions & ancestral addictive patterns

6th Gate: Healing The Invisible Child:

The invisible child seeks love, approval and validation outside of themselves. Through their woundings and trauma, they have the wrong perception about themselves `& see the world through their fears. The invisible child can either be an over achiever and perfectionist in order to always feel seen or heard; or they don’t even try at all because of the fear of being seen. This child would rather stay invisible than even dare to think that their voice or opinion matters. This results in playing small, feeling unworthy of more and giving up. When we heal the invisible child we start too see the world clearly, with our spiritual eyes. We see the world as we are and realize that we are all one and that our individual contribution is such an important and valid contribution to the whole. We no longer seek validation outside of ourselves and awaken to inner validation and deep sense of self worth.

Potencial benefits:

Awaken your self worth and confidence

Dissolves false belief systems

Dissolve the ego

Awaken your inner vision

Perceive your reality from the eyes of your soul

Develop your intuition

Clear negative thoughts & self defeating mental structures

Healing the mind and abandoning negative ancestral belief systems

The 7th Gate: Healing The Divine Child

The shadow of the divine child is the rejected inner child of humanity that has experienced lifetimes or rejection, trauma and abandonment. Unfortunately humanity’s greatest wound is its separation from God; The Divine. We have been separated from our cosmic divine parents and have felt our entire existence that we have been kicked out of the garden of Eden and thereafter neglected with no tools to fend for ourselves. Because we don’t feel worthy of our true parents, we have instead replaced them with the tyrannical king and Ice Queen who have parented us through the ages. It is time for all of us to return to the garden of eden to reclaim our divine birthright as the divine child of our cosmic parents so that we can co-create with God and experience greater levels of divine grace and miracles.

Heal issues of rejection and Abandonment

Connect with your higher self

Meet your guardian angels and divine support team

Access your multidimensional memory

Begin to channel your souls wisdom

Awaken to your multidimensionality & cosmic consciousness

Heal your relationship with your Inner divine parents

COURSE BEGINS: 10th November

2022-April 2023





Fee: R 5940

International: $ 2220

Payment plans available




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