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Path Of The Goddess 2021 Spiral

Birthing Prosperity & Abundance

  • 6 hr
  • $1950 for 13 classes
  • Location 1

Service Description

This next cycle of Path of the Goddess is about restoring our relationship with the feminine principle to increase our financial flow, prosperity and abundance. As the divine creatrix of life and gate keepers of the earth; it is time to step into sacred responsibility to birth a new paradigm around money, wealth and financial abundance. Separation from source & the feminine principle means separation from wealth. By embracing the divine feminine & spiralling back to the womb, we heal this powerful vortex of creation to clear the distortions that have separated us from source and have created the glass ceiling on humanities access to wealth and well being. Money is the most separated inner child of the Divine Mother & we can be its sacred midwife by nurturing our relationship with our inner children as the divine mother and embracing it both in it’s spiritual and physical form. By bridging the gap between money and spirituality, we come into sacred union with money and learn to be conscious co creators with the divine essence of money and transform the entire paradigm of poverty, lack consciousness and suffering into sacred entitlement, wealth and restoring wealth and wellbeing to the Earth Not only will you be supported you to heal your relationship with money, but you will supported to open, receive, flow and emanate more Light, allowing you to draw towards you everything you need to physically support your body and your life. You will to truly discover who it is you are, you will truly awaken to yourself and develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with God and the Goddess.  You will awaken to your power and embody you true feminine Essence. You will be supported to live your fullest potential and birth it into the world to fulfil your Divine Purpose.  Course Content Shamanic Rebirth Through Womb Medicine Wheel Restoring Wealth of Being in the womb space Birthing a New paradigm Sacred Midwife of the Golden Age Healing Ancestral & collective trauma around wealth Working with the Earth & Water Elementals Grail Gate Initiation: Reclaiming your Lioness Royalty Awakening to Sacred Entitlement Sacred Feminine Leadership: Birthing the Golden Age Awakening your wild Feminine Essence  Purifying your Sexual & enriching your creative energy Healing The Mother Wound of separation Healing the Feminine by embracing The Masculine Please make an inquiry about SA fees.

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