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Love, Alchemy & Trancendence

I am so excited to be offering these Sacred Teachings that have been inspired by my 17 years of training with Tibetan & Zen Masters. I will be working with Ancient Tibetan tools & technology to support you to return to your heart and break down the barrier and veils that sits within your heart & ego.


Stalking the Dragon



In the East & Tibet, Dragons have always been a symbol of enlightenment, spiritual awakening representing the masculine yang principle, of movement, change, strength of the sky, wealth, energy and creativity. We stalk our inner “Dragon” the beast within so that we can transcend the limitation of our “monkey mind” and lower human ego and step into the higher realms of existence and divine expression.


Igniting our Yang Essence



Through our past traumatic experiences, the limbic brain which is the yang masculine essence that had to fight, go into battle and survive & continues to override the heart through fear, control, greed, power and survival. This is the post traumatic stress that ails humanity today. Through this journey into the cave of the Dragon, we will through times we can begin to understand the unhealthy mental programs that govern the mind and block the mind-heart connection. We hold our masculine principle with deep compassion and love through processing the pain of eons of time from being separated from its mother `& feminine counterpart. We stop resenting our inner patriarch and offer clemency, comfort and unconditional love. Here through the black womb of the Madonna, he is born again as a Grail King and sacred protector of this realm, the protector of the Cosmic Heart of Humanity.


Yeshua & The Black Maddona


Love, Alchemy & Transcendence will also reference the teachings of the Black Madonna & Yeshua, who have both traveled to India and Tibet to be exposed to Tibets Ancient Medicine, Wisdom & Dragon Alchemy. Through being held by such powerful Avatars in sacred space you have the opportunity to awaken your cosmic heart & reclaim the sacred balance within you, to rescue your wounded masculine to dance with your inner feminine. You have the opportunity through working with meditation & somatically using breath work, Shakti yoga, sound & movement to travel through the journey of love and forgiveness to nurture and midwife your inner masculine( Yang Dragon Consciousness) to be sacredly devoted to your feminine and for your feminine to begin to trust & feel safe with the masculine and this Dragon Power again. The Buddha has through time always used the Dragon as its Vehicle.


Love & Alchemy


For those that have endured hard-ache and pain through love, you will begin the journey of understanding the beast within & step outside the realm of the ego, to free yourself from the rational mind and start to better embrace the language of your feelings, body & spirit. You will start to reconcile and release wounds, aches, hurts, and beliefs so that you can step deeper into our vulnerability & receptivity.


You will be supported through mindfulness meditation and energy medicine to break down outdated belief systems, personality depositions and mental constructs that create veils and imprIson the heart. The technology, teachings and transmission flowing through are inspired and backed by the Ascended Master Yeshua and Sidharta Gautama, but are not in any way based on an religious affiliations.


Union of Yin and Yan


I have especially been inspired by Master Boannara Sunim who has taught me to marry the Ancient Zen teachings of meditation and Energy Medicine to heal the mind and awaken the Heart. This is the Marriage of Yin, which is meditation and stillness, as well as the Yang essence of somatic movement and healing that are bothe brought together into the space to restore healing and ignite wisdo




Benefits include but not Limited to:



Embracing emptiness and Stilling the Mind

Clearing and Releasing Negative Mental Fields


Embracing Sacred Union( Uniting the left

& right brain hemisphere)


Aligning with the infinite flow of love


Overcoming the fear of intimacy


Clearing negative Ancestral Patterns in relationships


Dissolving blocks to expand to Receive Love


Healing the Heart chakra & transcending the mind


Embracing love as a soul's journey


Clearing the collective imbalance of Divine Feminine and Masculine within


Evolving to self-Love, self knowing, and self-Responsibility


Awakening to Divine Intervention in relationships


Returning to the Garden of Eden


Reviving the Grail Mysteries with you


Awakening your truth in sacred partnerships

Experience & Offerings

Munay Ki Practitioner
13th Rite of the Womb Practitioner 

High Priestess & Sangoma( African Traditional healer)
Soul Retrieval & Shamanic Practitioner
Nusta Kurpay 
Red Tent Facilitator & Women's Rites of Passage
Womb Priestess & Soul Doula
Sacred Sexuality & White Tantra


My Philosophy

When we experience trauma in our lives, our pain is our teacher, it feeds us the information that we need in order to heal ourselves. When we are aware and informed, we are able to take an active part in our spiritual growth, healing and awakening, which helps us employ the role of a victor instead of a victim. By facing your shadow and understanding the source of your pain and disempowerment, you will take on the role of power to overcome your limitations, awaken to your souls authentic path and live a life of pure joy, contentment and beauty.

Many are prone to take short cuts and use affirmations, quick but temporary fixes and “positivity” to gloss over our wounds & fears, but not really effectively confronting the true iceberg beneath the surface. As with any iceberg; it escalates into an avalanche over time. We carry lifetimes of ancestral fear and outdated programs. It takes a lot more than affirmations to heal this. Before we can hold greater levels of joy, financial flow and abundance in our lives, we are actually being called stalk our shadows, to lean into our fears & resistance, confront it and ask it the lesson that it’s wanting to teach us at this time. We’re being asked to plunge into the unseen realm of our fears so that we can heal, transmute and transform these outdated patterns and belief systems. Only then can we start to truly benefit from the divine grace & energies flooding the planet at this time.

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