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Soul Mentorship

Private soul mentorship & coaching

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Begins at $200
  • Location 1

Service Description

We are much greater than we imagine ourselves to be, but through our upbringing we may not have been raised with the literacy to understand our soul signature and to pursue a soul filled life that honours our true identity. Embodying this soul vibration and living from that expression is what awakens us to our greatest joy, success & freedom. When we are disconnected from source, we pursue a different reality than what was part of our soul’s original divine plan. As we continue to walk down this maze we call a life, we may get a sense that something is missing, this can often show up through an existential crisis, waking up in a marriage that does not honour your greatest joy or a career that does not serve your highest potential. 
Soul Mentorship is about discovering the divine map that lies within you to overcome your challenges and experience soul growth. When soul expansion occurs, it reflects in our reality through the level of our well being, confidence and the experiences that we magnetise to ourselves. When we understand the limitations that come with our false identity, and the lessons our soul had originally planned to master, we can anchor and embody more of our our soul vibration. This soul mentorship will help you to understand the ancestral karma, soul lessons, challenges and obstacles that have created limitations on your path to freedom, joy and liberation, while also helping you to understand your soul's unique healing journey and the gold that can be unearthed from pursuing it. Our wounds and obstacles are a map to our highest potential and guide us to return to our original purity again. If we are in balance, then we are in rhythm with the natural flow of life. Life then requires much less effort to accomplish so much more. There are 3 different options available for Soul Mentorship; 90 minutes introductory session, half day mentorship or the executive 3 month package. Based on the guidance provided a package designed uniquely for your soul signature and the guidance of your spiritual team will be implemented in the unique package. Please note that every client is different and there is no apply to all method. Programs designed will include healing, transmissions, soul retrievals and coaching to support your body to hold your soul essence at a higher level. Please inquire within.

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