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Copy of Ancestral Healing

Access The Wisdom & Power of your Ancestors

  • 1 hour
  • $600 per series
  • Location 1

Service Description

By overcoming the stigma of Ancestral work, we can work through unprocessed ancestral trauma and bring profound healing and change to our families, communities and the Earth at large. Unhealed Ancestral trauma has brought many of the imbalances and challenges that we are facing today and by returning to more healed and aligned aspects of ourselves we can change the quality of our lives and existence. Healing intergenerational trauma can also help us to awaken the hidden treasures of our deeper humanity, which has been lost. When we engage with un-metabolised trauma by healing of our Ancestors we are able to excavate, transform & transmute the morphogenic field of the Earth of the toxic energy and memories of our dead that continue to haunt and trouble humanity at this time. We help heal those on the other side who are not well, so that we can be well. We support our Ancestors to thrive so that we can also thrive; that is the ripple effect of this work. By doing this work we make the room for our gifts to be birthed & expressed with freedom. This journey is for you if you if you; Want to break free from unhealthy and reoccurring family patterns. Overcome personal addiction and genetic illnesses. Notice dis-empowering Ancestral curses and burdens Feel that your path is blocked Have unresolved issues and long standing family struggles. Feel disconnected from your ancestors Benefits may include; Begin to heal generational illness and cultural wounds Receive blessings from ancestral guides Awaken your hidden gifts Learn to honour your guides Cultivate a deep relationship with your guides in a safe way Enlist the help of your guides to bring healing to your lineage of choice. Learning and integrating ancestral rituals and tending to alter Learning to get ritual results by trusting the guides Expand into connection and prayer with guides Dissolving old family patterns Clearing inherited Ancestral patterns Dissolving limiting belief patterns Deeply anchoring into the Earth and accessing a higher level of support Removal of Ancestral and Genetic Curses

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