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Ancestral Healing: Healing the wounded inner child & weaving in the Cosmic Divine parents.

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Allow Yourself to Be woven back to infinity

The Inner Child Archetype is the most important archetype in the world. Our inner child is the one that brings us into a world of joy, creativity, magic and inspiration. This archetype carries us through our entire life & never leaves us. When our inner child is wounded & ignored, we will often lose sight of our passion, drive, personal gifts and dreams.

How do we heal the inner child so that we

can transcend our limitations?

What is your divine purpose in life? What dreams have you forgotten and given up on? What gifts do you hold in your blueprint? Only your golden magical inner child can truly guide you to the chest that holds those hidden treasures. He or she is the most creative and births from pure love, innocence & divine soul expression. The golden child feeds every other archetype with their sparkle and magic. We're all drawn to children because of the light and vibrancy that emanates from them. They are so full of potential & connected to an infinite source of wealth and energy. There is so much to learn from the most overlooked and ignored archetype.

Imagine you could go back in time to rescue your own inner child from the fear, limitations & the wounds of your Ancestors. The Ancestral healing course that I am providing this year is an unprecedented journey to uncover the collective wounded inner child archetype of your own personal Ancestors. Once you can identify what wounded archetype is playing through you that is creating limitations & blockages in your own life; you are given an opportunity to heal that so that you can unravel your hidden sacred gifts & divine expression. For each wounded archetype that you heal, is a gift bundle that becomes uncoiled. You are able to retrieve the gifts of your ancestors that you were originally meant to embody, but somehow have been derailed through lifetimes of intergenerational trauma.

The collective inner child of humanity is finding itself in a crisis through many lifetimes of abandonment, fear and betrayal. The inner child of humanity has been parented by the "wounded parent". Humanity is suffering from post traumatic stress as the systems of healing and repair have been dwindling. Shamanism is the oldest system of healing in humanity and yet there are currently very few institutions in the world that recognize mystic sciences & shamanism as a way to support, heal and wea